Summary of chapters from May 16 to 21


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Summary of chapters 151 to 156 of the novel life pagesby Manuel Carlos, to be shown May 16-21, 10:55 p.m. (alternative time is 1:40 p.m.), on Alive.

Monday May 16th – Chapter 151 of Life Pages

Meruel is stunned when he discovers Nestor’s possible involvement in the kidnapping. Driving Nestor looking in the rearview mirror, very nervous. Teresa, Gomez and some police officers board a helicopter. Nestor enters a dirt road and the police follow him.

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AMA employees fraternize. Ulysses gives Diana a book, which makes Leandro jealous. Camila gives Horacio a CD and asks him to think of her. It appears that Nestor arrived at the place where Luciano was being held.

Helena sets up a Christmas tree with Clara, when Greg appears by surprise. Get Clara a great gift. Sandra calls Greg and asks for money because his credit card is over the limit. He hangs up, annoyed.

Follow Teresa in the helicopter. Luciano sees his father through a rift in captivity and cries happily. Nestor says the bandits did not carry out the deal. They claim they have nothing to lose. Nestor demands that his son be taken, but the kidnappers say they want something in return.

Marta tells Alex that she is going to spend Christmas with Francisco in Leo. Alex repeats that he does not want to be separated from his grandson. Marta convinces Francisco to go because he will get many gifts. Francisco asks his grandfather if he will go too, but he refuses.

Police surround the site. The thieves say that Nestor has to negotiate, because he belongs to the organization that fulfills the woman herself. Luciano cries for his father. Thelma is preparing for Christmas, but is embarrassed to go with Dorival.

Sergio is unhappy that Alex is left alone. Francisco promises he won’t be long and hugs his grandfather. At Tide Palace, the party is revived by an exchange of gifts. Jorge gives Thelma a digital camera as a gift. Silvio hugs his son Guilherme. Marina asks Bera not to give in to temptation.

Sandra arrives full of gifts. Teresa, the deputy and the constable are heading towards the house. Vinicius goes to the party at the palace and Nina loves him. Sandra gives Greg a gift and Carmen returns it. Sandra gives an anti-wrinkle cream to Karem, who throws it on the floor. Zé returns the gift his daughter gave him, because she bought it with money without explanation.

Leo’s eyes light up when Francisco calls him his father. Sergio and Sabrina meet at Leo’s house. Alice, who is totally fake, laments Alex’s absence. Alex wraps a gift for Francisco, places it on the tree, and cries. Nestor advances toward the room where his son is, despite the objections of the bandits. He heard a shot.

Tuesday 17 May – Chapter 152 of life pages

Police raid families. Nestorius in pain lying on the ground. The delegate releases Luciano as he embraces his father, who begs him for forgiveness. Nestor dies in Luciano’s arms. Teresa hugging her son.

Karem prevents Sandra from entering the church and expels her daughter’s outfit from there. Sandra swears to Karem that she will take revenge. Giselle is touched when she hugs Luciano and declares her love. Livia is excited when she finds out that Renato has called a taxi and she is going out on Christmas Eve.

Tonya gives Clara a beautiful birthday present. Her father dumps Gabe when she makes a biased comment about Clara and Salvador. Teresa tells Luciano that Nestor died trying to save him.

Francisco gets a motorized car and Leo says he can only walk in Hortensia Park. Sabrina and Sergio almost kiss, but a phone call from Vinicius interrupts the mood.

Marta is satisfied to see the joy of Francisco and the union of families. Lavinia prays on Gabriel’s bed. Alex eats a simple dinner and drinks wine very sad. Isabelle is surprised by Renato’s arrival. Thelma is happy to see Jorge throw a party with the kids, dressed as Santa Claus.

Tide thanks everyone for coming and celebrates Bera’s return to the family. Marta argues with Alex, but Sergio consoles him. Renato tells Isabel that he will spend all the upcoming birthdays with her and the kiss.

Wednesday, May 18 – Chapter 153 of life pages

Isabel convinces Renato to leave and spend the rest of Christmas Eve with Livia. Upon arriving home, he told the woman that he would continue to be a good father, but that he needed to personally wish Isabel a happy birthday. Nestor is being watched by Teresa, Luciano, Odette, Anna, Giselle, Meruel, friends and family.

Nanda talks to Clara. Helena notices and takes her daughter in her arms. Marta is upset to see that Francisco loves the gift his grandfather gave him. At Nestor’s funeral, Teresa and Luciano threw flower petals onto the coffin.

Helena decides to go to Nanda’s grave. Renato cries when he sees his daughter opening gifts. Livia spies the scene from afar. Lucas chases Gabi with a belt in his hand. Salma asks Lucas to stop making the scene and calls him home. Angelica calls Gabi. Diogo insists that Lucas talk to Gabe instead of hitting.

Lucas keeps his belt. Angelica insists on leaving, but Salma replies that they must wait for the new year and diagnose Gabriella. Lucas insists there is no prejudice in his house. Selma threatens to go to Helena’s house if Lucas doesn’t stop arguing.

Gabriel insists on leaving. Lavinia tries to convince him. Diogo pretends to agree, to Gabriel’s astonishment, but ends up convincing him to continue treating himself. Diogo thanks Lavinia for the help, who says she does everything for Gabriel.

Salvador holds Helena, who despairs when she sees the tombstone bearing Clara’s name on Nanda’s grave. Enraged, Helena tears the tombstone. Francisco introduces Clara to Marta. Marta recalls the conversation with Helena about Nanda’s daughter having Down syndrome.

Salma sees the photo Gabe tore, but does not tell Angelica anything. She sees Marta Nanda in the middle of the street and brakes sharply. Helena cries while hugging Clara. Marta tells Veronica that she will find out who Clara’s mother is.

Thursday, May 19 – Chapter 154 of life pages

Dorival tells Thelma that he is leaving, but Constancia insists on staying for the New Year’s festivities in Casarao. Veronica is afraid that Leo will find out that Clara is alive and will not forgive Marta, so they must find someone to blame.

Lavinia asks Sister Zinaid to sing for the children and is touched when she remembers her son. Lucas blames Angelica for her daughter’s bias and warns that she may be arrested for it. Gabe is heard warning that she does not like Selma. Lucas replies that he no longer loves his daughter.

Teresa and Luciano receive condolences at Nestor’s Seventh Day Mass. Salma bandages Gabi and Lucas to prevent Angelica from following her daughter. Thelma told Jorge that she needed to buy a red piece of clothing for New Year’s Eve and he offered her a trip. Constancia arrives and tells her that Dorival is taking Thelma.

Alice complains, but Leo is determined: he will celebrate New Year’s Eve with his son at Veronica’s house. While AMA staffers fraternize, security stops Tide. Marina is worried that her father is not home and is calling her cell phone. Bera assured Marina that she was drinking water in the bar. Deva, an old lover, invites Bera to spend New Year’s Eve with her.

Sergio wishes Marta a Happy New Year and tells her he’s going to the party at the big house. Francisco pleads and Alex accepts to spend New Year’s Eve at Veronica’s house with the Leo family. Anna and Meruel, ready to go to the party in Casarao, discover that Gisele wants to stay with Luciano.

Friday May 20 – Chapter 155 of life pages

Bera realizes that Marina is suspicious, and takes several breaths to prove that she does not smell alcohol. He admits that he resisted the first sip only so as not to disappoint her and that this distrust only increases his desire to drink. Gabe hates it when Marcelo asks if she’s Lucas and Selma’s daughter.

Isabelle takes beautiful pictures of Clara. On New Year’s Eve at home, Vini tells Nina that Sergio is hitting Sabrina. Nina plays magic by saying that today is a party and a kiss on the mouth.

Jorge drools when he sees Thelma in a white dress. Constancia complains that her daughter is being overproduced and begins the discourse again that she has to put herself down.

Marina tells Raphael that she will not drink anything alcoholic in honor of her father. Raphael suggests that she act more naturally so that Bera doesn’t feel pressured.

Carmen answers Greg’s cell phone. On the other end of the line, Sandra is silent. Your cell phone number has not been specified. Karem tells Marcia that she knows her husband’s lover has called and that in 2007, she will find out who this woman is.

Anna, Meruel and Gisele spend the New Year with Teresa and Luciano. Sandra gets dressed and goes out with some people from São Paulo she meets in the apartment. Carm told Greg he left his cell phone in the room. When he asks if anyone called, she lies and says no.

Dorival sleeps in an armchair. Jorge and Zé carry him to the bedroom. Pinhão tells Simon that Thelma does not want to marry Dorival. Silvio and Tonya spend New Year’s Eve alone. Gabriel asks Lavinia to pledge to do her best to spend the midnight with him. At Veronica’s house, Fred bumps into Marta.

Saturday May 21 – Chapter 156 of Life Pages

Fred makes up an excuse to go back to Kelly’s room and says he’d rather turn the year around at a more lively party, without a family. She goes to talk to her mother while he is waiting in her room. Marcelo plays the sax and Salma sings for a New Year’s Eve celebration at Villa Botafogo.

Leo invited Alex to spend the afternoon at Hortência’s house and Alex responded that he wouldn’t be bought like Marta. Alice points out Francisco’s love for Alex and tells Leo that it will be difficult for him to make his son love him more than his grandfather. Liu replies that he is not competing.

Leo is lying saying he will call the lawyer and call Olivia wish her a happy new year. Veronica asks if Marta knows Kelly’s boyfriend, “Tide’s grandson.” Marta replies that, among the inhabitants of the mansion, she knows only Olivia and the son of the gardener, who used to hang out with Sergio.

Salvador asks Gabe to dance. She refuses saying she is injured, and Lucas replies that you are not leaving a man outstretched. Isabelle thinks she has seen Renato, but discovers that he is just someone similar to her. She calls her lover’s mobile phone and Livia finds out.

Livia throws her husband’s phone into the water and lies to him saying her daughter must have played it, jokingly. Renato does not believe Livia and says he will call Isabel – and from Livia’s cell phone. Nice Hortense with Alex. He admits kindness, but replies that he prefers to stay at home. She says Leo means well and replies, “Me too.”

Alice asks about Francisco’s New Year’s wish. He announced in front of everyone that he had asked his grandfather to never die. In the midst of that “auê” of fireworks and toast and midnight kisses, Jorge gives Thelma a kiss. In the face, but full of ulterior motives. Simon sees it and gets jealous.

Sergio surprises Sabrina at nursery school and gives his sweetheart a long, long kiss. Diogo and Helena kiss, and Clarineha in the middle. Isabelle roasts with the dog. Silvio and Tonya are walking on Copacabana Beach.

Elisha tells Martha that he knows how to double her million. Veronica asks Marta if she already knows what to do with Clara’s story. Leo told Marta that he wanted his daughter to be with him and told her that he would visit her grave this year.

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