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Sometimes taking care of our pets is not an easy task. Careful attention to the right products is needed to keep hygiene up to date, good food served and the environment always enjoyable for our dear comrades. Therefore, the Special Dog Company has prepared for you important tips for caring for your pet in order to see him always happy and healthy.

Make a corner for your pet

Every little animal has its own habits and environment. To keep them in a good place, you need to monitor how they behave on a daily basis. According to Special Dog Company veterinarian, Kelly Maiara Lopes Carreiro (CRMV 41534), it’s important to set aside a quiet place, free of moisture and heat or cold, to groom your pet’s corner.

“This space should contain a comfortable bed and some things, such as toys. It is also important to allocate an area for him to carry out his physiological needs. In the market, there are many options for pets that live indoors, such as sanitary mats, cat litter, and different types of litter which the teacher can choose according to his preferences. It is important that the place where the pet spends itself is not close to the place where it is fed.”

Set up your pet’s corner in a quiet place, free from moisture, heat or cold – Photo: Eduardo Vieira/Pixabay

Invert spot for water and feed

Just like humans, animals also love to have a special, convenient place for their meals. Vet Kelly says it is up to the teacher to choose a place to feed the pet, which has a feeder and drinking fountain that is always disinfected with fresh, clean water. In the case of cats, more specifically, there should be many drinking fountains around the house and, if possible, even sources of running water that can contribute to their water consumption.

Monitor access environments

Another note is to monitor your pet’s access environments, so that they are more secure. Beware of stairs, street entrance gates, and windows, especially for those who live in apartments. The vet stresses that “it is very important to install protective nets on the windows to prevent pets from jumping and thus prevent dangerous accidents.”

It is important to install protective nets on windows to prevent pets from jumping out and prevent accidents – Photo: Special Dog Company / Disclosure

Beware of cleaning products and toxic plants

Small animals are very curious. Anything that catches their attention or excites their sense of smell can be a reason to play, but also put them at risk. It is important to be very careful with cleaning products that are in places where pets can reach them.

Also, according to Kelly, flowers can attract pets’ attention, both because of their distinct colors and scents. “We need to be aware and have knowledge of the types of plants our pets handle, as some of them can be toxic, causing serious health complications to animals if ingested.”

It is essential to know what types of plants your pets come into contact with, as some can be poisonous and harmful – Photo: StockSnap/Pixabay

Watch your pet’s size

There are some peculiarities of pet grooming, depending on the species, size, and characteristics of the breed. Animals with long coats need special care, such as frequent brushing so that the fur does not tangle and harm you.

For those who have large dogs, it is important to be careful with the floor of the house, as these pets can develop joint problems or even hip dysplasia (DCF), a disease of genetic origin that causes anatomical changes in the purebred hip joints. Dogs. Large and giant animals such as the Labrador, Golden Retriever and German Shepherd. In general, it affects dogs, but it can affect cat breeds such as the Maine Coon.

“If they live in homes with very soft floors, they end up slipping or straining their joints a lot, which leads to these issues developing over time. Smaller pets, with longer bodies, can develop back problems if they climb too much. stairs in the house,” the vet confirms.

There are peculiarities about pet care, depending on the size and characteristics of your breed. Photo: Alexander Ivanov / Pixabay

Just as we need periodic checkups for good health, our pets should make routine visits to the vet. According to Dr. Kelly, vaccinations and deworming should be up to date, and food should be complete, high quality, balanced, in optimal quantities and according to each pet’s needs.

“Always keep them well-hydrated. Control ectoparasites, and take care of not just the pet, but the environment they live in or attend. Do activities, play, and encourage exercise so that your pet has a healthy physical and mental life.”

Always keep your pet hydrated, paying attention to the environment they frequent – Photo: Gundula Vogel/Pixabay

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