SP acquires a new pet-friendly space in the Jardins

The capital of São Paulo has gained a new space pet friendly With an area of ​​800 square meters, in the center of Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva (No. 225), in the Jardins. Ella (my pet partner on the blog and in the Pet Guide) was the first dog to visit Zee.Dog Temple, as she was at the press conference the day before it opened to the public, last Saturday (6).

Ella in a temple dog costume. Photo Cris Berger / Pet Friendly Guide


Inverted white rectangle. This is the architecture of the temple, which is distinguished by its simplicity and identical to one of the noblest squares in São Paulo. It shines in the eyes of those who enjoy design and believe that the best places should accept pets. There are four floors. The first and fourth, the most fun.

In fact, the first can be considered a semi-open cellar. It is outside the main building. Go down a few steps and reach Park Zee.Dog – or in good Portuguese dog house. There are 160 square meters with track and field floors. It looks like a sports field. Lovely. I asked how they would deal with the smell of urine, which usually becomes quite strong after a while of use. They bet on the floor below the main hoses and on the visible hoses that will be used daily to drain urine. It looks promising, I’m curious to see if it works because it will help a lot of pets that have a smelly problem.

For the teachers to communicate with each other, while the dogs expend energy and have fun, a bleacher was built of burning cement. It’s not covered, but the rest of the space is covered, allowing you to go on rainy days. “I think basic training helps us enjoy dogs more, so we also set up this booth for lectures. We have a plan to replicate Zee.Dog Park in other locations,” commented Pedro Zonzonighi, co-founder and responsible for Zee.Dog product development.

Chris Berger and Ella at Park Zee.Dog. Photo Cris Berger / Pet Friendly Guide

for safety Pets, On entry and exit there is a double door. Dogs can be off leash, as the park is fenced, but it is essential that they are socialized with other visitors and you must be present at all times.

Water Cycle

In the garden there is also a bathroom for pets. Right at the entrance, hung on the wall, you find a screen where you can choose the song you want to hear. It’s one pet (or family) at a time. The idea is to provide a moment of familiarity between you and your dog. Since I shower Ella in the bathroom at home and wouldn’t trade this moment for anything, because I love her, I loved this space with black tiles, geometric shapes, and neon pink.

At The Washing Station, as it’s called, you have a cloak that you wear over your clothes and try to dry, which I doubt will happen. Plus a shower, blower, non-slip mat, small opening and closing seat and shampoo and conditioner. There are no towels, so bring your own. Bathrooms will be scheduled through the app and space is not charged.

inside the structure

On the second and third floors, inside the main building, products from Zee.Dog as well as from partner companies, such as cooperatives, are displayed. You can now find exclusive products from Asics, On Running, New Balance and Vans. If the walls on the second floor are black and the light is low, then on the third floor white is highlighted and the entrances are cut off. These are conceptual floors, you’ll see.

Finally, on the fourth floor there is a rooftop with an exciting view of the São Paulo skyline. There are Budweiser tables and bar there. The wall is elevated and pet-safe, and the potted plants make the environment a green haven amid urban concrete. I’ve already included it in my list of places to enjoy happy hour with pets in good weather, as there is no coverage. Also expect to find concerts and cultural encounters in this space.

“There was a lack of brand structure, and a place for the community not just to buy products,” explains Thaddu Des, founder and creative director of Zee Dog.

What is Zee Dog?

And for those of you who don’t know Zee Dog, which was just bought by Petz, which today owns the largest pet store chain in Brazil, here’s a quick introduction: it was born as a pet brand when nothing fancy was on the market.. He got it. Correctly when he used the phrase “tying people and dogs” (in translation from English to Portuguese, tying people and dogs) it became a fever.

It has increased its product portfolio with fashion for humans, and in 2019 launched the Zee Now app, a virtual pet store where there are no delivery fees and the order arrives quickly. And soon they brought Zee Dog Kitchen to the market, which is nothing more than natural (AN) dog food in glass jars.

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