Sole CEO

As my attorney says, in Portuguese law, in terms of corporations, the CEO number does not officially exist – chief executive officer – Yes, there are figures such as the Managing Director or the Chairman of the Executive Committee, although it is true that in Portuguese corporate law, there is not even a distinction between executives and non-executives.

However, in practice it is necessary to identify the person who, in the community, effectively implements and reports in accordance with the strategy and guidelines of the shareholders, who we are accustomed to calling the CEO because of the Anglo-Saxon heritage. These acronyms are now popular and adopted by the major economic groups, accompanied by the acronyms CFO, COO, etc.

I don’t think I would be incorrect if I said that nearly all professionals, at some point in their careers, aspire to leadership, leadership, and a senior position. Nothing against it, on the contrary. By nature, we are ambitious and must work to achieve our goals. Yet it is strange to see that, so often, these so-called ambitious persons, who see these positions and responsibilities from the bottom up, see the merits and privileges of these positions more than the responsibilities and burdens involved. I am speaking for myself, my role as CEO and perhaps on behalf of my colleagues. The chair I occupy is certainly very desirable and admired, because of the ‘pink’ aspect of the post, i.e., for public display, Networks, for the so-called privileges they may be connected with, for the many “friends” they belong to. , but they have forgotten that I bear the weight of immediate and constant criticism, instant and easy examination and judgment, reinforced by the prevailing digital networks and information (and disinformation).

Every day I bear the weight of my decisions, many of them solitary and most of them decisive and irreversible. No matter how good the team, which is good, no matter how good Consultants That we have, above all, in the legal, financial and information technology fields, for the many meetings that take place, for the many strategies that are taken up, when the time comes for the big decisions, those that affect the company, for the more advice and reports heard and read, the decision is solitary and is not transferable. Note also that the fact that the CEO is the ultimate owner of the company’s capital does not make the job easier, on the contrary: the ability to change hats should be present, and the shareholder’s hat should be used only once a year at the annual general meeting.

It’s wonderful, isn’t it? This is the situation, I’m not complaining, it’s not complaints, it’s facts that all leaders have to deal with. Since you are not the owner of the capital, it is the responsibility of other employees to implement the strategy, and often, we, the leaders, contribute to it.

In order to reduce loneliness on the job, it is important to have a strong, committed and competent structure.

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