Police dog finds traces of decomposing body in search of missing couple in Cachoirinha – Region

On Monday morning (16), the police dog “Joria” of the fire department found traces of rotting gases in the car of the suspects in the disappearance of the spouses, Robbem Heger, 85, and Marilyn Heger Staft, 54. The civil police went to the home of the elderly man’s daughter, Claudia de Almeida. Heger, 51, is in the Niteroi neighborhood of Canoas, where he stayed for about 40 minutes. The gases indicate the occurrence of a process of decomposition of the human body. The bodies, however, have not been located.

In addition to the residence of the suspects, who are still in custody, agents were from the first Cachoeirinha police station in two areas of forest, one in the municipality of Canoas and the other in Parobé, in Vale do Paranhana. According to Delegate Anderson Spire, who is in charge of investigations, after Monday’s investigations, police are awaiting two reports from the General Institute of Forensic Medicine (IGP) and another on the data traffic of suspects’ mobile phones, which must be delivered later. This week by Google. “Today’s discovery supports our investigation, as they loaded Robbem and Marilyn’s bodies into the trunk of the car, so much so that the carpet was removed.”

According to Lieutenant Marcelo Rodriguez, of the fire department, the dog “Joria” is specially trained to find people who have died. in Rio de Janeiro”. Lieutenant Rodriguez says he perfectly distinguishes the odors of the human body and other animals. “There is no possibility of confusion,” Rodriguez confirms. According to Speer, the presence of traces of putrefactive gases in the car used by Claudia and her son Andrew Heger Ribas, will be included, 28, in the investigation that demands the duo be charged with two qualifying murders (for clumsy reasons) and hiding the body, mother and son remain in prison.

Searches in the forest area of ​​Barubi

Searches were also conducted in Barubi in the Paranana Valley.

Searches were also conducted in Barubi in the Paranana Valley.
Photo: Civil Police

This was also the second search in Barubi. According to Representative Spire, videos were found in a woodland area on Andrew’s cell phone, during a visit in January. “Because it is an area already known to the suspects, we imagine it could have been used to dispose of the bodies.” But the police dog “Joria” did not find any trace at the site. , exposes the delegate.

The suspects are still in custody

The mother and son have been arrested since May 6, when arrest warrants were issued against the duo in Canoas. Claudia is in Guiba State Prison for Women, while Andrew was transferred over the weekend from Sapucaia do Sul State Prison to the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry (IPF) in Porto Alegre. The couple was charged with the crime.

The couple disappeared over two months ago

Robbem and Marilyn disappeared on February 27 after receiving a visit from Claudia and Andrew for Sunday lunch. The daughter denies the crime and claims that they went to her house in Canoas to spend the rest of the carnival weekend. In a civil police statement, she said her father and stepmother only disappeared on Ash Wednesday, March 1. The case was recorded on the same day in the first DP of Cachoeirinha by Rubem’s eldest son, Clóvis de Almeida Heger, 60.

A neighbor’s CCTV video shows Rubem’s daughter arriving at the couple’s home, in the Carlos Wilkins neighborhood, in Cachoirinha. It is possible to see Marilyn open the gate and hours later, Andrew stops the car in the garage and Claudia puts two mattresses in a position that makes it difficult for those passing on the street, which is not very crowded on that holiday, to see. The car leaves the place without seeing the couple Rubem and Marilyn, because it is Claudia who closes the gate, and the car, the Fiesta, has very darkened windows. During the investigation, the Civil Police confirmed that the films had been installed a week before the visit.

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