Pino and Petina have a hot date – Festa é Festa

In “Festa é Festa,” Nelinha (Inês Heredia) seriously cleans the office. Gloria (Katarina Avillar) is attracted by the noise and asks her what she’s doing. Nelina says she is very nervous, doesn’t know what happened to Sutor (José Carlos Pereira) and the cleanings calm her down. Neleni sits on a chair and assumes that she is very sad about Sôtor’s disappearance and says the office was her safe haven and now she feels lost. Gloria sympathizes with Manuela and tells her that things will get better.

Anna Carolina (Beatrice Barrosa) says goodbye to Luis (Valdemar Prieto) and thanks him for helping her with her work. He does not resist and tries to kiss her on the mouth, but she looks away and the kiss is on her cheek. Anna Carolina tells him that she loves him very much, but does not want to give him false hope. She sighs and is confused.

Nelinha (Inês Heredia) is still very upset and Gloria (Catarina Avelar) is sympathetic and kind. Manuela admits that she loves Sôtor (José Carlos Pereira) as if he were a family member and not knowing what happened to him costs a lot. Gloria gives Neelen a handkerchief and tells her he will pass. Manuela hugs Gloria and she doesn’t know how to react.

Luis (Valdemar Brito) tells Vuitton (Beatrice Costa) that he did everything I asked and that Carlos (Rodrigo Paganelli) saw him. Vuitton reveals that he planned everything and that Carlos came into the room because she asked him to talk to Louis, because he wasn’t answering his cell phone. Luis Sinister does not believe his sister and remembers that the plan may not work, because Carlos and Ana Carolina (Beatrice Barrosa) really love each other. But Vuitton is confident.

Corcovada (Maria do Céu Guerra) chooses the clothes she wants to give away, when she gets a call from Sôtor (José Carlos Pereira). Tell her it’s over and he won’t be able to go back to the office. Corkovada advises him to rest and arrange to speak later. Anna Carolina’s grandmother (Beatrice Barrosa) is worried.

Antonio (Luis Simes) and Fatima (Marta Andrino) try to cheer up Nelina (Ines Heredia), who is very upset about the disappearance of Sutor (José Carlos Pereira). She cannot accept his arrest and is also sad that she can no longer have her breasts.

Pino (Pedro Alves) walks around talking to himself and thinks of a way to use Sutter’s (José Carlos Pereira) problem to his advantage. Floranda (Anna Brito e Cuna) calls her husband and asks where he is. Beno is excited for dinner and says he will run now, but then Betinha (Ana Marta Contente) appears in a seductive dress and Benno gets upset.

Fatima (Marta Andrino) asks if Nelena (Ines Heredia)’s breasts will also miss Sutor (José Carlos Pereira) and explains that they have already agreed to do the renovation. Jorge (Manuel Melo) arrives with his cousins ​​and Fatima complains that her peace is over.

Floranda (Ana Brito e Cuna) tells Carlos (Rodrigo Paganelli) that Pino (Pedro Alves) is behaving strangely and that Sutor (José Carlos Pereira)’s problem is messing with him. Carlos underestimates her and says everyone is worried about Sôtor and if anyone is weird, it’s Sôtor.

Betinha (Ana Marta Contente), nodding, seductively walks to the office of Bino (Pedro Alves), who is horrified by the scene. Petinha restrains Beno to the chair, which makes him very nervous. Albino asks if she has the key to that and starts praying, but she doesn’t even remember Our Father. Petinha nibbles his ear and Benno thinks he’s going to have a tantrum.

Tomé (Pedro Teixeira) says goodbye to Fátima (Marta Andrino) and says he should go to dinner with his family. Fatima protests that there is always everything for her, but Nelina (Ines Heredia) makes it clear to her that Tommy is insecure, because Aida (Ana Guymar) is in hysteria with the disappearance of Sutor (José Carlos Pereira). Neleni suggests joining the others and drinking a few beers.

Betinha (Ana Marta Contente) continues to hint herself at Bino (Pedro Alves), as he tries to free himself from the handcuffs. Florinda (Ana Brito e Cunha) calls again, but Betinha stops him from responding and nibs Bino’s ear and gets goosebumps.

Tommy (Pedro Teixeira) arrives at the house and realizes that Ida (Ana Guymar) is still nervous about the disappearance of Sutor (José Carlos Pereira). Aida says Betaine does not eat dinner, because she had to stay to do a job in the military council. Tommy and Aida commend Betinha’s dedication to work.

Anna Carolina (Beatrice Barrosa), Corcovada (Maria de Sio Guerra) and Manel (Vitor Norte) dine and praise the cooking of Floranda (Ana Brito y Cuna). Anna Carolina (Beatrice Barrosa) jokes and says that one day Manel doesn’t even want to go home anymore and suggests Manel apologize to his wife and give her some flowers, but Corcovada thinks it’s better to let the dust settle, because he’s very well there in the house.

Fernando (Manuel Marquez) and São (Sylvia Rizzo) lie on the sofa. Fernando can’t believe he’s having a quiet night and with a smile on his face, he almost fell asleep. They ask some questions and he answers. Sao notices that the drain is clogged and Fernando realizes the peace is over.

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