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With the professional leagues closed in Portugal, it’s time to take a look Soccer practice Sport Lisbon and Benfica. Coach Pedro Marquez, in exclusive statements to the official website, evaluated the activity of Team B in the 2021/22 season and analyzed the fruits of the work of preparing players for use in Team A.

“The signal given by Team A in this last match of the tournament, when in use Nine players from the “Made in Benfica” teamthe culmination of five difficult months on the move, assumed with tremendous courage and a sense of mission by Nelson Verissimo and his technical team, and he is already closing an eye for what the future could be,” explained the coach.

with regard to Other teams in the training areaThe ball still rolls on the field, whether in training or competition environments, and There are specific goals for this final season finale on different fronts. Pedro Marquez reveals what is at stake at the decision stage, in an assessment based on levels that go beyond the pure and difficult outcome.

Per day Soccer practice Now a completely reworked image on the club’s official websitethe coach discusses the step that has been taken towards enabling a broader and more detailed dissemination of the club’s project…

Pedro Marquez

“Seeing the participation and opportunities offered in Team A makes us happy, reinforces our objective and gives meaning to the club’s investment in training.”

Pedro Marquez, coach of football formation

The weekend of May 14 and 15 marked the end of the Portuguese professional leagues. In the A-Team, Benfica’s win in Paços de Ferreira took the win Excellent training, with his first-team debut and defending champion Henrique Araujo, to be elected ‘Man of the Match’. In your opinion, was it a special way to end the season?

The signal given by Team A in this final match of the tournament, using nine made-in-Benfica players, is the culmination of five months of a difficult transition, presumed with immense courage and a sense of mission by Nelson Verissimo and his technical team. I blink an eye at what the future could be. During the two years of the pandemic that has affected the lives of all of us, we have always been acutely aware and underlined by the dangers that threaten the development of our young players, so the focus of everyone who worked in football coaching during this period has not been to give up and put in place strategies to continue to ensure the best conditions for development inside and outside field. Back to normal, and now the season is over, it is with great pride and satisfaction that we see the dedication and hard work of everyone who accompanied these kids through these years (and more) paying off! Watch the A-Team debuts of Diego Moreira (U18) and Martim Neto (U19) and the opportunities afforded to Sandro Cruz and Thiago Gouvia recently, along with others who also grew up on the Benfica campus (Examples: Tomás Araújo, Morato, Diogo Gonçalves and Paulo Bernardo and Gonçalo Ramos), naturally makes us happy, reinforces our goal and makes sense to invest in the training that the club does. Henrique Araújo’s two goals that dictated the team’s victory and his ‘Man of the Match’ election were the icing on the cake that day. Upgrading players to an A-team is the biggest reward for those who work in football coaching at SL Benfica.

Pedro Marquez

“Team B had a great season. He always tried to play an intense and positive way, with and without the ball, and he was the best attacking player in League Two”

Do you think many of these players, who are appearing now, will gain more space in Team A in the short term?

In a club with a history with Benfica, the demand and the responsibility to win in the A-Team is always at a maximum! And in order to win professional football match after match, year after year, in a sustainable way, it is essential that the players have quality and balance. It is said that talent has no age, but at the level at which Benfica are competing, it is important in my opinion to have a mix of youngsters with fewer youngsters, disrespectful of experience, to achieve the collective performance. These players, as I said, are “appearing now”, but they already have eight, nine or 10 years of youth career, with many dreams, in reconciling football and school, and some are far from their families … They have started their professional career, seizing their opportunities and try to seize it. The world today seems to be spinning so fast, and it’s not easy being young and up and living with so much exposure, in a society that pressures you to have it all for yesterday. It is necessary that they live this stage calmly, that they can enjoy every day, with the utmost concentration, but with pleasure and passion. In recent months, with Nélson Veríssimo, who has already accompanied and seen many youngsters like those transitioning to professional football, opportunities have naturally arisen for training, practice games and even calls with Team A. Communication and communication between the team and Futebol has facilitated Formação, in the various fields of work , assessing, monitoring and integrating players throughout this time. Each player is a different person and each player will have to find their way, in their own time, calmly. We will be here to challenge and support you.

Team B also finished Liga Portugal SABSEG by defeating FC Porto B and finished the competition in fifth place. Is this victory in the classics a reflection of the team’s global trajectory?

Beating the other B team in competition, in a difficult traditional field [apenas uma vitória em 2015], is always positive and attests to everyone’s commitment until the last minute. Team B had a great season, very consistent in terms of results, playing several games at the top of the table. He always tried to offer an intense and positive way to play, with and without the ball, even being the best attacking player in League Two. Going to watch a B team has always been synonymous with goals. In addition to the sporting performance objectives, the main objective of the B team was clearly achieved: the preparation and promotion of players for the A team of SL Benfica, and professional football in general. Competing to win League Two matches, using only young players against more experienced players, many of whom are from League One background, is a challenge and a very rich experience for your growth and development.

Pedro Marquez

“The new football training section on the official website shows how we feel, live and understand the development and training of young footballers Made in Benfica”

All other football formation teams are still in competition. What are the main goals until the end of the season?

The goals of all football formation teams are set at three levels: first, the promotion of players; Second, athletic performance. And third, sports training. The season is quickly coming to a close and we have all the teams in the process of making decisions in the various competitions we participate in. We will try to make the most of these competitions and training contexts, for the continuous development of our players, so that tomorrow they are better prepared for the next level of their individual and team journey. At the same time, off the field, the school year will also be ending soon, so we make a last effort to ensure that everyone completes their studies in the best way possible, while also promoting some activities of a social and fun nature, ensuring balance and well-being – a necessity at this point already for some physical and mental wear and tear.

Regardless of the current competitive context, the formation of football now has Section completely renovated On the club’s official website. How important is this renewal to the training project?

This is another link between the football squads and all the Benfquist supporters, supporters and sympathizers, and it comes after the football team was launched a few months ago. The official Instagram of the Benfica Campus. This new section opens the door to how we feel, live and understand the development of the young footballer, as well as giving a voice to the various fields and people who contribute to the training of “Made in Benfica” players. You are all encouraged to remember some of the talented players who have formed in this house over the years, learn more about the offering of complementary activities used at younger ages, or even learn about the personal and social coaching section. It’s all there [ver aqui].

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