Matthew Layola, the legate who gives no truce to those who abuse animals

Rep. Matthews Layola has gained notoriety since taking over the management of Curitiba’s Environmental Police Station and has made defending animal victims of abuse one of his priorities. Today he has nearly half a million followers on social media. Check out his story in Rinaldo Besa’s column in Pino de Mayo magazine.

Rinaldo Pesa

Mateos Araujo Layola: A delegate working in defense of abused animals. (Photo: publicity)

Mateus Araujo Layola started his career fishing the famous Varginha ET. His first appearance as a delegate of the Civil Police was in Minas Gerais, at the age of 24. After two years in the city of Minas Gerais known throughout Brazil for hosting extraterrestrials no one had seen before, he moved to Paraná and took over the management of the Toledo Police Station, where he conducted “public exercises” And take care of everything a little bit. Then it passed through Realeza, Castro and Foz do Iguaçu until it reached Curitiba.

Born in small Candido Mota, in the interior of São Paulo, the current head of the state’s Environmental Protection Police Station is as famous or more famous as ET who never attended. He is 39 years old, a daily present on social networks, and gives the voice of prison to people who abuse animals, especially dogs. Her Instagram profile has more than 450k followers. Videos of him jumping off walls or breaking locks and chains go viral to instantly rescue animals. Matthews Layola is the guy. However, abused dogs have gained a powerful defender, who spares no effort to get them out of the clutches of those who do not treat them with the dignity they deserve and required by law. And he complies with the message, even if it costs him a few bites of desperation.

But his life as a policeman wasn’t always about saving animals. His curriculum includes stints in teenage police stations in Foz do Iguaçu, robbery and diversion police stations, in Curitiba, as well as at COPE, the Police Operations Command of the Civilian Police, where he headed a massive operation against the dreaded PCC. Faction (first capital command).

According to him, this was the largest number of arrest warrants issued in a single operation – more than 700. On his second visit to Furtos e Roubos, this time as a carrier, he was overshadowed by the sheer volume of police reports of all of the fallen species. On your shoulders and the shoulder of your team. It was four thousand a month. Until one day he started looking for other quieter police stations and came across the very quiet Meio Ambiente, with a paltry 12 BOs a month. I didn’t think twice about your transfer request.

That was 2019. Until then, his relationship with dogs was nothing more than his relationship with the family dog ​​as a teenager. Once installed in the new office, he contacted the Animal Protection Network of the Municipal Environmental Department of Curitiba to find out more about the task that was waiting for him. But the tasks of the new police station were not limited to freeing dogs and other animals from inhospitable captivity. He was taking care of everything related to the environment, such as deforestation and pollution in the shadows. However, the crackdown on reflexive animal teachers began to have repercussions such that it ended up in his routine, to the point of making him almost a celebrity in the dog breed. “The press loved him and started reporting,” he says.

One of his first actions in the new territory wasn’t involving a dog in trouble. He was called to catch a six-meter snake, the owner of which did not have the animal’s documents. The boy wrapped the pet snake around his leg and refused to hand it over, claiming he couldn’t live without it, while kissing the animal’s head, which ended up leaving with the support staff. He also dismantled a gang that used a pet store in São José dos Pinhais as a front, said to be a reference in animal welfare.

But the work that had the greatest impact, and which made him known throughout the country, took place in Mairipura, in the state of São Paulo, where there was a pit bull fight with the participation of dogs and gamblers from all over Brazil and even from other countries. Countries. He was taken there with a complaint that two wealthy gamblers from Curitiba were among the owners of the rowdy dogs. Matthews and his team go into town, end the party and save the surviving Pitbulls. Those who did not survive were – amazingly – roasted and eaten by the gamblers themselves. To this day, the scenes that he and his team witnessed at the site do not leave his mind. The world of the inverted dog.

On this occasion, he was in contact with people such as presenter and activist Luisa Mill, who is able to jump inside an erupting volcano to rescue a puppy, and Alessandro Disco, a specialist in pitbull rescue, as well as São Paulo deputy Bruno Lima. Your colleague in the civil police. He became friends with the three, and they all followed him equally on social media. Mairiporã’s MMA, with the right to a US judge, has had wide repercussions, including outside Brazil. “It was what put us in the spotlight at the national level,” says Matthew Layola, so much so, that he got invitations to give lectures across Brazil and to take part in the Punishment Ceremony for the Change of the Animal Abuse Law (Law 9605/98), in Palacio de Planalto, by President Jair Bolsonaro, in June 2020.

“Today I work a thousand times more on Furtos e Robos, but I can’t see myself working with anything else, it has become an addiction”

With the sympathy aroused by their actions, reports of abuse rose at the 181st police station, causing an increase in the number of BOs in Engineering Advance. If calm was what he was looking for, it backfired. But he says he loves what he does and is inspired by four-year-old German Spitz Thor. Divorced, Matthews has his dog as his only company in the apartment he lives in in Bakshiri. “Today I work out a thousand times more at Furtos e Roubos, but I can’t see myself working with anything else, it has become an addiction,” he says. At first, he was teased by his fellow WhatsApp groups, who called him a “puppy rep”. It was said that his job was making perfume and that he should focus on murders and drug trafficking. He shrugged and walked away.

Today he earned the respect of everyone. He attributes the increase in reports of violations to increased public awareness. According to the rep, one of the most common forms of abuse is dog abandonment, a problem that has grown 50 percent with the pandemic. Without an income, many teachers dumped their close friends to their fate on the streets and country roads. Seeing the plight of the dogs he saves has cost him daily panic attacks that he treats with medication and therapy. “I learned to see the glass half full,” he says of the advice he heard from a psychiatrist who taught him to face his work with optimism because of the number of animals saved and not those lost along the way. Matthews says he sought help when he started having trouble sleeping and avoiding the nightmares that made him feel scared. often cry.

In several of his incursions in search of animals living in degrading conditions, he encountered protectors who harbor dozens of dogs without conditions for it. It reports the case of a woman who ate popcorn only to feed her four adopted children. If we agree to this, we are doing a lot of injustice. You can’t get around putting people’s heads on a platter to please social media,” he admits. His once strained relationship with the mother-in-law is now a partnership relationship. So much so that he agreed to participate in the pet version of Clube da Alice, which was His recent launch, to help a group barking lonely in shelters. In the name of the cause, both sides have raised the white flag. His work has the backing of the judiciary and the prosecution, and he says none of the operations he led has been challenged.

The delegate acknowledges the role of protectors because the public authority, he says, is unable to take care of many animals. But he doesn’t always look out for dogs that have been mistreated. Among the most common environmental crimes is wildlife trafficking, which is the third most profitable crime in the country. He notes that “instead of buying a licensed animal, Brazilians prefer to pay 10% of the value.” With his frequent appearances on social media and traditional media, he has attracted the attention of an insect known as the blue fly and does not rule out running for office in the future. Do not lack credentials to exercise authorization. In addition to his law training, he has four graduate degrees: in criminal investigations; Forensic psychology Constitutional law and public administration, with the exception of law that has nothing to do with his profession. Matthews Layola is a wine seller and has offered courses and tastings. Today he is just a fan of good red. With his life entirely devoted to working and rescuing distressed dogs, Matthews Layola becomes man’s best friend. When the dogs arrive they bark with joy.

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