Marchesin can say goodbye to Jamor and leave Porto with a ‘double’

The Porto is preparing to conclude the season against Tondela, in the final of the Portuguese Cup. After winning the National Champion title, Dragons will fight for one or two players.

The last ‘repeated’ with the tournament and the Portugal Cup achieved by the blue and white logo was in 2019/20, the same time that Marchesín arrived in Dragão. The Argentine took an active part in these two openings, and soon gained fame for his performances.

However, three years later, Marchesín must say goodbye to Invicta at the end of this season and to the title in the “Queen’s Race”.

Roleplaying with Diogo Costa

In his debut season, when Casillas was no longer part of the plans due to health issues, Marchesín took the lead role in the White and Blue target. With two years of distinction among publications, the Argentine reached 84 matches with a dragon on his chest.

However, Sergio Conceicao’s plan for this season was different. With several youngsters entering the team, such as Joao Mario, Vitina, Fabio Vieira and Francisco Conceicao, the goal changed too. Marchesin jumped to the bench and Diogo Costa “stole” his starting player, playing 43 games, as Marchesin played last season.

The 34-year-old has ended up in just eight games in the entire season between the Europa League, La Liga 1 and the Portuguese Cup.

news per minute Marchesen lost space to Diego Costa, who has played 43 games this season© Getty Images

Opposition to the administration of Sergio Conceicao

In his third year at FC Porto, Marcicsen ended up admitting that he was not in favor of being a substitute. The Argentine is still leaving it up in the air, in winning the national title, which he will be more focused on getting out of than on continuity.

“It is a World Cup year and obviously my situation hurts a lot. I am not used to it, but it is up to me to support. Support him. At a big club and the names are the least important,” he said at the Dragao Stadium on the day FC Porto closed their participation in La Liga .

news per minute Marchesín was not satisfied with the management of Sérgio Conceição© Global Images

Expiry of the contract of sale by force

Marchesen’s case is similar to that of Alex Telles. The Brazilian, in the 2020/21 season, ended his relationship with FC Porto. With no agreement on renewal, the club was forced to sell the player hours later and accept any suggestion of no “empty hands”.

With Marchesín, the same thing happens. The Argentine terminated his contract in 2023, and, because he is not a rookie and does not intend to continue in Dragao, “forces” the Porto management to sell him before the end of the contract, that is, this summer.

In 2019/20, when he arrived, Marchesen was 31 years old and cost around 7.7 million euros for the blue and white wardrobes. At this point, at 34 years old and with eight games played this season, the €6m market value means a good fit for the Dragons, who thus avoid having to sell other assets.

If FC Porto do not succumb to this summer’s transfers, Marchisin can make a “coup” and, as of January 2023, prepare to leave at no cost.

news per minute Marchesen signed a four-year contract 2019/20 with FC Porto© Getty Images

Output with “double” in the pocket

In the six matches that FC Porto played in this edition of the Portuguese Cup, Marchesin was the initiator of all of them. Having been one of the main officials for the semi-final victories against Sporting, the Argentine is preparing to close the season with a new title and another “Queen’s Tournament”.

The goal holder in the competition, Marchesin is not expected to be relegated by Sergio Conceicao in the competition’s big match. In the event of a victory over Tondela, this will be the second Portugal Cup and, as a result, the second in the Marchesín approach.

news per minute Marchesín has already won the Portuguese Cup in 2019/20© Getty Images

The Argentine, more inclined towards competing with the new atmosphere, can close the passage through the dragon with a golden key. The Portuguese Cup final between Porto and Tondela will be held next Sunday at Jamour Stadium.

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