Locky’s network of safes has Portuguese technology and is the ‘vital’ infrastructure of the future, says CTT chief

Today, CTT launched a new open safes brand for any distribution operator, Locky, which aims to run the Iberian safes business with an investment of eight million euros.

The launch of the Locky brand of the network of vaults “means the third wave of investment that we are making on this specific front,” began by Joao Pinto, who was speaking to Lusa on the sidelines of the event in Lisbon.

He continued, “We realized from early on that it would be crucial to have an infrastructure of vaults to be able to keep pace with the needs of the state and our particular needs in terms of the growth of e-commerce,” noting that vaults are available 24 hours a day, seven hours a day, days in the week.

“With this, we were able to postpone orders for the client,” stressing that the first step “was making the decision” that a network of safes should be developed, the manager emphasized.

The second decision was, “Given the critical nature we anticipated, as is confirmed today, we thought we should do this with our own technology and our network of ‘lockers’ – and it didn’t start that way – with our own safes, Portuguese technology, Portuguese electronics, and running Portuguese Metals, and “Portuguese Software, with a network of permanent partners and a manufacturer in Portugal,” confirmed the CEO of CTT.

“This is not just because it’s beautiful, but because it gives us speed in developing customer relationship products, and campaigns that we wouldn’t have otherwise, so we thought we should have an infrastructure that would be critical in the future,” he emphasized. .

In metal mechanics (“hardware”), the company is Cubotonic, in assembly and assembly, Tecnocrimp, and in “software” and electronics, Micro.io and Polarizing, Locky’s CEO, Francisco Travasos, Lusa said.

And the third moment “branding not only to make the infrastructure explode and make it work, but also because we are launching an infrastructure brand that we will open up (…) to our competitors”, highlighted by Joao Pinto.

This network will be open to “all those who want delivery [encomendas] Using this feature because we believe this is part of our duty and strategy, while great e-commerce promoters in Portugal, great trend makers, is a natural thing for any market leader.”

Joao Pinto concluded, “Today is the third wave of progress on this front at a time when we already have 250 treasuries and everything indicates that it will reach close to 1,000 by the end of this year in Portugal.”

Francisco Travasos added that having these four “national partners” has advantages such as “a very close relationship.

In other words, “They are partners who support us whenever we want to develop customized solutions, they are with us, they think about the project from the start, and then, we have great flexibility compared to other suppliers, if they are international, it will not be so close and we will not have solutions as fast as we have today”, Travassos added.

In addition to expecting to reach 1,000 lockers in Portugal by the end of 2022, Locky’s CEO hopes to “definitely continue to install lockers” next year.

On December 6, CTT announced a partnership with YunExpress, the logistics business unit of the Chinese Zongteg Group, to create a “joint venture” aimed at running the business of a network of vaults to receive orders in Portugal and Spain, open to any operator, with a joint investment of eight million euros within three years. .

“We have a partnership with Yun here,” Joao Pinto recalls, stressing that the intervention is in Portugal and Spain, prioritizing the Portuguese market.

Asked about the possibility of Locky’s network moving to markets other than Portugal and Spain, the director said the market in Mozambique was “not yet mature enough”.

We think it’s for ‘e-commerce’. [comércio eletrónico] To grow in Portugal, it is necessary to bring more confidence and more comfort and to have a network of safes that provide such convenience that a person does not need to be at home to receive the order, can receive it wherever he is (… .), doing whatever it means, is a practice It already exists in other countries,” where e-commerce is “more developed,” said, in turn, CTT Director Joao Sousa.

He stressed, “We are bringing together several factors to help ‘e-commerce’ grow, both on the seller’s side and on the buyer’s side.

Therefore, “this was an essential step to help grow” the e-commerce business, emphasized the director, who added that “expectations are very high.”

Joao Sousa said CTT was pleased with the “first results” of using the vault network.

“We now believe, with our own brand, through connectivity and dynamism, that there will be an explosion in the use of these tanks, which also have a very strong aspect of sustainability,” emphasized Joao Sousa.

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