Is Philo doing Rio Leoncio’s father? How do you find out the truth?

The public lives in doubt as to whether or not Velho do Rio is Leoncio’s father. Trindade (Gabriel Sater) has commented on Marcos Palmeira that he believes the entity is Joventino (Irandhir Santos), Zé Leôncio’s father who has disappeared after chasing a bull in the bush. The flea hasn’t left him behind Zi’s ear since.

Is Velho do Rio the father of Zé Leôncio in the Pantanal?

Velho do Rio is the father of Zé Leôncio in the soap opera Pantanal. The encounter between father and son takes a long time in the series, and the truth about Juventino’s identity is only revealed to Jose Leoncio at the end of the plot. In the 1990 version, the farmer only came face to face with his father in the final chapter.

Everything happens after the death of Zé Leôncio in the soap opera Pantanal. The character suffers a heart attack after marrying Philo and says goodbye to the living world. Then Zé’s soul finds Velho do Rio’s car and finally discovers that the entity is his missing father.

The farmer regrets the search for Joventino that went on for years and never succeeded: “Why, Dad? Why did you never show up to me? I always called you. I’m the one who was always on your trail.” “But you never believed my son,” the guardian notes, then adds, “Let you come to meet me.”

The couple talks for a while and Velho do Rio explains what happened when he disappeared. While fighting with a bull in the bush, Gioventino fell off his horse and was later hit by a snake in the neck. Zé Leôncio is revolted when he finds out how his father died and tells the old man from Rio that he was wrong to go after the bull alone, because they agreed to catch him together. “It was already written,” Entity says calmly.

After further conversation, Velho do Rio told Zé Leôncio that he was tired and that it was time to leave. However, the character comments that it is necessary for someone to continue to protect the place and the Leôncio family. Thus, Joventino disappears and then José Leôncio appears with all the old man’s belongings and clothes from the river. He turns into an anaconda and goes into the water.

Who are the descendants of Velho do Rio?

Velho do Rio is the grandfather of Jose Lucas de Nada, Tado and Joffe. José Lucas de Nada is the eldest son of Zé Leôncio and in the 2022 remake he looks not like his father, but like his grandfather. Both are played by actor Erandir Santos.

Tado is not the blood son of Jose Leoncio. The truth is revealed in the final part of the series, but the farmer continues to consider him his son, as well as the old man from the river, who tells the boy that he will always be his grandfather.

The youngest descendant of the old man is Goff, who was named in his honor. The boy has more than one encounter with the entity throughout the novel.

In 1990, Claudio Marzo played Filho do Rio, the father of Jose Leoncio. In 2022 the mission with Osmar Prado was:

Can Pantanal be stretched?

Entretê Spin Off do Terra had access to material sent by the station to affiliates and says Globo can extend the series until mid-October, if audiences continue to do well. At the moment, forecasts are that the show will be on small screens until September, but the channel still has time to change its mind.

The network has not yet revealed the date of the end of the new version, but according to the portal, the success of the audience of the series may increase the number of seasons, which is currently expected to be about 170.

After a low fallout with Um Lugar ao Sol, Pantanal’s predecessor, the station was doing well with the reconfiguration of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s business. According to information from Globo itself, the May 10 episode broke the record for the highest audience at a 9pm telenovela in Rio de Janeiro since November 5th, the date the Empire reboot ended. 34 rating points have been added. In the chapter’s plot, Juma ventures into the city of Rio with Geoff.

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Velho do Rio is José Leôncio’s father and thus the grandfather of Tadeu, Zé Lucas and Jove – Photo: Reproduction / Globo

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