Football Zone: Beira Mar is close to ‘beating’ the Premier League points record

Ricardo Maia, Beira-Mar coach (Beira-Mar’s Facebook photo).
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Despite a replica of the Clube Desportivo de Estarreja, Beira-Mar made it home with his eighth win in a row, corresponding to the 30th in the Sabseg Championship (in the championship stage, he only lost to Paivense).

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At the end of the match that counted for the eleventh round, with only three more remaining, coach Aveiro was convinced the team had kept the winning goal in all matches after “slipping” into the achievable Castelo de Paiva.

Furthermore, the team was challenged to set a new record for points in the Aveiro District Football League First Division.

“We have a clear internal goal that can be achieved in the next round if we win: in 34 rounds to be the team of the 21st century in this tournament with the most points,” he explained.

Beira-Mar, without the administrative division in half in passing the first phase of hero establishment, adds 90 points to enter the twelfth and penultimate round of hero establishment.

In the previous 13 seasons of the 34-match Elite Championship, which took place between 2006-2007 and 2018-2019, the record was held by Lusitania de Lorosa, in 2012-13, when they collected 92 points. Remember that he can be defeated in the next round.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the course of competition during the 2019-20 and 2020-20 seasons.

Ricardo Maia explained, “From the moment we reached the main goal, to be champions, we decided to create internal incentives to have ambition for the next four days,” assuming that the team management was also in that sense.

This has already been noticed in Estarreja, with key players on the bench and others outside the squad (the entire attacking trio being the most used), although not all have been selected by sporting selection, where again Covid-19 has also had an impact.

“Seven adjustments always have routine losses, it is normal. But the players who did not have many minutes have proven themselves and are likely to stay,” said the Orenegro coach.

One surprise team follows the season, early on, without reducing motivation or demand on the field. “We will host Flourgrid on Friday afternoon, and we want to continue to win 100% at home, have the same balance in the last three rounds, to reach the cups with confidence and with a positive mindset. If we relax, what has been accomplished in the tournament may be of little value.” Ricardo Maya concluded.

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“It was not easy for Beira-Mar to play in Estarreja, this season it was confirmed. Estarreja was always very qualified, and they had an advantage in the way they scored in the second half. We didn’t always play the first half well, but we started better and it was Our goal is not allowed. We corrected it in the second half, got some happiness and went in search of victory and achieved it with justice. Once again, the most effective team won. Finally, without wanting to talk about refereeing or sampling cards, I didn’t see much aggression because of many errors” Ricardo Maya, coach of Beira Mar.

“When we can compete, the game becomes fun, and that’s what happened. A balanced first part, without many reasons to be useful. We had a little more possession, but without hitting the goal. The second half was more interesting, as the teams were closer to the goals, and we have More chances, two of us in the act. Then we have the goal and we miss the second, which could kill the match… Beira Mar took advantage of our mistakes, and was happy. Catch up on the win, there was no more match. We fought hard with our weapons. Today we were The real Estarreja” – Rui Valente, coach of Estarreja.

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