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The School of Management, Education and Health – Suprema / FGS – offers Distance Learning (EAD) courses in key knowledge areas.

All graduate courses are of the highest quality in educational technology and teaching. Qualified teachers participate in the learning in the virtual environment and fully interact with the students.

The Suprema / FGS Distance Learning Postgraduate Course offers courses in areas such as Environment, Sustainability, Psychology, Management, Education, Law, Speech Therapy, Occupational Safety, Bioengineering, Information Technology, and Marketing.

Suprema / FGS areas of specialization and distance MBA courses – Photo: Suprema / FGS

Explore all areas and courses of Suprema-FGS

Higher Certificate / FGS – EAD

Courses approved in accordance with MEC Decision No. 1/2018 and the same value as face-to-face courses

There are over 10,000 hours of lessons recorded in TV Suprema studios located on the college campus.

Even with the pandemic, the organization hasn’t stopped innovating. The entire registration process, preparation of supplementary materials, improvement of the platform and its integration with the academic management system have been carried out and constantly contemplated.

All Distance Learning (EAD) materials from Suprema / FGS Faculdade de Gestão, Educação e Saúde provide students with the flexibility to create their own study routine, making it more efficient and effective.

Courses accredited according to MEC Decision No. 1/2018 and with the same value as face-to-face courses – Photo: Suprema / FGS

Innovative teaching methodology and comprehensive teaching materials

Innovative teaching methodology. In addition to video lessons, a student can access rich learning materials used in a flipped classroom in webinars, changing the traditional way of teaching. Content is now studied in-house and used in simultaneous remote discussions, in a virtual learning environment (VLE), on each topic.

With this, the student leaves behind the passive listening situation and assumes the role of the protagonist in his learning in interaction with the teacher or teacher, which is the big difference between Suprema/FGS EAD. In addition, knowledge tests, assessment questions on all the topics studied, forums and conversations with qualified teachers complete the learning process.

Tutors and tutors accompany the student throughout the course. The virtual library has more than 2,500 e-books available to help students learn.

Suprema’s Director of Administrative, Corporate and Alumni Planning, Newton Ferreira de Oliveira, highlights that an intellectual and pedagogical capital, with renowned professors, has been selected that meets the market demands and dynamics proposed by Suprema / FGS – EAD.

Oschestra Classroom platform integrated with Google tools

Virtual Learning Environment (AVA) by Orchestra Classroom – Photo: Suprema – FGS

The licensed study platform has been developed to facilitate learning through student-teacher interaction. The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) takes place through the Orchestra Classroom platform, an interactive space that is easily accessed by computers, smartphones and tablets. It is worth noting that the platform is integrated with all Google tools.

All 100% Postgraduate or Mixed EAD courses last for 12 months, and the student has up to 18 months to complete the course and earn the title of specialist in the chosen field. The content is released in units, every two months. Prices are reasonable and in line with market demand.

Expansion into more areas of knowledge

Principal Newton Ferreira de Oliveira also comments that when Suprema expanded its horizons into distance learning and into more areas of knowledge – in addition to the health field – it was catering to the growing market demand for distance teaching and course diversity.

“Through distance learning (EAD) it was possible to expand the possibilities of offering courses in other areas, such as environment and sustainability, psychology, management, education, law, speech therapy, occupational safety, bioengineering, information technology, marketing, and others,” Director comments.

At Suprema/FGS students can find more than 250 distance learning postgraduate courses – Photo: Suprema/FGS

Technical course in advertising production

In addition to the graduate courses, Suprema / FGS – EAD offers an undergraduate technical course in “Advertising Production”.

There are 300 authorized vacancies and two years to graduate. It is expected that new distance learning courses will be introduced, such as technicians in nutrition, biomedicine and pedagogy.

Graduate students across the country – Photo: Suprema / FGS

Postgraduate National High School

In addition to distance learning at Suprema / FGS, the maintainer of SUPREMA – Sociedade Universitária para o Ensino Médico Assistencial Ltda – is simultaneously preparing for the national launch of on-site postgraduate courses in more than 30 cities spread across several states in Brazil.

“Today the Suprema brand is very strong on the national scene. FGS represents a leap for the organization, not only in consolidating the brand at the national level, but also re-emphasizing the interest in fully fulfilling its main mission: excellence in teaching. Given that we are expected to grow, in the next three years, We will reach the mark of five thousand students enrolled in the distance learning method – and our relentless struggle for it.”

Authorized and approved by the Ministry of Education by Decree No. 44, dated January 26, 2021, FGS has the institutional concept 4, where the maximum score is 5. The direct and face-to-face work centers will be the cities of Juiz de Fora (MG), Tres Rios (RJ). ), São José dos Campos (SP).

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