Bahia and Sport demonstrate in front of the Brazilian Football Confederation against changing the match between Guarani and Vasco to Manaus | Brazilian series b

On Tuesday, Bahia and Sport sent a letter to the Brazilian Confederation requesting a review of the decision that allowed changing the match between Guarani and Vasco, for the eighth round of the second division, from Campinas to Manaus. The match has been scheduled for Thursday, and tickets are now on sale. Grêmio and Cruzeiro also discussed the matter on Tuesday night.

The clubs protest what they see as an undeserved advantage for Vasco: he will be able to play with the support of a larger crowd than Guarani. Something other teams won’t do throughout the tournament.

The game location was initially changed Refusal by CBF, in a document signed by two of the entity’s directors, on May 6. However, a statement was published in the eleventh on the entity’s website Formalize change to Manaus.

Amazon x National Amazon Arena – Photo: Rômulo Almeida

On May 6, the CBF sent a letter to the presidents of Guarani and Vasco and the football federations of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Amazonas, rejecting the request to transfer the match from Campinas to Manaus.

the message that General Electric Accessed, signed by competition directors, Julio Avillar, and Legnal, Samantha Longo. The two were recently appointed by Brazilian Football Confederation President Edinaldo Rodriguez to the posts.

The CBF directors expressed that the change violated the articles of both the General Regulations for Competitions (RGC) and the Special Regulations for Series B.

– […] Such an amendment fits the prohibitions set forth in Article 13, Paragraph 1 of the Royal Government of Cambodia and Single Clause of Article 20 of the REC [Regulamento Específico da Competição].

The first paragraph of Article 13 of the Royal Cambodian Law states that:

Reversal of field control or (ii) shall not be permitted for the team to serve the match on the court normally used by the opposing team.

The only paragraph of Article 20 of the Group B regulations states:

– A club wishing to move matches to other venues must, 30 (thirty) days in advance, prove that this practice in no way represents: (i) damage to the technical balance of the competition; (2) the spread of the club’s own economic interest to the detriment of the technical aspects of the competition; (3) prejudice the presence of the fans of the host club in the chosen stadium; (iv) a concession of any kind in favor of the opposing club, such as overturning field leadership or its marketing; Among other aspects that will be evaluated by the District Coordination Office.

To justify what they consider to be a violation of these articles of the regulations, CBF directors wrote that choosing Manaus as host for the match would mean “damage to the presence of the fans of the host club at the chosen stadium, and a concession of any kind whatsoever in favor of the opposing club, in view of the notorious attendance of the fans of FC de Regatas Vasco.” Da Gama in Manaus”.

Five days later, the Brazilian Football Confederation changed its mind. In a statement posted on the entity’s website, also signed by competition director Julio Avillar, the entity informed the reasons for changing the game from Campinas to Manaus.

– Brinco de Ouro stadium not available on schedule due to turf renovations. Change by agreement of the host club, the host club, the visiting club and the visiting club association The Brazilian Football Confederation published on May 11.

Upon responding to the initial request, CBF directors stated that Guarani had not expressed “any disagreement with the offer, or any other reason in support of their request”. The document also says that the São Paulo club submitted the application “beyond the 30-day period” stipulated in the Group B regulations.

Playing the match between Guarani and Sport in Campinas – Photo: Lucas Almeida / Especial Guarani FC

The Deputy Legal Officer for Sports, Rodrigo Guedes, who signed the document, sought to emphasize that this type of training leads to an imbalance in the championship.

– This is a reflection of field leadership. The most valuable thing in any competition is balance. In the tournament, each team plays half of the matches at home and the other half with opponents. This request has already been denied and they are now back – it has started.

-Imagine if this became a common practice in Series B. If a team with a smaller audience started sending their matches elsewhere for economic reasons and filled the stadium with fans of the opposing team. There are two kinds of imbalance there, the financial kind, because he won’t have a good income and it’s clearly technical – he added.

According to the legal representative for sports, in addition to Bahia, two other clubs were asked to sign the complaint sent to the Brazilian Football Confederation. But there was no going back in time. It should be noted that Sport faced Guarani at the Estadio Brinko de Oro for the second round and drew 0-0.

wanted by General ElectricThe Joint Border Force has yet to show itself.

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