ASG: Between the wash and the noise, what do we really have?

Every day, we are bombarded by this issue, despite the fact that the principles underlying ESG are not new, not even here in our country. Everyone seemed to have suddenly awakened to a new world of purpose. Unfortunately, the impression it gives is that the topic has become a good attraction for the aggravating promotion of impactful, sustainable, diverse and inclusive practices, which are still intangible and realistic. Everything is now ASG (Portuguese acronym derived from the English acronym ESG).

It has become the ideology of some of the disciplines that ESG practices deal with, particularly those related to environment and inclusion Top trends On social networks while getting the attention of brands. Eager to attract more followers to their pages, but mainly to avoid losing them due to not engaging with the movement, their letters and messages suddenly gained alignment for these purposes. It is not always consistent or backed up by effective procedures.

ESG, more than a movement, is a business response to the global call to action to end poverty, protect the environment and climate, and ensure that people everywhere enjoy peace and prosperity, as defined in the Sustainable Development Goals (17) Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda under the auspices of the United Nations and the United Nations).

ESG involves complex issues with profound and systemic implications that require significant analysis, investment, and study time for effective understanding and implementation. These are the purposes supported by new models and processes that involve training and behavioral reorganization of people. All this is made possible thanks to information technology that is increasingly bringing innovative solutions and means.

Thus, organizations’ involvement with the ESG is much more than an exaggerated glorification of the idea as we have seen around us. Connection noise, Activated by speeches, articles, leaflets, and advertisements, they feature practices without links or evidence of their application in everyday life. It’s “ASG Show” or ASG-wash. Care must be taken not to standardize a set of superficial practices that have nothing to do with the transformational ideals contained in the Assistant Secretary-General of the State, which, besides helping little, will undermine the efforts of those who are already working hard to implement them.

Companies with consistent strategies and real commitments are often questioned in episodes that violate ESG principles. The brilliant scenario of discourse and practice brings natural flaws to the surface in complex processes like this, causing brands to simply be canceled because of one flaw or another, while other brands that just make noise are praised and praised. More reason and less ideology are needed in these assessments.

The recommendation here is to make an effort to distinguish between who is in it just for the audience, the applause, and those who believe and build a different future. Even if between successes and errors as is normal. Although cliché, the statement that ESG is a journey rather than a destination applies well in this context.

American journalist and social critic H. L. Mencken, who lived between the end of the nineteenth century and the first half of the last century, stated that “for every complex problem, there is a simple, elegant, and completely wrong solution.” ESG requires challenging processes of transformation, allocation of efforts and resources, and consistency over time. Otherwise, it’s just makeup that smudges in the first tears.

Enio Klein, an influencer and expert in sales, customer experience and collaborative environments focused on improving business performance through teamwork and collaboration. CEO of Doxa Consultants and Graduate Professor.

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