Apex Legends Mobile takes battle royale to mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is available for Android and iOS

Apex Legends Mobile is available for Android and iOS

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The Entertainment Repost Launches this Tuesday (17) mobile versions of Apex Legendsa free-to-play shooting game that took the attention of battle royale fans by storm, a genre in which dozens of players compete to see who is the last player standing on a map with limited resources, when it was revealed in 2019 and launched in 2019. Then.

Since then, few competitors have emerged, and while Apex Legends has struggled to stay among the major games of this genre in the competitive PC and console market, other giants have gained traction on mobile, such as the famous Free Fire, the game of choice for many Brazilians, Or PUBG Mobile, who have also adapted a popular game from PC to mobile devices.

A replica of the faithful

To face such fierce competition, Respawn has chosen to make Apex Legends Mobile a game very faithful to the original, but at the same time designed for mobile platforms with an exclusive, separate progression of the game for PC and consoles. Development from the start has helped ensure that Apex Legends Mobile runs on a very wide range of phones, an important requirement to reach the widest possible audience in this segment.

However, the game is so faithful to the original that on many occasions excessive commands and information can cripple the player – no matter its size, a cell phone screen is nothing like a 20 or 40 inch screen. There’s a lot on screen, and a lot of virtual buttons that end up in your way – the touch screen isn’t the best control for a complex and fast game like Apex Legends Mobile, unfortunately, but for now it’s the only option as producers are still experimenting with mobile controls.

Apex Legends Mobile characters have unique and fun abilities

Apex Legends Mobile characters have unique and fun abilities

Photo: EA/Disclosure

On the other hand, there are a number of possible tweaks, from graphical options to save the phone’s battery to accessibility features and help with aiming and collecting items automatically. The gameplay experience can be highly customized and that’s a plus point, no matter how familiar the player is with the genre or the original Apex.

It is good to note that this is not a portable version of Apex Legends. There is no cross-advance or cross-advance support with other platforms. PC players will not be able to automatically bring all their characters and skins from different battle passes to mobile. It’s as if Respawn is starting the game from scratch, which is good for attracting new players.

exclusive legend

There are new and unique mechanics, like the third person camera, available in some game modes, that give you a better perspective of your surroundings – and let you see your character, which is always cool. Speaking of which, Apex Legends Mobile comes with nine legends from the original game: Bloodhound, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Bangalore, Octane, Gibraltar, Wraith, Caustic, and Mirage. They work just like the ancient warriors used to, but you have to progress through the game again to unlock each character, as well as skins and other cosmetic items.

Most interesting is Legend, Fade’s new exclusive mobile game. He is a very graceful character, with powers that increase his mobility. It will be interesting to see how more exclusive characters will be added in the future, because the seasons of Apex Legends Mobile will not follow the same timeline as the original game.


It’s not new that mobiles show they have the firepower to run games as good as those on consoles, but it’s always good to see this in practice and turning Apex Legends into mobile devices is a great example of this technological advancement.

Apex Legends Mobile is a game that rewards skill more than ‘grinding’ other battle kings like Fortnite, but it manages to enjoy its own superhero-like characters, each with their own special powers and well-designed story. He’s a fierce competitor watching the hotly contested mobile shooter arena.

Apex Legends Mobile - Note 8

Apex Legends Mobile – Note 8

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To play on Android devices, you must have a device running Android 6.0 or higher, 3GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, Snapdragon 435, Hisilicon Kirin 650, Mediatek Helio P20 or Exynos 7420 CPU. Those playing on the iPhone will need a device running iOS 11 or higher, with 2GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and an A9 CPU.

Apex Legends Mobile is available free to play, for Android and iOS.

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