14-year-old daughter texts father accused of rape: ‘Disgusting’

A man is wanted for the repeated rape of his 14-year-old daughter over at least three years. The assault happened during the girl’s visit to her father’s house on the anniversary of the wedding, where he divorced the victim’s mother 14 years ago. Recently, the teenager denounced the case to the family who succumbed to capital Cities Messages exchanged with the aggressor via WhatsApp.

During the conversations, the victim said that she “doesn’t even like him as a father” and that he “wasn’t just once” raped her. See the publications:


The abuser asks the teen not to report it to anyone, and says he committed the abuse because she allowed him. Then the girl returned claiming that he wounded her. As well as the curse of “pig”, “scoundrel” and “disgusting”.

understand the situation

The girl provoked an anxiety attack about three months ago. The reason was very similar to what she had: her 18-year-old sister said that her father had tried to offend her; Therefore, since I was eleven years old, I no longer wanted to see him or talk to him. “She became anxious, fell ill and is undergoing treatment,” her mother said.

The stories appeared in April of this year. “You couldn’t talk to anyone. Hu [o pai] He said it was an affection from father to daughter. That’s why you weren’t supposed to tell anyone,” she laments.

The girl’s mother said, “She said the drugs wouldn’t take away the pain she was feeling, because her father abused her from the age of 7 to 9.”


The Federal District Civil Police (PCDF) confirmed the case and issued a preventive arrest warrant. The assailant is on the run to commit the crime of raping a vulnerable person.

The mother also stated that the man did not adhere to the preventive measures issued on April 24 this year. “He kept sending messages on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp,” he says.


Traders at the import fair told capital Cities That the man did strange things in the place as “correct”, and approached the customers at the entrance to the place to take them to the shops.

When contacted, Cooperfim, the import fair manager, reported that he had nothing to do with the stalker and could not immediately confirm the man’s services – although this practice is prohibited at the fair and the company regularly implements operations to limit such activity.

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