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Hello everyone, is everything good? I know most of you can already see The importance of information technology in studies of public tendersbecause in recent years the incidence of this discipline in examinations in the tax district has grown significantly.

But some tests also require a portion of computing in its automated content. As a result, some doubts arise in the student, after all, What are the differences between information technology and information technology? Which one should be included in the general tax district study course? This is what we will talk about today.

Information technology and information technology for public tenders in the tax district
Information technology and information technology for public tenders in the tax district

The main differences in matters between information technology and informatics

The computing he is More standard discipline And Normal In public tenders for a longer period, include topics such as: Operating systems (eg Windows and Linux); Productivity Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, LibreOffice), Email ToolsAnd Internet browsersAnd Information Security And computer network.

well-known discipline Information Technology he have wider range and comprehensive. Includes topics like DatabaseAnd Software EngineeringAnd IT Governance And Infrastructure.

inside the part of Databasewe can highlight some of the recurring issues such as: business intelligence (BI), mining dataAnd big dataconcepts relational modeling And SQLamong other things.

In the context of IT GovernanceWe demand governance frameworks or models, the most important of which are: PMBOK (Project Management Body Knowledge Handbook), the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and COBIT (control objectives for information and related technology)

In addition, in Software Engineeringit is possible to monitor the charge software development methodologies, BPM (Business Process Management) and BPMN (Business Process Modeling).

The importance of information technology in tenders in the tax field

It is undeniable that IT has finally reached the tax territory. The increased incidence of this discipline in competitions can be explained by The importance of using information technology in the daily tasks of tax auditors.

It can be said that we live in the age of data, currently, about 350 zettabytes of information are produced annually. What makes a tax auditor need to have a good understanding within the IT field to deal with a lot of data and information.

With the field of information technology, it is possible More than just mapping risks, predicting trends, or validating hypotheses in the most diverse scenarios. In addition, it can ensure the correct reading of data about a business, sector or market Competitive advantagea Reduce cost in preventative maintenancefrom marketing investment Based on Corporate fraud.

Therefore, the The quiz world has also followed this technological development and its relevance to all areas. This results in an increased incidence of this discipline in tests.

The incidence of information technology and informatics in the latest tenders in the tax region

After we have seen the importance of IT and informatics disciplines in various topics, we will analyze how much they occur in the latest tenders in the field of taxation.

Cephas-C 2021

Request to tender for a tax auditor Ceará State Finance Minister (SEFAZ-CE), organized by cipraspincluded in its system curriculum computing.

Brought topics like: Concepts Operating System (Linux and Windows environments); environments Microsoft Office and LibreOffice; computer network; Internet and intranet; navigation software; Programs E-mail; cloud computing; Information Security; Concepts of virtual viruses, worms and pests; Security applications (antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware, etc.); Backup actions; and others.

Therefore, we note that This competition required the most traditional IT part and the IT part was not shipped.

For more complete information about this competition, access the link in its announcement.


This competition for tax auditor from Alagoas State Ministry of Finance (SEFAZ-AL), Also organized by cipraspincluded in its public notice of discipline list Information Technology.

In this test, we had some content that is normally required within an IT department: Business Process Management; The modeling process; The BPM; The data analysis; concepts Databaseat Relational and multidimensional modeling data; concepts data warehouseAnd big data And business intelligence; Self-service business intelligence: key concepts and tools.

In addition to those normally required, Also included in the curriculum Among the topics of this competition are: Create and analyze dashboards, dashboards, and reports Analytics. The Information Security: basic concepts, encryption, digital signature, and digital certificate; it’s the Agile Project Management: Scrum and Kanban.

For more information about this competition, access the link in its announcement.


Proof Minister of State for Finance of Espirito Santo (SEFAZ-ES) Implemented by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) He also touched on discipline you in its automated content. However, this approach was a little different, with content Information technology applied to tax audit.

That is, in addition to the topics that are usually shipped in the field of information technology, there was a need for concepts directly aimed at tax audits. Some of these topics were: Basic knowledge of EFD ICMS/IPI and NF-e XML file structure; concepts Relationship between EFD ICMS/IPI and NF-e . records; and the General Personal Data Protection Act (LGPD)Law 13709/2018.

For more complete information about this competition, follow the link in its announcement.

SEFA-PA 2021

Competition for state revenue inspector from Minister of State for Finance of Pará (SEFA-PA) in April of this year. Get his drawing IT content By following the pattern that tenders usually explore in a taxation area.

Not surprisingly, the IT syllabus for this competition covers: project management; operations PMBOK; business process management; IT Governance; SWOT analysis; BSC – balanced log; Database; web applications; Information Security; digital certificates; encryption. computer network; remote access and wireless network; Business Intelligence (BI) And mining data.

For more information about this competition, access the link in its announcement.


The Minister of Finance of the State of Sergipe (SEFAZ-SEThis competition was held for the position of technical tax auditor on 04/03/2022 organized by ciprasp.

This general notice, unlike what usually happens on tests in the tax district, He commissioned both the IT part and the IT part.

Program content computing Came as expected, bringing topics like: Operating System; Editing of texts, spreadsheets and presentations; computer network; navigation and email software; cloud computing; Information security along with others.

Already part of you bring one Very large content, covering topics that were not previously required in tax exams. In the decree itself, it is divided into 5 parts, namely:

1. Information Technology Management (PMBOK, ITIL, COBIT, Process Modeling, etc.);

two. Information Systems (Software engineering, systems analysis and design, software development methodologies, among others);

3. Database Basics (languages ​​for defining and manipulating data in relational database management systems, data modeling: relational and multidimensional models, relational database management, and others);

4. data science (Association rules, relational and multidimensional modeling, machine learning, cluster analysis (aggregation), classification, etc.);

5. Information Security (Security Policies, GDPR – LGPD, Access and Identity Management: Concepts, IAM, RBAC, Digital Certificate, etc.).

For more information about this competition, follow the link in its announcement.


The CIVAZ-AM It was the last major competition for the public finance auditor that took place this year, and he organized it FGValso included Information Technology in your note.

The syllabus for this exam covers a topic called data analysiswhich is nothing more than a file Part of the database’s IT. This course introduced topics such as: relational databases; Dimensional modeling, data mining; big data; visualization and analysis of exploratory data; Microsoft Power BI and Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition – Oracle and basic knowledge of the EFD ICMS/IPI framework.

For more information about this competition, follow the link in its announcement.

Conclusion on which of the two disciplines should give priority to exams in the tax district

After analyzing these last six tests of large state tax authorities, we can note Notable presence of IT and/or IT in all of them.

away from computing It was required for the competition Cephas-C Nor do italready part of you was present at SEFAZ-AL, SEFAZ-ES, SEFA-PA, SEFAZ-SE, SEFAZ-AM. In other words, although traditional IT content still appears in competition exams in the tax field, We can note a certain predominance of information technology in recent tests.

The SEFAZ-SE IT content can be considered an exception, where it covered many specific topics in computing for the tax auditor exam without specific IT training. However, Apart from this competition, all the other competitions we analyzed provided relatively standard content on the topic of computing..

However, we note that a file The discipline of IT has been explored practically in all recent tests in the field of taxationand because of relevance today and in the work of the auditor, The trend is that this fee in the tests will also prevail in the upcoming competitions. Subsequently, It may be desirable that IT content enters the student’s planning in the pre-publication moment.

Already part of computingas it has not been explored in recent tax competitions, Priority should only be given where appropriate in a specific public notice.

Final considerations

Well, guys, I think after this analysis, we can conclude that Information technology and computer science are very important disciplines for competitions in the field of tax.

Although the IT part is still there in some of these competitions, it is there Visible IT dominance in recent tests. Which indicates that It may be interesting for the student to first enter the IT part of the general study course.

In fact, public tenders follow the global reality of the rise of technology in everyone’s life. That’s why this topic is very important in your studies, It represents a specialty in full growth and maturity, and the trend is that its pool of tests is also on an upward streak..

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