With her feet on the grass and her eyes closed, Bellerin said goodbye to the Pettis family whom her father had taught her to love.

Sometimes happiness is a place. You don’t sit down, you just get there, the minutes get better. When Hector arrived in our world like everyone else, sometime in 1995, a boy who had a different penchant for social issues immersed himself in home Believe what is there.

The culprit was Pepe, Sr., who forced him to wear the legendary green and white nightgowns, possibly with the inscription of Denilson, Venidi, Alfonso or Joaquin on the back. As it often happens, this magical thing penetrated the engine room connecting the human organs of the boy who became a man, mixed with skin and made the heart bark in one, seemingly, eternal beat. Even when he went to London as a boy, in search of a professional football career.

Life, as always, takes a lot of turns, and after a decade in England, Hector Bellerin has tried to pay off some of the debts of the past. Someone was finally playing with this costume that moves Pepe. And to return, in September 2021, meant to please the father, “the fulfillment of his dream”, which in the depths of which was the property of both. One season and the Copa del Rey in the bag later, it’s time to say goodbye.

And tears also bid farewell to his bowels, washing the face of the Catalan, when the referee blew the whistle for the final Betis 2-0 Granada. Pelerin shivered. Go down to the bathroom, he’ll be back alone. His supporters and some of the resistance asked him to stay in Seville. He waved as if shouting that he would if he could.

Then he sat down, aimed something at the sky or on a seat behind him, and took off his shoes. shoes first. Then socks. The bond was physical as well, and this grass that brought him so close to his father and family was his land, both figuratively and literally. Soon, he salvaged a sincere smile, and was joined by Borja Iglesias and Aitor Roypal, two great friends from the resort who only wanted to support him.

He was alone again, cooking up ideas, arranging revolutions that no one would hear. My feet were still touching the grass of that special temple in Andalusia. He pulled his mother’s arms around him. Then came the embrace of the father, the gentleman responsible for this tender and unique feeling. They seemed to be saying goodbye to a really important, irreplaceable person.

He wipes his eyes, once and twice, and brushes his hair, and he surely listens to the wise sayings of whoever brought him here.

On social media, another great friend, Danny Ceballos, celebrated with hugs with his father, and glorified home Almost unprecedented. A few hours later, striker Borja Iglesias is too pandaOn Twitter, he challenged Ruibal to create a fundraiser for Bellerín to stay at Benito Villamarín. The colleague replied, “It is necessary” and from that moment to three on the field.

The club, which still dreams of qualifying for the Champions League, bid farewell to its fans on Sunday. For Bellerin, the schedule now speeds up to eat and arrive at the fateful June 30, when his contract with Sevilla will expire and he will have to return to Arsenal, the club where the 27-year-old Spaniard arrived in the summer. 2011 from Barcelona Schools.

Christina Koekler

Hector Bellerin is much more than a footballer.

Passionate about photography, a vegan and activist, he comments on sensitive topics that footballers wouldn’t normally risk, such as homosexuality, the war in Ukraine and other forgotten wars. The tears, possibly due to her love for Bettis, can also be divided into remorse, as she would return to some supporters who called her a “lesbian”, for her long hair, and homophobic insults.

He admitted, in 2018, in an interview with the newspaper “The Times”: “I have learned to grow thicker skin, but this can affect you.” Self-doubt seems insidious as a kind of blow. “The problem is that people have an idea of ​​what a footballer should look like, how he acts, what he talks about. If you do something a little different, you become a target.”

Perhaps that is why he cries, because in Seville he found his place, perhaps happiness and love in the form of a place. When he drew his name on that piece of paper that secured him heaven for a year, Bellerin revealed another side that hasn’t always been heard in the sport: “Football is not just about money, feelings matter.”

What will come next is now a mystery. Will he wear the Arsenal shirt again? Will other clubs, as they did last summer, take an interest in your competition? Or are you into some kind of Back to the futureWear that Bettis jacket that makes dad smile?

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