Under pressure from Libra, Forte Futebol meets in Rio to determine the future

after vision Botafogo joins Libra (Brazilian Club Championship)a move that should lead to the entry of the Gauchos and Atlético MG and bring them to 13 members, which would allow registration in the Brazilian Football Confederation, Forte Futebol meets on Monday (16) In a hotel in Sao Conrado (southern region of Rio de Janeiro) to decide on the next steps.

The team, made up of 23 members of the A and B series, which scored important victories in the past week, such as the cancellation of the meeting to be held last Thursday (12), at the headquarters of the Brazilian Football Confederation, in Rio, sees that the foundation granted and the stability of the scales. The goal is to try to meet your requirements. Or create an independent bloc to negotiate Brazil’s TV broadcasting rights from 2025, when existing contracts with TV Globo expire.

Forte Futebol is a movement for clubs that have been looking for a more equal way of running Brazilian football. We understand that the clubs with the most fans have many ways to monetize this volume, so TV money and other league-derived products should be distributed as evenly as possible. This is good for the tournament, which is becoming more balanced and of a higher standard, and it is good for clubs to be able to enter a competition where there will already be competition. I understand it as a very important movement to seek a union and a balance of power – he told Throw! Avaí’s president, Julio Cesar Heerdt.

The L! They discovered that a document would be formalized in which 23 members of the group would deliver a document with their claims to Libra, at a meeting that should take place until the end of this week, at a place yet to be determined, realizing that the university should be formalized.

– The aim of Forte Futebol is to jointly discuss topics related to the future of Brazilian football, such as the creation of a league between clubs. Members are proposing changes in the financial distribution, seeking a more equal method between teams. Decisions are made together, providing fair conditions for the division of commercial contributions – Marcelo Paz, President of Fortaleza, explained to the report.

– The league is fundamental, Forte Futebol is the consolidation of the union between clubs, making it a platform for discussing proposals. With this, we will be able to determine the most beneficial path for organizations. We want to seek more space, by being involved in decisions to change football in Brazil – Walter Dal Zutto Jr., Juventud representative, said to L!.

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Check out the discussions about the Brazilian League below

1 – Strength

Who will manage the scale? This is a basic question for some of the 23 members of Futebol Forte. There is consensus among Atletico, Fortaleza and Fluminense, the ironclad trio of the bloc, that São Paulo and Flamengo want to force the entity into effect and that there will be little room for them in the chain of command, even under a hypothetical business management with outside professionals.

There are complaints from department teams, too. With the scale positioned as the focus. This is because the text states that the twenty members of group B have voting power of one weight to the weight of two members of group A.

2 – money

It is important to note that Brasileirão da Libra will start operating, so to speak, only in 2025, when CBF’s current contracts with sponsors, primarily TV Globo, expire.

In light of this, the association has already entered into an agreement with Codajas Sports Kapital (CSK), which has the backing of BTG and promises R$5.1 billion in revenue with sponsorship and broadcast rights.

3 – TV

Behind the scenes, like L! Find out, Amazon and Globo, a duo that already plays in the Copa Brasil, for example, will keep an eye on Libra and show interest in the joint purchase of rights.

There are also issues such as tournament naming rights, static ads in stadiums, branding, and outdoor television, which would increase revenue. According to studies conducted by the League, Brazil has the potential to at least equal France, which would place the country among the ten most valuable leagues in the world.

4 – What did you decide on the scale?

The association specified in its platform that 40% of revenue be divided equally among all participants in the competition, 30% variable for performance and 30% for participation.

This last component is determined by criteria such as the average audience in the stadium, the pay-per-view subscriber base, the number of followers, engagement on social networks, audience on open television, and audience size.

5- Strong football problems

The group that was initially formed only by Series A breakers cites standards as the main reasons for their dissatisfaction. According to them, the scale itself details that the difference between the Brazilian champion and the bottom of the competition, for this division, would generate an abyss of up to 6.5 times the revenue of each team.

Futebol Forte wants a version of the approved split in the Premier League: 50% divided equally, 25% by performance and 25% by revenue in participation criteria, which can be re-discussed later. According to them, this would reduce the difference between the first and the last to 3.5 times, a value considered more fair.

6 – B . series

The difference reached the second degree. That’s because Libra specifies in its statute that 15% of revenue will be transferred to competition, and could reach 20% if major companies go down. But the clubs want more.

Group B members’ suggestion is a 25% transfer. The proposal had the support of Futebol Forte, which attracted the adhesion of 12 participants from Segundana.

7 – the agreement

Not all points between Libra and Futebol Forte are mutually exclusive. They both agree, for example, to the Financial Fair Play terms included in the platform.

The department will also determine the penalty for clubs that break the rule. There can be loss of points, relegation, obstruction of athlete registration, and even financial penalties for those who spend more than allowed by competition regulations.

8 – and how to be?

Futebol Forte undertakes to formulate its claims at a meeting scheduled for the 16th. Later, they promised to meet Libra, after provoking the meeting to be held on Thursday (12) at the Brazilian Football Confederation headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

For the league to take place, CBF law specifies that at least one-third of the participants in Series A or B must join, in other words, Libra needs 13 signatures. If not, Brazil will continue to be regulated by the Brazilian Football Confederation and the two sides will negotiate the TV rights themselves.

Who is actually a Libra member?

Sao Paulo
Palm trees
black bridge
Sea trip

Who makes strong football?

America MG
Atlético jo
factory worker
Sampaio Korea
new village

Who are the mediators and they still haven’t supported both sides

Atletico MG

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