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Blackpool’s 17-year-old Jack Daniels became the first British player to come out as gay in more than 30 years, after Justin Fashanu did the same in 1990. A gesture that was highly praised by many figures in the world of football , which highlighted the bravery of the football player.

Former Manchester United defender and current Sky Sports commentator Gary Neville said he felt “great pride” in Daniels and described the young player’s gesture as “Big and big time football“.

I am so proud to see a 17-year-old give an interview of such quality,” he said, referring to the Jake Daniels interview that was published on Monday. “What he did required incredible courage that would have been unimaginable in the past. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be – a day of great significance to him and English football.”

The former player also explained that, having been a member of the Professional Football Association in England, the issue of sexual orientation was The Achilles heel of English football, where no player has ever felt comfortable enough to come out as gay.

Blackpool’s Jake Daniels is the first British professional player to come out as gay in over 30 years

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Gary Neville also spoke of the bathroom environment as an unfavorable context for the assumption of homosexuality. “We know that it is now acceptable from a fan’s point of view, But the bathroom can be a malicious place. There are initiation ceremonies, peer pressure, similar situations. Imagine what it must have been like for a 16-year-old to live in an environment so full of vanity. “

In the future, he also told Sky Sports, Gary Neville hopes so For a footballer to come out as gay is normal And that “in 10 or 15 years, it won’t be seen as an advertisement.”

The Premier League also expressed its support for the player, noting that the community is stronger “when everyone feels welcome”.

We support Jake and believe that football is for everyone.” “Clubs and communities are stronger when everyone feels welcome, on and off the field. It is up to all of us to make this happen, which is why we must all oppose discrimination and support the LGBTQ+ community.”

Jake Daniels’ teammate Kevin Stewart has already responded to the announcement of his football club, after expressing his support for the player.

The former Manchester United player, Rio Ferdinand, also paid tribute to the athlete for his courage to come out as gay. “Great respect for your brave decision”; books. “Let’s all help create a safe and supportive environment for LGBT people in football and beyond.. “

Manchester FC themselves said they were proud of Jake, saying that this “Inspiration “.

On the Manchester City side, it was a message of “pride” to Jake Daniels.

Chelsea And Tottenham They also congratulate Jake for his courage and inspiration.

Former England international Gary Lineker has congratulated Jake Daniels for his bravery on and off the field. “I am sure you will receive tremendous love and support from the football community and many others will follow your path.”

The 17-year-old made his debut for the championship club – the second English Premier League – earlier this month. In October last year, Australian club Adelaide United player Josh Cavallo became the only English Premier League player in the world to come out as gay.

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