The Man in the North (2022, Robert Eggers)

epic viking revenge, man of the north (Northman), directed by Long Robert Eggers starring Alexander Skarsgard He also has big names in Hollywood.

The Man in the North: Who is the film crew?

Film director Robert Eggers (The Lighthouse) has scripted and directed the immersive Vikings saga never seen before in the movie.

The Man in the North opens May 12.


young prince amaleth (Alexander Skarsgård) is about to become a man when his father is brutally murdered by his uncle who kidnaps the boy’s mother. The child escaped from the island of his kingdom by boat, swearing revenge. Two decades later, Amelith is a raging Viking warrior, and that’s right RambunctiousAnd the conquest of Slavic villages mercilessly.

In one, a psychic makes him remember his oath: to avenge his father, save his mother, and kill his uncle. On a slave ship bound for Iceland, Amelith infiltrated his uncle’s farm with the help of Olga Anya Taylor-Joy, a slave maidservant, implements a plan to honor her oath.


The North Man: 5 facts about the movie

Robert Eggers is famous for blockbuster movies like the witch (2015) and the Flashlight (2019) who escapes from corporate entertainment, and in The North Man, the young American director continues his directing characteristics and cinematographic aesthetics that characterize him so well.

The director’s latest feature is the “Viking Movie”; The definitive, most accurate and historical Viking movie ever made. Eggers through the seventh art produced a deep dive into a culture long lost, for each one Takes The 196-minute film is Nordic culture and representation of the Viking Age of the purest and most accurate quality. Robert Eggers dug into the roots of Yggdrasil and showed our eyes the fighting rituals, funeral rites, customs, customs, beliefs, and vast landscapes of wild Iceland that represented Scandinavia in the eighth century.

Vikings are known for being great sailors, great warriors, and finding death on their way to Valhalla, but with their many modern portrayals in movies, television, and video games, ancient Norse mythology and culture have been romanticized. So, if you were expecting to see here what you’ve already seen in TV series VikingsAnd The last kingdom or Vikings: ValhallaFor example, I’m sorry to inform you, but these products, in comparison with The North Man, look like a kid’s joke.

Everything in the production is unique and noteworthy, but it is impossible to mention everything.

soundtrack created by Robin Carolan And Sebastian Gainsborough It’s something that seems paradoxical and outdated, as you hear elements like wind, rain, mud, and fire to create the atmosphere of the movie; In addition to the sounds of nature, the sounds of Viking Age instruments complement a mixture of hypnotic, uplifting, seductive, and often resonant.

Led photography is also worth noting Yarine without a doubt; With a mostly gray palette, the choice of colors makes Amelith’s rage and revenge so strong that it bypasses his body and fills the entire palette. This action gives weight, pain, and sadness, along with Alexander Skarsgård’s animalistic soundtrack and performance, make The Man in the North not just one of many revenge films.

Speaking of Skarsgård’s representation, Amleth is brutal, visceral and historically accurate ragtag/ulfhednar. From the pre-fight rituals with warriors entering a kind of ecstasy as they release their animal spirits (usually bears, wolves and even wild boars), to the fight itself bare-chested, ax in hand. seax At hand, but without both weapons available, the Vikings attack in their animal state even to the teeth and nails. It is equally terrifying and mesmerizing.

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As important as the cultural details are, the supernatural is just as realistic as every day in this movie – because it was so for them. And OdinAnd FreyaAnd Fenrirat Valkyriesat NornsAnd ValhallaAnd CardamomAnd YggdrasilAnd Jotun No less important than any other and none of them is a presentation. It’s all there, whether you know it or not.

Robert Eggers relied on important people for this historical recreation, including Neil Priceprofessor of archeology and author of The Vikings: The Definitive History of the Peoples of the North, a precious historical account of the Viking Age; Terry Gunnell, Professor of Folklore at the University of Iceland; and the historian Johanna Catherine FrederickswaterauthorValkyrie: Women of the Vikings World(Valkiria: The Women of the Viking World) and authority in Viking epics and poetry.

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I’m an avid reader when it comes to the Viking Age, and that is probably why watching The Northern Man was such an extraordinary experience with such richness of detail in re-creating a culture that it had such a huge impact on other different cultures, but that leaves us with little to study it.

If you’re just looking for entertainment, The North Man might not be your best show and might be tiring; But if you’re looking to delve into the culture and myths of the Viking Age: indulge in!

The Man in the North is not a movie for fans. It is dense, hypnotic and brutal.

our observation

5.0 / 5.0

Watch the translated trailer:

man of the north Premiere on May 12th.

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