The cat the couple took returns to the arms of the teacher who can’t hold back the emotions: “Thank you for bringing me back to Mimi” | Santos and the region

to me g1, The couple reported that they believed the animal had been abandoned, due to the physical conditions observed. Mimi’s teachers in conversation with the report already said that Mimi is elderly and frail, a condition confirmed by the couple who had been with the cat last week.

The couple, who appeared in the video, did not want their identities to be revealed or the audio of the conversation to have been released. However, the woman said g 1 That they both took the cat for fear that someone would run over it or attack it by another animal.

I was suffering from severe malnutrition and dehydration. We can feel every bone. Her face was sore, she was infested with fleas and mites, completely dirty. She came to us rubbing herself and asking for affection,” said the woman who, after returning the animal, was invited to be Mimi’s godmother with her partner.

The young woman told the report that her intention was to find cat tutors, and she even shared pictures of the meme on lost animal search sites. Another concern was getting her “good treatment” with a vet.

“We took her to the vet on the 8th. We found out that she had several serious illnesses, such as dental and lung infections, and her pancreas was pretty well destroyed.

Mimi has been in the couple’s care for about a week. According to the young woman, the cat was not afraid and behaved in an affectionate manner.

The couple was contacted by teachers on Friday (13). Young people were found through CCTV images, they ordered in houses close to their place of residence.

“On the same day we brought the cat back. The affection they have for the cat is evident. [tutores]. “All the prescriptions and medicines were given to the teachers, who were paying the price, but we didn’t want that,” the young woman said.

A cat in the lap of the teacher at the time of the reunion – Photo: personal archive

According to her, the family thanked them for their patronage and invited the couple to be Mimi’s godfather. “Our idea is to keep in touch with them to find out about her condition, if she is stronger. We have a lot of affection for her. We believe the medicines will strengthen her, and she will be able to live for many years,” concluded the young woman.

A family from Praia Grande, located on the coast of São Paulo, spent days searching for the cat known as Mimi, who is very old and taken by a couple. Security cameras captured the moment a man and woman grabbed the animal. Despite the dire situation, Mimi’s teacher didn’t think it was an “evil” act.

The case took place on Saturday (7), around 2 pm, in Rua Marechal Yurico Gaspar Dutra, in the Canto do Forte neighborhood, in Praia Grande. to me g 1Gustavo Pacheco Vega, the son of an elderly couple who adopted the cat six years ago, explained that Mimi rarely stays on the sidewalk, but manages to get out through the bars of the house and always waits for the owners. return.

Mimi is old and exhausted. She has lived with her family in Praia Grande since 2016, when it was abandoned at the door of the house – Photo: Personal Archive

“That day my parents left home for lunch. She was on the sidewalk and there she was waiting for them,” says Vega, who was in São Paulo when the cat was taken.

After checking the neighbors’ security camera footage, he noticed two people carrying the animal. “On Monday, I got off at Sierra and was able to identify these two young men with our cat in their arms,” ​​he said.

With the help of some residents, he was able to follow the couple’s movement to Rua Bahia, towards Boqueirão. “They must have thought it was abandoned. I don’t think they stole it out of malice. But I thought it didn’t make sense, because the cat was on the sidewalk in front of the gate. It wasn’t on a plot of land,” Veiga says.

Mimi is elderly and frail and has been living with her family since 2016, when she was abandoned on their doorstep. Photo: personal archive

The cat is called Mimi, and she is old and weak and has lived with her family since 2016, when she was abandoned on her doorstep. “This cat was actually abandoned here at home in 2015, with a tiny house and everything. At that time we welcomed her with love. And now, for the second time, my house swap.”

The cat keeps the parent company of Gustavo, who is also an elderly woman. “My mother puts two chairs, sits in one and the cat in the other, and continues to feed her. The cat limps and eats a lot and even at night vomits a lot. My mother got a ‘nice’ gift on Mother’s Day, she cried all day.”

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