Technology of the future: the eternal battery has come to revolutionize the electric car market

Electric car charging
New technology developed by a startup company could make electric cars more accessible and popular in the coming years. Photo: Pexels

It is normal for the consumer to worry about the costs of owning a combustion car when the most news you hear about Diesel price increase by 8.9% or on continued increases in the price of alcohol and gasoline.

Moreover, it is known that Fossil fuels It is harmful to the environment and is a non-renewable source of energy, that is, one day it will run out. For this reason, companies and researchers around the world are looking for different alternatives to replace the global energy matrix with renewable and less polluting sources.

The era of petrol, gas, diesel and alcohol cars will definitely endThe phrase he said Jojo WashmanCIO of Vitreo, one of the most experienced technology investment platforms in Brazil.

At first, the phrase may seem poignant, however, if viewed from a long-term perspective, it is more of a natural path. Many tech companies are already operating so that, in the very near future, Cleaner sources of energy It can replace fossil fuels.

In this sense, the widespread use of electrical energy is a major step towards not relying on petroleum derivatives anymore. When it comes to mobility, electric cars are the bigger bet, so much so that the world’s most valuable automaker today is Tesla, which specializes specifically in electric car.

Current Electric Vehicles Vs. Costs and benefits

The first electric car was produced more than 20 years ago. However, the market share of electric cars sold is still about 2% of the total. This happens mainly for two reasons:

  • low autonomy of current batteries, which need to be recharged at all times;
  • High prices for batteries and vehicles.

Current batteries, although they revolutionized the market a few years ago and have worked very well so far, have been putting up with some controversies for some time, including the fact that they are highly flammable and the fact that they take a long time to reach a charge. perfect.

But what is the bet on the future?

This reality has changed due to the new technology called everlasting battery. It has a solid and compact core, which allows for greater autonomy, shorter charging time and does not present the risk of accidents due to explosions, precisely because it is solid and has a greater electrical conductivity.

This is expected to be The great revolution in the complete production of electrical equipmentnot only in the field of cars, but also in mobile phones, watches, and, basically, everything based on the use of batteries.

Can you imagine getting a cell phone with a battery that lasts several days without recharging? Does it sound like a dream? Yes, but that may be possible with Eternal Battery technology.

As for the price, the estimate is that this new technology will halve the value of batteries, which will automatically be reflected in the price of electrical products on the market.

At the moment, few details have been released about the results achieved. And rightly so, because who – which It is a technology that came to revolutionize the market. The eternal battery is protected by several different patents and no one knows exactly how it is made, except for the scientists responsible for the whole process.

Understand the reasons why this market will grow so much in the coming years

This technology promises to be a turning point in two major areas: the automobile industry and the fossil fuel industry. For this reason, big names such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg are already investing in this technology, they believe. It could be the major turning point for electric vehicles in the coming years.

Even major fuel distributors are investing in and buying electric vehicle charging station networks.

It is estimated that there will be at least 1500% growth in the next four years in the electric vehicle market. According to Stanford University data, Using an electric car can be up to 90% cheaper than using a fuel-powered vehicle on a regular basis, as it will require lower repair and maintenance costs. This will become more evident as the Eternal Battery reaches the market.

Future prospects: replacing fossil fuels

Looking to the future and what lies ahead, the development of renewable energy sources and the slowdown in the use of fossil fuels are already the best alternatives for those who want a more sustainable and economic future.

Several countries, such as France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, have publicly announced that the future plans for 20 years from now are to ban fossil fuel vehicles and adopt more viable and cleaner alternatives.

Even the United States has announced that the White House has plans to convert its entire federal fleet, consisting of about 600,000 cars and trucks, to electric vehicles. This, in fact, is a bet for the future to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

This revolution is already happening. The growth prospects for this industry are huge over the next few years – and you can take advantage of a unique opportunity to profit a lot from the strong companies in this sector.

To better understand the prospects of the clean energy market and the possibilities of making a lot of money through innovations in the industry, access the full article on the topic below.

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