SUIPA celebrates 79 years of existence and resistance

Written by Diana Pace

When you reach the door Union Association for the Protection of Animals (SUIPA) Barking could already be heard. Palmerina aims to welcome visitors with enthusiasm, and the little dog is a great example of the importance of the entity in the fight for animals. The dog was to be abandoned at the door soiba With signs of physical violence and the amputation of one of the legs. Palmerina quickly recovered and charmed everyone with his perseverance, becoming the talisman of the place. Despite her sad past, the little dog turned around and showed how happy she was to be able to live in safety, engaging everyone in her playful way.

When you enter the place, you can see how everyone works. It’s easy to see the love for animals from the secretary to the director. Reciprocity is also seen, as shelter animals are also comfortable in the company of those who take care of themselves. In kennels, for example, dogs bark and jump, wanting to attract the attention of veterinarians to play. In the cat suite, cats purr for affection. However, both species are waiting for the day when they will finally have a new opportunity to be part of a family.

So that all of these pets get a new chance to be loved and occupy a new home, SUIPA campaigns that encourage conscious adoption. with the campaign Adopt a needy muzzleDogs and cats are taken by SUIPA to a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, different for each event, and then they are given the opportunity to delight their future teachers. Anyone interested in the animal undergoes an interview with local officials to better understand whether or not they can adapt a pet into their life.

We talk, and we want to understand why this person would want to adopt an animal, and try to fit a pet profile into that person’s life.‘, he explains Silvia RochaSocial Director of soiba.

The desire to take care of animal life is so great that soiba It also has veterinary assistance on its premises. Many services are offered at popular prices for low-income residents, such as castration. Veterinarians try to explain the procedures to the teachers calmly and gently, making the responsible person and the animal able to trust what is being done. Everything on the site is done with a lot of love and patience.

Although the foundation is associated by the public with the care and rescue of dogs and cats, soiba It also has a variety of animal species under its care. according to Marcelo MatosAnimals site manager like pigsAnd horsesAnd goat And cows They were rescued and began to live a better life in a place cared for by the association.

The big animals in our shelter are just like the little ones. It’s a life that needs veterinary care, small or big it makes no differenceMatos said.

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To maintain soiba The organization works and fights for the animals, and the organization receives help from its members. Marcelo emphasizes that the association is private and does not receive assistance from public bodies to work. “Those who fund SUIPA are members who contribute what they can and when they can‘ says the director.

Soiba is going through a terrible financial crisis“, complete.

To make a one-time donation to the association, you can click here And choose if you want to donate by bank transfer, bank voucher, pix and the like. To join and help monthly with an amount, click here and registration. The enterprise also has virtual store In the case of selling products, the amount is used to cover monthly costs such as medication, refunds and the like.

At the end of the visit, it is easy to understand why the association has passed 70 years of existence and resistance. Having finished last April 27, exactly 79 years ago, the foundation celebrates its history of fighting for animals. The Foundation is a reference when it comes to rescuing abandoned animals, helping thousands annually, but it can also be a reference in the way you care for a friend. headquarters soiba It is located in Av. Dom Helder Camara, 1801, Benfica. Zip Code: 20.973-011 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

You adopt an animal, don’t buy it. And if possible, help soiba Or the institution closest to your home, there are many homeless animals that need care, affection, and a family. Adoption is an act of responsibility towards another life.

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