Prediction: Novorizontino x Sport – for Campeonato Brasileiro Série B.

Novorizontino – Draw – Sport Recife

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Information and tips for the Novresentino sports match

In a duel you can put sportsalbeit temporarily, at the top of the leaderboard in Brazilian Championship Second Division, face the lion Nofrizontino In this Tuesday 17 May. The match starts from the agenda Eighth round Give 2nd Division from Brazil In its 2022 season. It will be held in Jorge Ismail de Biasi Stadium, in Novo Horiont. The start date of the match has been set 21:30 (Brazilian time).

How does the 2022 Brasileirão Serie B tournament work?

Access section of the Brazilian Championship, the second division has 20 participants. they argue 38 rounds turn and back (round trip). In the end, the four teams Whoever collects the most points wins the right to compete in the Italian Serie A Next year. you four worst in the leaderboard Relegated to the third division3rd Division from Brazil.

Where do you watch on TV? – Série B television rights for the Brazilian Championship go back to Grupo Globo, making the tournament available through its own subscription channel sports through Premier FC, in a pay-per-view system. You need to check the schedule to see what games will be broadcast and what times.
Where do you watch for betting? – Houses like Betfair and Betway Advertise your live broadcast of Campeonato Brasileiro Série B games. Checks are subject to restrictions such as account deposit requirement and betting to access the broadcasting segment. This varies according to the rules of the betting site.

The last performance of Novorizontino

Novorizontino changed course from water to wine. After going nearly six months without a win, he packed a three-stroke streak. The aurinegro team, which went through a lean period of 17 matches (six draws and 11 defeats), returned to celebrate victory on Friday, May 13. This time, outside of their domain. He scored 1-0 in Ponte Preta.

In the match, Macaka held the ball longer (58%). However, he found problems to overcome the defensive block of Orenegro. He created nine shooting opportunities, only two of which went in the right direction. Novorizontino has been more effective in turning possession into shooting opportunities. There were 12, half of them on goal. He put the ball into the net in the 34th minute from a penalty kick covered by Ronaldo. In the 43rd minute, he got another penalty kick in his favour. However, it was wasted by Romario.

The first two wins of the series took place in Novo Horizonte against CRB (3-1) and Ituano (2-1). With the score in Moisés Lucarelli, he jumped to 12 points (seven wins, three draws and one defeat). The G4 team came close, however, it still was unable to enter the area that would allow access to the elite division of national football. As the home team, he contested nine points and won six points (two wins and one defeat). He scored five goals and the defense squadron the same number of times. Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Paulinho, Lucas Mendes and Adriano, in the process of recovering from the injury, must undergo a new assessment that will determine whether they will be able to be present to face the sport.

Possible lineup for Novorizontino

In order to know the lineup for this match? Check out the game lineup as it becomes available in the table below:

Novorezontino this season

The current form of the sport

Schalke 04 Bundesliga shirt

The sport also had on Friday, May 13th, its commitment to the seventh round of the Brazilian Serie B Championship. Even while playing in the Arena Condá, he beat Chapecoense with a score of 1 to 0. He scored in the 13th minute of the opening stage via Luciano Juba, then just tried to manage the advantage that was built. In addition to the shot that generated the goal, Red and Black scored only one more shot throughout the match in nine opportunities that were developed to finish.

Xavi, who has had the ball 55% of the time, created more than double his shot chances. There were 19. However, the number of shots on goal was the same. With six shots blocked and 11 out, goalkeeper Maelson only had to make two saves to stop his net from swinging. Leão, with two goals conceded, has the least leaked defense of the Second Division in the Brazilian Championship.

Upon reaching 14 points (four wins, two draws, and one defeat), he took over the position of detached championship vice-leader. Two points less than Cruzeiro, the leader. If he wins on Tuesday, he will be top of the leaderboard, even if provisionally, because Raposa’s match in the eighth round is scheduled for Sunday, May 22, in Mineirao, against Sampaio Correia. As a visitor, Sport played 12 points and won 5 points (one win, two draws and one defeat). He scored two goals and conceded the same number of goals.

Potential sports lineup

In order to know the lineup for this match? Check out the game lineup as it becomes available in the table below:

Sports this season

Statistics for both teams

Prediction and final prediction for the match Nofrizontino vs Sports:

Facing a very consistent sport, Novorizontino has the parity prediction, a prediction indicated in Tuesday’s showdown for the eighth round of Brazil’s Serie B Championship in its 2022 season.

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