Pet Shop is setting an example by letting water and food leave the electrolytes

A good example in Campo Grande: a pet store that moves a lot of people by helping the strays.

A pet store located in the Aero Rancho neighborhood, south of Campo Grande, decided to do its part to alleviate the problem of strays. Owners put fresh water and dog and cat food on the sidewalk in front of the pet store and feed dozens of animals every day.

Internet user Marcio Celestino, who lives in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, recorded the good deed. The video was posted on social media praising the pet store’s initiative. Thousands of Facebook and Instagram users reacted instantly, supporting the idea.

A pet store that provides water and feed for street animals


The author of the publication wrote:

“I would like to congratulate the owner of this company located in the Roa Da area. Well, the picture speaks for itself. It is very nice to see this gesture with stray animals: putting water and food is a good example. I hope other traders will follow suit, the animals will thank you.”

Karla Azuaga was one of the first to comment on the pet shop gesture:

“Honorable position, because animals are also hungry and were not born on the streets. Once upon a time, they also had owners who abandoned them.”

A pet store that provides water and feed for street animals

Within a few minutes, dozens of social media users reported other cases of stores in Campo Grande – not just pet stores – providing water and food for dogs and cats abandoned on the streets. Of course, they all deserve to stand out.

The “Where to go in Campo Grande” page also agreed to provide water and food for stray animals. The page acts as a city guide, showing tourist attractions, business establishments, public services, etc.

how can I help

In addition to this pet store in Campo Grande, many institutions and individuals, both in Brazil and in the world, have developed some procedures for the benefit of stray cats and dogs. In addition to providing food, there are places where the animals can rest, play, etc.

As netizen Karla said, animals are not born on the streets, they are only thrown into them, when the teachers decide they don’t want to keep them or they can’t keep them anymore. Everyone can have good reasons, but finding a new home or introducing a pet to a shelter would be dignified situations.

About 75 million dogs and cats live in Brazil. It is estimated that 10% of them live on the streets and 70% are semi-domesticated, meaning they have a home but spend part of the day outside due to lack of information or even neglect.

The best way to help an abandoned animal is to get it off the street. It is preferable that everyone who can adopt dogs and cats, whether they are homeless or residing in public and private sanatoriums.

A pet store that provides water and feed for street animals

However, not everyone can take a pet into the house, depending on the characteristics of life. However, it is possible to help them. Giving food and medicine donations to NGOs that promote animal welfare is one possibility. Donations can be made online or with a short visit to kennels and kennels.

Visiting shelters is another way. Most protected animals spend most of the day in cramped cages or booths, with no one to supervise play and other activities. Afternoons at the orphanage are an enjoyable form of recreation and are very beneficial for the emotional health of teachers.

The regulation of feeders and drinkers is also within the reach of almost everyone. It is essential to check for potential legal hindrances, but only install one PVC pipe with clean water and one with food and furry meals guaranteed.

The ideal is to organize groups to stabilize feeders and drinkers. Members can take turns replenishing feed and water, checking equipment, making any repairs, etc. In this way, the animals do not “watch the ships” in the event that food cannot be eaten one day or another.

Even simple positions can help. Those browsing social networks can share posts from homeless shelter and adoption organizations. It is important to do some initial basic research to ensure that the site is appropriate.

The same goes for lost animal ads. Especially among dogs, many owners run away during their daily walks and cannot find their way back home. With one click, the Internet user increases the chances of reunion.

Dog and cat adoption fairs, vaccination and spay campaigns, or fundraising for stray animals also deserve publicity. If it is not possible to cooperate, the promotion of events helps to increase the values ​​obtained.

Finally, it is possible to move to community adoption. In this method, several neighbors or co-workers are responsible for one or more stray animals: they provide food, shelter, toys and, when necessary, share the expenses with the vet.

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