Pet friendly shop in one of Lisbon’s most typical neighborhood

Wetheknot: a pet-friendly boutique in one of Lisbon’s most typical neighborhood

You can take your dog and buy clothes that are made to last for years. The shop is located in Alfama, one of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhoods.

New place in Alfama that allows pets.

After more than a decade of country glamour with ultra-chic pieces, the simplicity of national brand Withknot is making a space of its own. The store opened at the end of 2021, in Alfama, by the duo behind the company. Sérgio Gameiro, a fashion designer, and Filipe Cardigos, a graphic designer in the space who changed the commercial landscape of the Historic District, joined in.

In addition to online sales, the duo has already been sold in a joint physical store in Bairro Alto. However, the dream was to open their own site to “communicate the brand in a real way” and without compromise. They were able to fulfill their wish at the end of 2021, with the opening of the pet-friendly store in one of the most famous and typical neighborhoods of the capital.

“We have been looking for a store for two years. When we saw the space on this street, we thought our brand characteristics would make it ours,” explains Sergio. They wanted a place with lots of people moving around, but they also filled in a gap in the area: “Reactions from people who live here are positive because in the midst of so many souvenir shops selling the same things, a small clothing space is not uncommon.”

In this new space, you will find the signature pieces of the slow fashion philosophy. Characterized by aesthetic simplicity, simplicity and timelessness, they produce clothes with very soft fabrics. At the same time, they are “so small because we want people, when they buy a piece from us, to have it for as long as possible” and with a design that can be used within a few years.

The store is about 30 square meters, which is a small size, presenting a neutral and modern image. They didn’t want the space to be too crowded, so that articles “breathe” and people could look in. The creators took care of the works and turned the small establishment into a gallery: “It has a very simple look, in neutral colours, with all the furniture and structure in cooler, industrial materials that contrast with our warm pieces.”

Waitknot History

The project appeared in 2010 in a very organic way. The two co-founders met in Porto, just after graduating from college, and it all started with a challenge proposed by Felipe, now 38. He collected damaged awnings from the street, dismantled them, and removed the tarps. One day, a full suitcase showed up and challenged me to do something with the material,” says 34-year-old NiT Sérgio.

They developed the first collection with ten men’s swimwear, in which the raw material was waterproof and lightweight. The use of a repurposed material in an ingenious manner aroused a lot of interest. However, according to the fashion designer, “the market is not yet ready for this type of product” and they are betting on purchased fabrics, but always with sustainability in mind.

At the initial stage, they distinguished themselves by their accessories, specifically wallets, and progressed naturally. Clothing items are beginning to appear, made from sustainable raw materials on the national soil. Currently, more than half of the production is carried out in a studio located in Muraria, in collaboration with fashion designer Sohail Fahoura. The other half was made by Dona Manuela, collaborator of Vila Nova de Famalicão.

More than just sustainable fashion production, it is in human relations that the project finds its DNA core. In this collaboration with local artists, Withnot’s pure aesthetic is a reflection of the creators’ care in having a space where everyone is welcomed with open arms.

In addition to being able to visit the store at No. 41 in R. de São João da Praça, you can learn about the brand’s presentation on the website. Click the gallery to see some pieces from the Wetheknot catalog.

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