Next to Nelcinio, Isadora prepares everything and gets arrested

Published on 05/16/2022 06:01

    (Credit: Globo/Estevam Avellar)

(Credit: Globo/Estevam Avellar)

The arrival of Nilsenio (Johnny Massaro) will change his plot behind the illusion. The boy is an example of what freedom is and makes Isadora (Larissa Manuela) crazy for living it. Next to him and his friends, the young lady will be ready all week.

Initially, she ran away from the farm, where Matthias (Antonio Caloni) locked her inside the room for what she had done last week. After getting rid of her father, she goes to the house of Eugênio (Marcello Novaes), where her new friends celebrate Christmas.

After the party, they go out on their motorbikes and do a lot of mischief until the police arrive and take them all – including Isadora – to the police station.

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(Source: TV Globo)

Isadora talking about Joachim and Raphael to Nelcinio. Constantino asks for Margo’s help. Nelcinio invites Isadora to participate in a charity contest. Joachim, Duffy and Arminda warn Violetta that Isadora and Nilcino are approaching. Margo hints at Francisco. Joachim confronts Nelsenio. Leopoldo offers to help Inacio to stay with Arminda. Davi tries to get close to Isadora. Eugenio and Violetta worry about an outbreak of malaria. Heliosa helps Olivia with Fatima. Augusta takes care of Abilio. Nelcinio assured Tavitto that he would seduce Isadora. Joachim and Davy team up against Nilsenio.

the third
Arminda announces competition on radio. Leopoldo begins his training with Inácio. Joachim considers sabotaging the gym, and Davy opposes him. Ursula tries to convince Jolene to move the Christmas party home. Isadora is upset by the comment on Rafael and Yolanda, and Joachim is taking advantage of the situation. Emília accepts Enrico’s proposal. Silvana tears up the letters Leticia sent to Pinto. Nelsenio discovers that Joachim hurt him at the gym. Olivia despairs when she sees Tenorio sick. David scolds Yolanda for forcing him into married life. Arminda asks Isadora about her feelings for Nelcinio. Nelsenio and his gang Joachim corner.

the fourth
David saves Joachim. Heliosa comforts Olivia. Fatima disguises herself when Olivia asks her what secrets she is hiding. Violetta says she will separate Isadora from Nelcinio. Ursula and Margo invade Constantino’s house. Leopoldo changes the appearance of Inácio. Silvana declares herself bento. Violetta fears that Matias will discover Isadora’s involvement with Nelcinio. Isadora is satisfied with Nelsinho, who is trying to manipulate the situation. Arminda does not recognize Inácio and is pleased with her new look. Joachim tells Matthias about Isadora and the judge chases after his daughter in Giovanna’s bar.

Matthias locks Isadora in the room. Leopoldo has an idea for Inacio to conquer Arminda. Enrico and Emilia blow up the casino. Violetta tries to stop Matthias from keeping Isadora trapped. Julinha brings the Christmas party to Eugênio’s house. Mariana sees Arminda riding a bike with Inacio, but she doesn’t recognize him either. Penny complains about Olivia’s proximity to Heloisa. Tenorio kisses Olivia feeling sleepy. Duffy helps Isadora, who decides to flee the farm.

Tenorio apologizes to Olivia. Mariana told Jolinha that she saw Arminda on a stranger’s motorcycle. Inácio kisses Arminda, and Jolene catches them, not recognizing the young man. Violetta discovers Isadora’s escape and despair. Matthias is sick. Isadora argues with Joaquim and leaves Eugênio’s house. Jolene gets angry when she sees Margo arrive for the birthday party. Ursula announces herself to Eugenio. Isadora kisses Nelsinho in front of Joaquim and Davi. Violetta encourages Eugenio to get closer to Ursula. Lorenzo reveals to Giovanna that Pinto is alive. Eugenio sleeps with Ursula. Yolanda seduces David. Tenório decided to go back to school.

David regrets his involvement with Yolanda. Isadora does not allow Nelsenio to get close to her. Eugenio decides to stay with Ursula. Isadora returns to Arminda’s house. Francisco and Margo kiss. Benny and Fatma criticize Olivia because of Tenório. Ursula tells Joachim that she and Eugenio are together. Isadora decided to go out with Nelsinho, and Arminda issued an alert to Rafael. Isadora breaks an ice cream shop window with the Nelsinho gang. Abilio asks Augusta to marry him. Ursula tells Violetta that she is with Eugenio. The delegate arrests the gang of Isadora and Nilcinio.

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