Netflix releases this week (May 16-22)

It’s time to stay on top of Netflix’s hottest releases this week!

From May 16 to 22, numerous films, series, documentaries, anime and stand-ups arrive in the Netflix catalog, with productions to suit all tastes and ages.

One of the most anticipated premieres is the third season of Quem Matou Sara? , the thriller series that has been on the air since 2021 and is one of the great audience successes of the streaming platform.

Check out the Netflix releases below:

The Two Irenes – May 16

A shy young woman discovers a shocking secret: her father has a second family and a daughter of the same name.

Vampire in the Garden – May 16

Despite their deadly enmity, a human girl and a vampire queen set out in search of a paradise where both species coexist in peace.

Barbie: Princess School – May 16

Blair Willows is pleased to start school at The Princess School. There, she meets Delancey and Hadley and searches for a magical crown.

Barbie Spy Squad – May 16

Barbie and her best friends become secret agents and use their gym skills to solve gem theft.

A second chance for love – May 17

Despite her work as an elf, Kate does not see the slightest fun at Christmas. Until she meets Tom, who brings magic and love back into her life.

The cold front that rain brings – May 17

A group of playboys throws a party in the community and must face the locals who arrive uninvited.

Not in text – May 17

In this reality show, strangers meet and get a diary with the scenario of their own love story. Who will really fall in love?

Catt Williams: World War III – May 17

Kat Williams mocks the concept of truth and lies, the scarcity of chicken wings and the war on drugs in this hilarious special shot in Las Vegas.

Servant of the People – Movie – May 17

The President joins the former Prime Minister to stabilize the economy and confront the oligarchy that controls the country from behind the scenes. Starring Volodymyr Zelensky.

Who killed Sarah? Season 3 – May 18

Last season, enemies became allies and the truth finally emerged. But Alex has become obsessed with a new puzzle: What happened to Sarah?

Al Manara – May 18

In the 1890s, a lighthouse keeper began to suspect that his fellow veteran was insane. But he also has his own secrets.

Killer Instinct – May 18

To investigate the mysterious death of his kidney, a man on parole heads to a remote island, where he is forced to confront his dark past.

Tuscany – May 18

A Danish chef goes to Tuscany to sell the goods he inherited from his father, but meets an inspiring woman who makes him rethink life and love.

Cyber ​​Hell – May 18

A network of online chat rooms filled with sexual crimes. It took courage and perseverance to finish it.

Love on the Spectrum: USA – May 18

In this romantic documentary series, autistic people search for love and grapple with the dynamic world of dating and relationships.

Sailor Moon S: Season 1 – May 18

Guardians resume their normal school life, but Rey’s dream portends a terrible threat.

Sailor Moon S: Season 2 – May 18

When Sailor Pluto, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Neptune unite, Sailor Moon gains new powers and transforms into a Super Sailor Moon.

Rodrigo Santana: I’m here! – May 19

After the success of A Sogra que te Pariu, Rodrigo Sant’Anna debuted his first stop on Netflix, telling his track and introducing new characters like Tinho, Cherry Tomato, Mãe na Pandemia, Mulher do Site de Busca and Peru de Natal.

The Photographer and the Postman: The Crime That Stopped Argentina – May 19

This documentary investigates the murder of photojournalist Jose Luis Cabezas, a crime that shocked Argentina and exposed a political and financial conspiracy.

Boss Baby: Back to the Cradle – May 19

As an adult, it was Ted Templeton Jr. He uses Tina’s magic formula to transform back into Bossie. But returning to Baby Corp won’t be a child’s play.

Perfect Match – May 19

To win a client, ambitious Lola travels from Los Angeles to a farm in Australia, where she becomes interested in an interesting country man.

Adam Conover: Is politics discussed? – May 19

Like it or not, government plays a crucial role in our lives. Adam Conover explores the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and learns what we can do to change them.

Insiders – May 19

Twelve people think they are involved in the final selection of a reality show, but in reality, they are being filmed without knowing it. Prize: 100 thousand euros.

Love, Death and Robots: Volume 3 – May 20

Worlds of evil, violence, and puzzles await in Season 3 of the Emmy-winning animated anthology. Directed by Tim Miller and David Fincher.

Screw the love again! – May 20

In this romantic comedy, friends have problems in love and exchange advice. But of course things don’t always go according to plan.

Delivery – May 20

The granddaughter of a war veteran is a victim of drug dealers in his neighborhood. Indignation, grandfather does not measure efforts to ensure justice.

Jackass 4.5 – 20 May

Follow the Jackass crew and their whimsical style in bold scenes like never before.

The next guest rejects the introduction: Season 4 – May 20

In this monthly show, TV legend David Letterman interviews interesting global figures and visits places that have a story to tell.

Love & Other Dramas – May 21

Love is bittersweet and life is full of ups and downs. These are the stories of people who live and work on the bustling island of Jeju.

1 second – May 22

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, a man escapes from a forced labor camp in search of a movie with a picture of his daughter.

One Piece – May 22

With the battle for control of Alabasta over, Luffy and the crew prepare for new and dangerous adventures on the famous Great Road.

Premiere dates are subject to change.

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