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Pindamonhangaba City Hall, on May 12, promoted the launch of compact cameras to CSI – the Center for Integrated Security – and the Smart Enterprise Program. The operation took place in the municipal lecture hall, which received consultants and businessmen from various sectors.

The Assistant Secretary of Administration in charge of Technology and Innovation at City Hall, Danilo Velloso, explained the significant transformation that Pindamonhangaba has undergone in recent years, in search of becoming a smart city, not only certified, but fundamentally enabled. “We seek to make services more efficient, get robust results, and improve our indicators. We want to expand this and have a digital city, where every person, every entrepreneur, every investor can access efficient, modern and humane services,” he said.

Penda City Council – Photo: Penda City Council

With regard to CSI’s built-in cameras, Danillo Velloso explained that donating or allocating the cameras to the municipality would allow the city’s surveillance to be expanded in public security. “Today we have about 1,400 connected cameras, and more than 2,000 sensors, which detect vehicle license plates, people’s shirt colour, and read face and behaviour. With private sector support, we can augment these numbers and connect the entire city, allowing for expansion and improvements in public safety and the public safety system. integrated technology.

He explained that entrepreneurs who adopt the system will be able, for example, to use the seal in their organizations and associate images with CSI, enabling real-time monitoring and ensuring greater security for property and people. “Any suspicious activity or event will be investigated at the same time, and we will be able to work in the field of combat and prevention, with the support of the Municipal Guard and the Military Police.”

Another point was the implementation of smart projects. With a modern and connected city, it is possible to create projects that meet all the necessary requirements for quality of life.

Minister of Works and Planning Marcella Franco emphasized that “the smart city represents, among many possibilities, connectivity, a characteristic that leads to integration”.

According to her, with this connection and integration concept, the municipality intends to enable the implementation of smart projects. The idea is to propose the creation of smart, integrated and efficient subsections. In this way, when the districts were designed, the locations of bus stops, commercial points, schools and public services were already planned. And we can integrate this information, creating areas with complete infrastructure, that meet the needs of the residents, thus valuing real estate and making the quality of life better.”

She noted the possibility of creating a green IPTU, with useful programs for smart, sustainable and innovative construction, allowing points to be added for those who create areas and properties with these concepts.

Mayor Dr. Ezel Dominguez emphasized the human side that cities need. We must combine technology and humanization, allowing the city to grow with quality, in order to have a vision for the future. Allow data and information to be used for the benefit of entrepreneurs for the orderly and sustainable growth of Pinda. Thank you all for your partnership, commitment and work for the city. We have a city council that is seeking dialogue with the Chamber and is open to new proposals. With this in mind, we will act, always striving for the best solutions for the city and residents.”

The ceremony was attended by several secretaries, including Public Security, Fabricio Pereira, Mayor, Jose Carlos Gómez-Cal, Advisers Julino Carr, Norberto, Hrivelto Villa, Magrao and Gelson Nagrin, as well as Captain Prime Minister Lucimir Jeronimo and Chief Delegate Renata. Costellas.

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