Money can help, but it doesn’t guarantee cups in football – Jaeci Carvalho

Jorge Jesus, formerly
Coach Jorge Jesus offered himself to Flamengo and gave until May 20 to settle the new relationship (Photo: Patricia de Mello Moreira/AFP)

Flamengo is mired in a major technical crisis, which includes the bad stage of many players, the lack of a reliable goalkeeper and the poor work of Portuguese coach Paulo Sousa. It’s worth remembering that not every Patricio is a great coach.

I remember Souza as a player, and he played a lot. As a coach, he has neither history nor history of coaching the Reds and the Lions. When he climbs to the right, he misses substitutions and ends up compromising the team, as he did in a draw with Cear, in Hugo’s stark failure in Ceará’s second goal. If Flamengo sign veteran Santos, who was from Atletico PR, why is he in the starting lineup?

A recent economic statement showed that Flamingo is financially balanced, with revenues of 1 billion Rls and a monthly salary of 35 million Rls. For Brazilian priests, a rich team, but very poorly managed in football.

Oddly enough, managers like to show up for the good times, give interviews, smile, and are always accessible. A bad stage is enough for them to disappear from the map to confront journalists who put their fingers on the wound and show the mistakes they made.

The appointment of Paulo Sousa was a mistake by the absurd advisor Marcus Braz. He disappeared from the map. He doesn’t like the huge mistake he made.

Note that money does not mean good titles or placements. Flamengo, with all its millionaire squad and famous players, occupy the last positions of the Brazilian, falling off the tables. Fans are dreaming of the return of Jorge Jesus, who introduced himself last week, with the deadline set to 20 for the agreement.

I don’t doubt if he’s charting in the next few hours as the new coach of the Negro Robro with the sacking of Paulo Sousa. In Brazilian football, nothing surprises me anymore. Jesus, the most successful coach in the club’s history, has been chasing every coach hired.

The Rooster is in an excellent position in the fight for the trophy, while maintaining the expectations that have been created for him. However, he did not play that football last year, under the leadership of Kuka.

But, as well said young and competent commentator Edo Banzi, whom I follow only on social media, because I do not listen to the radio – except for Tobi, where I comment – “The fans want the same football that the team wants to play with Coca, because the coach is not Coca but the Turkish Mohamed, and each coach has his own style, and as much as he tries to preserve what the previous coach left behind, there are big differences.” Banzie covered in mind.

I also noticed a decline in black and white football production, but with all this, Gallo was among the indicators, in search of the goal, which is to win the Brazilian treble.

It’s also true that the championship was even on the bottom, very intertwined and I don’t think anyone would shoot. Being the one loses and wins to the end, and the rooster wins more than they lose, even if they don’t play well.

On Saturday, for example, they beat Atltico-GO and won the three points, touching Corinthians, in second place, with 12 points. Hulk smiled again as he scored one of the goals.

His presence in the Brazilian national team was discussed, but I already made it clear that, depending on the moment, he should be in the group. The best player in the country. However, the numbers in the Canary team are the worst.

In official matches, the World Cup, the Confederations Cup, America and the qualifiers, there is no single goal. Only 11 goals in friendly matches and one goal for the Olympic team, in the defeat in London in 2012, against Mexico. So against numbers there is no argument.

But if the coach uses consistency and momentum, the Hulk should be 9th.

Coming back to the money, Gallo is mired in debts exceeding R$1.3 billion. The starting price of the stadium is 500 million Brazilian riyals, and it is assumed that its price will reach 900 million Brazilian riyals. In this way, it will be difficult to make money to achieve financial balance, according to economists.

But with all these problems, the team works, wins matches, plays well or badly and emphasizes the feud over the cups.

The fan does not want to know how much he owes his team. He wants to know about the cups and if the stage is good, keep it that way. As long as someone is holding the bar, no problem. On-time payroll is essential to keeping the team in the hands, and as far as we know, there has been no shortage of paying professionals for this gesture.

Therefore, my friends, the financial balance gives stability and reassurance, but it does not guarantee a good campaign or cups either.

Flamengo, since 2021, have been fighting for a cup and can’t. Even with all the money, with all the structure and with all the “strength” of the team, which is considered the best in Brazil, with famous players.

Football boils down to ‘the ball in the house’. If you go in, it’s all fun. If it doesn’t, the problems are massive. The red lions live in their astral hell, which should only end if Jesus returns. Until then, it will be the ordeal that fans are going through, due to disturbing and ineffective performances.

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