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A simple prayer that contains a deep spiritual meaning that is worth rediscovering; says the priest

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In May, Pope Francis calls on Catholics from all over the world to pray the Holy Rosary daily. For peace. This simple prayer Born from the heart of the noble people About God and contains a deep spiritual meaning worth rediscovering.

Meditation on the mysteries of Jesus generates humility

According to Priest of the Congregation of the Beautiful Mother of God André Anselmo, the Rosary is a Christ-centered prayer, that is, Christ is at the center. Through the Holy Rosary, you contemplate the mysteries of Jesus’ life under the eyes of the Virgin Mary.

And he explained, “All the peace be upon you, Mary, as she contemplates the mystery of prayer, she contemplates the face of the Son Jesus with the eyes of her mother.”

The priest goes on to say that the rosary has always been the simplest and smallest prayer. However, this does not mean that it is a prayer exclusively for the poor and illiterate, but for all who wish to humble themselves before the presence of God.

“Greatest fruits through this simple prayer.” be humility and strengthThe The priest said that meditation, the ability to remain silent before the sacrament, and the recitation of all the peace be upon you, Mary, with love, generates in each of us a path of conversion.

Transformation weapon

Father Andrei reported that The tradition of São Domingos de Gusmão, sent by Pope Gregory IX (1227-1241), to convert Cathar heretics in France. During that moment, he received a visit from the Blessed Virgin, who offered him the Rosary as a weapon for the apostasy of heretics. Saint Dominic walked praying the Rosary and preaching the sound doctrine of faith.

The priest says that the Popes highly value and recommend the prayer of the Rosary, especially the last Popes, especially since the apparitions of Fatima (1917). In Fatima, Our Lady asked the young shepherds to pray the rosary every day.

How did the rosary originate?

The origin of the rosary, according to tradition, goes back to the custom of ancient monks, who recited their prayers with their fingers, pebbles or grains. In the Middle Ages (twelfth and twelfth centuries), believers used to pray several times.dads-Ours” or several “Hail Mary” in a row, when they could not recite 150 psalms.

This practice gradually grew and regulated, reaching its present form in the sixteenth century under Pope Saint Pius V (1566-1572), a Dominican. It was this ink who identified both the number “Our Father” and “Peace be upon you, Mary.” As the content of the puzzles that must accompany them.

Testimonials from the Rosary

My name is Catarina Salette Simويسes, from the Diocese of São Sebastião, Bassa Cuatro City (MG). I started praying the rosary since I was young because of my father. I always saw my father praying every day and everywhere, going to work, on lunch break, and then as a family, he taught us to love Our Lady and to be faithful to the daily rosary. He said he didn’t ask for much from us, just that we were faithful to the rosary. Since then I have carried this devotion with me, and I have not stopped praying the rosary every day.

The presence of Our Lady in my life is secret and tangible, and I feel that she is with me in the important decisions of my life. Even when it is difficult to stop praying because of the rush, I always carry the rosary and put myself before it and envision its appearance in my daily life.

I can say that by praying the rosary I came close to Jesus, because Mary leads us to her Son Jesus. I was brought up in my faith, and I could see in concrete everyday situations the mother was always present, guiding me, helping me make decisions, caring. Concretely, I see your care and your presence leading me.

Another witness is Vittoria Ferreira Guedes, Babini (MG), Parroquia Santa Maria. I am from a Catholic family, I was taught by my parents to pray the Rosary. I remember, as a child, that we always got together to pray the rosary together.

I have great affection for the Virgin Mary, especially under the title Nossa Senhora do Carmo. Therefore, through the rosary I know that I can unite my heart with Nossa Senhora do Carmo and offer with her my prayers and thanksgiving to God.

The rosary has many benefits in my daily life: When I am happy, peace be upon you Mary is a way of thanking God. When I do not understand a certain event, the rosary comforts me by trusting in the Lord, when I do not feel the desire to pray, the holy rosary is a remedy for my unbelief.

Among the many blessings I have received by meditating on the Rosary, I would like to highlight patience in waiting for God’s desires, because I often want to do everything in my time. Therefore, through the rosary, I place my sufferings and dreams in the hands of Mary and trust that she will carry my prayer to her Son, Jesus.

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