“It was a breath of fresh air”

Rui Duarte recalls the arrival of the current FC Porto coach to Olhanense.

FC Porto coach Sergio Conceicao has made progress on the “tactical and strategic component” since his debut off the bench, and paid tribute to former footballer and fellow professional Rui Duarte, who followed his first steps closely.

“Maybe there was very vertical football in the early days, but in recent years the very tactical aspect has evolved and become present in the team’s strategic issues.” 3-4-3″ by Robin Amorim [técnico do Sporting] With great efficiency or adapting to the typical tactical variation of the Champions League,” the former midfielder explained to Lusa Agency.

Former Portuguese international Sergio Conceicao won his third national title in his fifth season at the helm of FC Porto, a club that had previously won the Portuguese Cup and the Super Cup twice, in a total of 270 matches.

“It’s a great season for FC Porto and a very enjoyable one for their fans, with good football and practically a dominance in every game. There may have been more to do in European competitions, but he was clear in the press conferences in the same way. How he conveyed the message that he couldn’t He did more than that. The title was delivered well and the entire structure, including the coach and players, should be congratulated.”

The constant mutation between the “4-4-2”, “4-3-3” and “4-2-3-1” structures led Roy Duarte to believe that he had seen dragons throughout this period “more interested in executing according to the direction of development of the game and the teams” .

“Sergio Conceicao has already been at the helm of the team for five years and it is clear that he is growing. There are always new things to be added, because he was also risking getting into a moment of negativity, which could be bad later on. He thinks he was smart about offering things that add value. Physical, tactical and strategic for the team.”

The 43-year-old former midfielder recalls Sergio Conceicao’s tendencies as soon as he started his career as head coach at Olhanense, then in the I Liga, in January 2012, with a “clear goal” of “stabilizing and making an impact on results to get there”.

“All the preparation for the week was geared towards what would be found in the game. There was a lot of quality in the training. Everything was done in detail and with a very strong identity in each exercise. For me, it was like a breath of fresh air. The then club captain explained from Olhão.

Sergio Conceicao, who was 37 years old at the time, replaced the Mozambican Portuguese Daito Vaquera and made his debut with the Algarve with a defeat against Maritimo (1-2), in the 14th round of the first Spanish league, “settled” by goals from Tunisian Slim Ben Ashour and the Brazilian Danilo Dias against Rui Duarte from a penalty kick marked the “positive impact” in the technical transfer.

“The coach always wanted more and he also encouraged us to want more as a group and individually. The demand I had every game and week was incredible. There were no limits. Just to give an example: If we thought the demand was going to go after winning a game, it was just the opposite. Just that. And the demand was even greater,” he explains.

Olhannes finished 10th, with 14 points, three points off the relegation zone, but finished the season in eighth place with 39 points, while Coimbra’s coach, who was an assistant to Belgian Standard de Liege (2010/11), cemented ties at the bank.

From the current FC Porto coaching staff, assistants Vitor Bruno and Seramana Dembele and goalkeeper coach Diamantino Figueiredo accompanied Sergio Conceicao on the following stays at Academica (2013-2014), Sporting de Braga (2014/15), Vitoria de Guimarães (2015/2016), In French in Nantes (2016/17) and Porto (since 2017/18).

“From the beginning, they are people to trust. At first, Vitor Bruno wasn’t even number two. He started as a physical trainer and was comfortable with training and great knowledge of the game. He grew up and is now right Sergio – hand man. Conceição. Everyone loved him, because he was energetic Very firm, resolute and efficient,” he rolled back.

If Frenchman Serramana Dembele, with whom he shared the dressing room as a Liege player (2005/06 and 2006/2007), is “a person very interested in details and statistical issues”, then Diamantino Figueiredo “has a high level of knowledge and competence” in coaching the goal.

“I have my identity and I do not intend to imitate anyone, but Sergio Conceicao is clearly a reference. His efficiency is in the eyes of everyone. I am proud to have been trained by him. He brought me various things, which naturally passed by my side as a coach”, admitted Roy Duarte, who stopped Playing in 2014/15.

Sergio Conceicao, 47, could become the only coach in the history of FC Porto to repeat the “double”, if he wins the Portuguese Cup against Tondela, but the former midfielder, who left the helm in November 2021, Trovenese, from the second league, is planning trips Larger.

“Champions League? I think it’s an honest, real and achievable ambition in your head. If it was in Porto, everything is possible with that demand and focus, but the coaches’ lives are not all in the same club. A very strong connection to the club, knowing that he has accomplished his mission, I think he He wants to go to another challenge and is thinking of new possibilities to look forward to another type of title,” he said.

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