How Accenture Took Diversity From Speech Into Practice And Became Company of the Year – Época Negócios

In the following months, he received a series of advantages: the company organized a baby shower party, which guarantees the stock of diapers for a year and a half; A nurse visited him at home to give advice on breastfeeding; For the baby’s first two years, Accenture provided financial support.

The procedures, which are part of the company’s pregnancy programs, are just a few examples of the set of procedures that have resulted in Accenture receiving the necessary score within the methodology and being named Company of the Year by Accenture. Diversity and Inclusion Survey at Ethos . Institute.

In Rocha’s case, he also lays out the reasons the company stood out in the LGBTI+ category — in addition to everything he could enjoy first hand, the company’s health plan provides coverage for gender reworking procedures.

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