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Published on 05/16/2022 00:00

    (Credit: The Dr. Implante Collection)

(Credit: The Dr. Implante Collection)

The most recent National Health Survey (PNS), conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) in 2019, showed that more than 14,000 adults had complete tooth loss. The condition is troubling, because the teeth are the gateway to all foods eaten throughout life, in addition, they are fundamental to the expression of words.

Felipe Cavalcante Machado seeks to change the reality of Brazilians whose quality of life is affected by these dental problems. Working in the region since 2014, the professional, who works at Gama, offers humane treatments that focus on providing an individualized experience for each patient.

“I am the son of two parents who had implants today. I made the implant myself. I know very well the problems of people who have lost their teeth or problems with chewing, vocalizations and low self-esteem. When I see the teeth, I “see” the smile and return to the patient not only functional status, but also hope and happiness “, as he says.

To make the work possible, Machado has a digital office with the latest equipment. Dental impressions, for example, are supported by a scanner. The device allows making a copy of the teeth and gums to be displayed in 3D through a computer screen.

The innovation allows the patient to avoid using the traditional impression method, which can cause discomfort such as nausea and a feeling of suffocation for some individuals. The process is simpler and less invasive, as you do a complete reading of the dental arch through an intraoral camera.

“Our treatment is practically entirely digital and computerized. In this way, in addition to speeding up the treatment, we have the possibility for the patient to have a prediction of what his smile will look like even before completing the procedure. Patients have every type of face, because each one has a specific shape”
Felipe Cavalcante Machado

To be able to set up his office with the latest dental technology, the professional built his dream little by little. Like most of his colleagues, his first place of work at Novo Gamma was small and with few technological resources. Now, with the switch to Gamma, the investment was greater and offered the potential to bring more complete and differentiated treatments to the market.

“I believe my professional development has something to do with my humanized treatment. We treat each patient with their needs, from the formation of the teeth to the procedure that will be proposed for them. It is not just about placing a tooth or contact lenses, but much more than that. Personalization and human service, from reception Beyond the treatment, that is important.We are always in touch with the patient to see how he is doing.


According to Machado, anyone who has lost a tooth can have a transplant. However, some conditions limit the performance of the treatment. Uncontrollable illnesses such as diabetes and blood pressure problems tend to make surgery difficult. Your overall health must be positive in order for you to receive the implants.

Dental implants are one of the most peaceful procedures in dentistry. It’s as risky as any surgery, but today our success rate is 99%. He stresses that when we have a problem with implants, it is usually associated with patients who smoke or have diabetes.

Using good quality materials tends to reduce risks. In the office, Machado explains, a procedure is performed by which the implant can heal within 28 days. With older methods, this process usually takes three to four months.

“When we treat a diabetic, he can even control his diabetes for 28 days, which is the period of bone integration of the implant with the imported material. If you ask him to keep the disease under control for four or five months, it will be more complicated,” he says.

For patients without a medical history, the procedure may be faster. By means of an immediate implant, the dentist can fit the prosthesis directly after the titanium surgery after the implant. After that, just maintain care during the postoperative period. Dental implants can be done within 72 hours. In addition to speed, the operation provides more comfort during the period of osseointegration.

This technique targets patients who have the necessary conditions in the bones of the mouth to receive the implant. Otherwise, other treatments, such as All-On-Four, where the zygomatic sinus is fixed, should be evaluated.

  • Result of contact lenses
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  • Contact lenses
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  • Before and after the transplant procedure
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  • Contact lenses
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  • Contact lenses
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contact lenses

Dental contact lenses have become popular in recent years. This dental treatment consists in improving the appearance of the teeth, striving to correct irregularities in shape, color and spacing between the teeth. The lenses are placed on the patient’s natural teeth as thin alternatives.

“I am passionate about restoring aesthetics to patients. I say we are against the world, where people wear the mask and have day after day rob their confidence. For treatment, contact lenses are usually made in four visits with an average of 25 days,” he comments.

The first consultation focuses on assessment and internal and external imaging through scanning. In the other session, the patient tests the model and actually sees the future smile even before the procedure is finished. “He has a smile. I call it the ‘drive test.’ By agreeing to that, we make the preparations, and at the other appointment, we fit the contact lenses,” Machado adds.

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Article by journalist Gabriella Coloditi

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