Forecasts for the second half of 2022

In this regard, you will be notified of the main competitions that are open and already held in the municipality of Sergipe in Aracaju.

Aracaju is the capital of the state of Sergipe, on the northeastern coast of Brazil. According to IBGE-2020, it has a population of about 664,908 and is famous for its beautiful beaches, including the Praia de Atalaia in the center. In the public sector, there are great opportunities for those who dream of becoming public servants in Sergipe State.

Check out the key opportunities for 2022 below!

State Prosecutor’s Office of Sergipe

The Sejpepe State Prosecutor’s Office has a great opportunity for the second half of 2022. The Aracaju public tender has open registration and public notice offers vacancies for legal professions in Sergipe State.

Check below the key information for this contest:

Recordings: at 25/04/2022 Until 05/30/2022 18:00, Brasilia Standard Time / DF, by Cebraspe website.

register fees: 300.00 BRL

office. headquarters. center: Deputy Prosecutor

Compensation: Up to 30404.42 BRL

Banking Services: ciprasp


Stages: objective test (exclusive and qualifying); Pronunciation test (exclusive and qualifying); physical and mental health examination (investigative); investigation into a previous life (exclusion); Oral exam (final and qualified); Tribune test (seeded); and stock valuation (classifier).

Charged topics: a constitutional right; Criminal law; Administrative Law; civil right; Code of Civil Procedure; election law; protection of homogeneous diffusion, collective and individual rights; human rights; and institutional legislation for the Public Prosecution.

Subject test date: 07/24/2022

History of Biological Psychosocial Assessment: 09/04/2022

Speech test date: 06 and 07/11/2022

paying off here Full Announcement!

Brazilian Navy

The Brazilian Navy has just issued a public notice offering 41 vacancies, 16 of which are in the Associated Navy (CP-T), one for Naval Chaplains (CP-CapNav) and 26 for the Corps of Engineers (CP-CEM). During the course, the total amount of wages received by the Naval Guard, regardless of the vacancy, is R$9,070.60. It is worth noting that the application of this competition is national.

See below for key information:

Registration: On site from 08:00 Fourth of Julya period that lasts until 11:59 pm 17 July 2022.

register fees: 140.00 BRL


Schedule of Naval Chaplains in the Auxiliary Navy It offers only one vacant position in the profession of priest of the Roman Catholic Church.

Technical staff of the naval auxiliary forces

  • Librarians
  • Social Media;
  • right;
  • physical education;
  • Statistic
  • informatics/specialized database;
  • informatics / specialized systems development;
  • Informatics / IT infrastructure specialization;
  • informatics/information security specialization;
  • meteorology;
  • breeding origins;
  • psychology; And
  • Traffic safety in waterways.

Schedule of Naval Chaplains in the Auxiliary Navy

  • Aviation Engineering
  • Civil Engineering;
  • production engineering;
  • computer systems engineering;
  • remote communication engineering
  • electrical engineering;
  • Electronic Engineering;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • aeronautical mechanical engineering;
  • marine engineering;
  • nuclear engineering; And
  • Chemical Engineering.


  • An objective written test of professional knowledge for all applicants;
  • a discursive test of professional knowledge (for the legal profession of public notice CP-T and for all professions of public notice CP-CEM);
  • revision
  • Text translation, for occupations mentioned in the CP-CEM Public Notice;
  • verification of biographical data;
  • health inspection
  • Fitness test upon entry
  • psychological evaluation;
  • document verification;
  • Proof of titles and
  • The asymmetric identification procedure is complementary to self-declaration.

Corps of Engineers Notice

Navy Priests Notice

Auxiliary Navy Notice

Public Tender Aracaju: City Council

In 2021, the municipality of Aracaju published a new statement on the rescheduling of public tender examinations to provide 52 immediate vacancies and to form a reserve registry for middle, technical and senior level jobs. At the time, the public notice offered a salary of between R$1,600.00 and R$3,135.00 for 30 hours worked per week.

The vacancies available for positions were: Administrative Assistant (15), Legislative Assistant (10), Interpreter and Translator from Libras (2), Information Technology Technician (1), Nursing Technician (1), Labor Security Technician (1), Stenographer Technician (4), management analyst (5), legislative analyst (3), journalist (3), accountant (1), nurse (1), copywriter (1), physician (1), attorney general (2) and public relations (1) ).

The validity of this competition will be for a period of two years, counted from the date of approval of the final result, and may be extended for the same period, at the discretion of the Chamber. momentarily, no information New event for the municipality of Aracaju.

full notice here!

Public Tender: City Hall

It was in 2020, the last public competition in Arcajú for the position of Municipal Tax Auditor – Specialization: Public Domain and Municipal Tax Auditor – Specialization: Information Technology. The bank responsible for the event was Cespe – Cebraspe, and the public notice provided 20 Vacancies + Reserve Registration (CR) with a bonus of R$10421.52. at the moment, There is no news New public tender for this area.

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