Find out in six points about the kidnapping and murder of a civilian police expert

Renato Couto, a 41-year-old civil police expert, was attacked and shot after an altercation with three marines and a scrap yard owner, last Friday (13), in Praca da Bandera, in the northern part of the city. After the shooting, he was taken in a Navy vehicle to Baixada Fluminense and thrown into the Gondo River. A corporal, two sergeants and the father of one were arrested for the crime. Check out the crime dynamics below:

dead expert: Civilian police intercepted a scrap yard where Marines shot and kidnapped the customer

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After the thefts at work, the expert goes to the scrap yards

1- Last Wednesday, the expert in binoculars, Renato Cotto, went to some scrap yard to check if they had received materials from work he was doing in Rua General Canabaro, in the Maracana, which had been stolen by crack users. In one of these places, he found some pieces, and two people were arrested for receiving goods. Elsewhere, he located aluminum frames and businessman Lourival Ferreira de Lima had promised to return the value of things.

Fighting, shooting and kidnapping in the marine vehicle

2 – On Friday, the 13th, Renato again went to the scrapyard in L’Oréval, who then called his son, Staff Sergeant Bruno Santos de Lima, supervisor of the transport sector of the 1st Marine District. In addition to him, two other soldiers, Manuel Vitor Silva Soares and Daris Fidelis Motta, went to the facility with an unmarked car.

3. Upon arriving at the scene with a Fiat Ducato of the Navy, on Friday afternoon, Bruno said he was carrying his own pistol, a Taurus 9mm, and was wearing a flak jacket. When he arrived at the institution, on Rua Oswaldo Aranha, in Praça da Bandeira, he saw his father “with a glowing face, beside an individual”. For this reason, the sergeant said that he got out of the car with the rifle already in hand, identified himself as a soldier and ordered Renato Cotto to raise his hands.

At the filing, the first sergeant reported that when searching for the papillary endoscopy expert, he noticed he had a pistol in his waist, and on that occasion the civilian police officer drew the pistol and the two got into a physical fight. L’Oréval, Darice, and Manuel had also taken part in the fight, trying to separate them. Bruno said he remembers that “at a certain point, he managed to shoot Renato in the leg,” but still, he could have taken his gun.

The third sergeant claimed that during the whole operation Renato Cotto shouted “Police! Police”, without specifying whether he wanted to identify himself or ask for help. For this reason, Bruno Santos de Lima stated that he fired another shot at the height of the expert’s abdomen, and then his resistance decreased. “In trouble because of the events and turmoil that was going on around her,” the military said it tried to start putting the victim in the car, with Dares’ help, and left the scene.

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4- With Renato already without resistance, the three soldiers had placed the body of the expert inside the navy craft and followed towards Baixada Fluminense. In the Arco Metropolitano, at the height of Japeri, the army dumped Renato’s body into the Guandu River. In his testimony, Bruno said he did not know if the civilian police officer still had his vital signs.

The car is washed to cover up the crime

5 – After kidnapping, killing and hiding the body of Renato Cotto, the army went to a car wash in Nova Iguaçu, where they cleaned the car, and then to the 1st Naval District of the Navy in Praca Mawa, where they used chlorine. Again to wash the car.

The body was found

Firefighters search for the body of civilian police expert Renato Cotto in Rio Guando
Firefighters search for the body of civilian police expert Renato Cotto in the Guando River Photo: Fabiano Rocha / Agência O Globo

6- The body of the expert was found around 8 am on Monday, 16th, in Guandu River. Relatives identified the body, it was rescued by specialists from the fire department and taken to the IML Institute.

After the survey, a team of the 18 DPs (Praça da Bandeira) arrived on the scene and provided support to the victim’s family and wife. A colleague of the policeman knelt and cried next to the corpse. Relatives of the victim, holding hands, prayed, Our Father.

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Staff Sergeant Bruno Santos de Lima; his father, the businessman Louurival Ferreira de Lima; As well as the military in the 1st Naval District, Manuel Vitor Silva Soares and Daris Fidelis Motta have also been arrested and will be held accountable for the murder of a qualified man three times and the concealment of the body of papillary endoscopy expert Renato Cotto.

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