Digital Wallets: Discover This Secure Technology That Made Online Physical Payments Facilitated

at digital walletsor digital walletsIt has become increasingly popular over the years. According to a survey conducted by Bank of America, in March, there were register App downloads from banks and digital wallets. There were about 24.7 million downloads per month by people interested in this promising technology.

The success of this type of tool is not for nothing. Digital wallets greatly facilitate the process Online physical payment The trend is that they are increasingly being used – consulting firm Juniper Research estimates that by 2025, more than half of the world’s population will adopt digital wallets.

As of last year, about 2.4 billion digital wallets were already in use. This number enhances the capabilities of the tool and makes us ask: What is so special about this technology?

One of the most important advantages of digital wallets is precisely facilitates. With them, it is possible to shop online with More security It is different devices. For example, it is possible to register a digital wallet in applications such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay and Samsung Pay.

BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America, is A leading bank in adopting digital wallets in Brazil. It provides all the above mentioned platforms so that the user can use it on the device of his choice.

What digital wallets can do for you

But what exactly are digital wallets and how do they work? The name of this technique is very intuitive. It is nothing more than a clone of a physical wallet – where everyone keeps their cards and other means of payment – but in the digital environment.

and use this tool It is not only limited to mobile phones or online transactions. Today, it is already possible to own a digital wallet for watches, for example, and to shop in restaurants, markets, clothing stores or any other physical establishment.

That is, it is no longer necessary to worry about carrying cards when leaving the house.

Digital wallets work very well basic to the user. To start using it, it is only necessary to register the card information in the selected application.

To ensure the security of transactions, there is a robust procedure behind everything: the data provided is there encrypted Use is only permitted after the device on which the wallet is located is unlocked.

The tool uses software that links the payment data of the buyer’s financial institution with the data of the selling organization. This whole process is based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows this Approximate payments.

Even with all the technologies used in these payments, many people who still do not use digital wallets question the security of this tool. They still don’t know that security is one of the main advantages of digital wallets and it is Even better than physical payments.

As shown, the information displayed in the digital wallet app is encrypted. In terms of digital security, this means that only authorized entities can access this data. But digital wallets go further than that.

In addition to encryption, digital wallets also have coding. This process ensures that none of the actual user card numbers are stored in the Wallet app. This data is replaced with randomly generated codes every time a person makes online or physical purchases.

Have you seen how making a digital payment is becoming increasingly secure? And security is not the only advantage of using a digital wallet.

Practical and intuitive tool

Digital wallets offer more Practical application For users when making a purchase, paying the bill and facilitating many other banking transactions.

In addition to fulfilling the purpose of payments, digital wallets are also “hands on the wheel.” Document storage and items such as concert tickets, hotel reservations, boarding passes, coupons, and loyalty cards.

That is, it is a virtual space in which you can store everything that is important to you.

The ability to save and receive cashback

Some digital wallets offer two very attractive features: Cashback And Discounts. Many merchants offer discounts to customers who pay with digital wallets. Many of these stores partner with digital payment companies to offer benefits to consumers.

In addition to the discount, digital wallets sometimes offer cashback. That is, with each purchase, a part of the buyer’s money is returned to the wallet for him to use in the way he wants. In this case, the products and services purchased with the digital wallet are also slightly cheaper.

Make payments easier and easier wherever you are and with devices at your fingertips.

And to make this process more practical and safer, there is nothing better than owning the largest investment bank in Latin America. BTG Pactual has the largest number of digital wallets in Brazil and this is possible Start using this technique as soon as you open your bank account.

create something Free account In BTG, the user quickly receives a virtual card that is ready for use. This card can be registered in multiple digital wallets. So, even before receiving the physical card, you can start enjoying the benefits of BTG Pactual.

In addition to the facilities with the digital wallet, BTG offers a full experience Directly from your computer or cell phone. The bank has over a thousand financial assets for investment, 24/7 service and an easy-to-use platform that brings together everything you need for your financial life.

Start making payments with your BTG Card through digital wallets now by clicking the button below:

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