Dedalus and GuasTI join efforts to offer cash management services in the cloud

An IT company with extensive knowledge of the financial market and over two decades of experience, Guasti Tecnologia operates in the banking sector and specializes in cash management solutions and asset products. Based on the needs of its customers, the company has organized its operations into four groups of product-focused solutions for the financial sphere and the production chain.

Mediation between banks and their customers through gateways for collection, banking information and payments, among other services, the nature of your business requires that your servers be available 99.5% of the time.


The search for a partner like Dedalus, the leader in the cloud and data market, happened to help them complete the migration of their physical servers to the cloud. The journey, which began years ago, was driven by solving some of the challenges they were facing, such as increased costs, availability, and flexibility issues. Issues that directly affected the business of the company, as it deals with highly sensitive information that requires a high level of security and availability, to be subject to audits where they need to prove that availability occurs, with a loss of credibility if they cannot prove that delivery.

Additionally, the company serves clients who require redundant servers in more than one geographic area simultaneously, which is arguably unrealistic logistics to operate in an in-company environment.

The stability of the services is critical to the business, and it was crucial to have the migration and support of the corporate environment an experienced partner in this matter.


As an AWS MSP (Managed Service Provider) Certified Professional, Dedalus is able to assure and maintain customer differentiated assistance and knowledge in the journey to the cloud process.

After presenting the challenge to Dedalus, many conversations took place until a solution was proposed: offering a deep level of monitoring of the availability of their systems to the client and the response time of each request made on the pages specified by Guasti Tecnologia. Basically, there is a “check” every 5 minutes that raises these availability metrics with the ability to generate reports to prove the performance of the environment.

This suggestion was not easy to come by, it required a lot of active listening. “Our goal in the pre-sale phase is to listen carefully to each customer’s feedback, in order to understand their real needs and to suggest what actually solves the problem, and to customize the delivery according to needs and expectations,” confirms Sinéas Neto, Architects at Dedalus.


After moving to the AWS cloud, which ensures the quality of the infrastructure that the customer needs and relying on Dedalus management services, many gains have been made in many pillars, such as costs, due to environment, security, performance and, most importantly, availability. “I used to lose weeks when the demand was high and I needed to load a new server, now we just need to activate Dedalus, or we can get to the control panel ourselves, and this is resolved in a matter of moments,” notes Tiago Fernandez, CTO at Guasti.

Dedalus’ cloud management services are a guarantee of everything your corporate environment requires. “The team’s monitoring is very good, whenever something abnormal appears, we are warned, that way you know that they are monitoring what is happening and this reassures us because we know that if something goes wrong we will be the first to find out,” says the CEO.

Relying on 24/7 real-time monitoring, state-of-the-art tools and especially the watchful eyes of a team of over 100 tech professionals who ensure full use of the cloud environment, is what guarantees Guasti Tecnologia’s best use of its services, proper delivery to the end customer and calm Technically and the possibility of focusing more on the core of the organization.

As a future development, the company aims to operate 100% in the cloud, where even today they still have one server actually running. To achieve this, they again plan to rely on the expertise of Dedalus.

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