1. During League One, between Big Brother scenes and high-quality technical and tactical strategy games, we reward the winner and draw conclusions from the losers, highlighting regionally and positively the season of Mario Silva and his crew, as he passes through Santa Clara. With attractive offensive football and defensive efficiency, allowing them to achieve their collective goals and increase their assets.
  2. On a very professional and competitive level, the second league saw the return of Rio Ave to the main league, after it had fallen back in the previous season, accompanied by Casa Biya, the historical Portuguese footballer, with an 83-year-old fasting, from this. Great show of Portuguese football. He is missing only one place, which will leave the play-off between Desportivo Chaves and Morerense. And speaking of qualifying, it was an emotional match between União de Leiria and Alverca, which put Alverca in contention with SP Covilhã, to the last wave of access, to promotion to the second tier.

  1. Still without a regional representative, the third league final between Oliverense and Torrens was a football anthem, capped by a Matthews goal and the unpredictability of the outcome until the final penalty kick, making Torrens even better. With regard to League 3, we hope that Fontinhas’ worthy and consistent course will allow something that has long been coveted in the Azores sporting spectrum, to reduce the gap between Santa Clara and other clubs in the Azores, ie having more Azores clubs, in other divisions. Fontinhas will contribute to this ascent, as well as dream of representing the Azorean emblem in Jamor.
  2. Regarding the Portuguese Championship, we had a close disagreement until the last match, with Briense on the last stage always ahead, with a unified idea of ​​the game and increased motivation. The struggle for the last place in reaching the maintenance, the second place, had two actors Rabo de Peixe and Operario, the first who did not give up in moments of pressure and his faith and perseverance were decisive to achieve the desired goal. (Rabo de Peixe, consolidating thus a second year in national competitions) and Operário, with a squad of the most desirable characters in his series, could not reach the first goal of climbing the section, nor 2. º the maintenance, as such, was the mathematical opposite of the wishes of Shareholders and investors. A final word for perfection, according to the information that has been published, with a very shaky season, either due to the constant influx of players or because of the unstable structure. These two teams have a great opportunity, in the next season of the Azure Championship, to prove the injustice of this relegation, given their history and the difficulty of putting all the Azorean teams in one series.
  3. Speaking of the Descendants and the Azores Championship, we had the presence of Graciosa, Flamingos and Vasco da Gama, where experience was predominant in the struggle for survival, which was confirmed by the last stage of Graciosa with two contracts (Mbala and Tony) that still give hope. In order to survive until the end, given the set distance with Sao Roc (the team that fought for last place in the maintenance). In the case of Vitória do Pico, in addition to experience, the right context is always necessary, which has not always been favorable, from Covid cases to some logistical situations and a few solutions from the team. In the final competition, 2, for first place and access to the Portuguese championship, the most efficient teams of Terceira were, Boavista da Ribeirinha and Angrense. It was an offensive and defensive efficiency that Angrense, despite not having the best start, was of such progressive stability and firmness, that he stood out and became the champion of the Azores. If this position is maintained, you will be awarded the Portuguese Championship according to your intentions.
  4. We are still discussing the title of champion, everything indicates that FC Calheta will be the representative of the island Sao George and Associação de Angra do Heroísmo, for the next season in the Azores Championship 2022.23. She lacks a representative of the Horta Association, which could be FC Madalena, if they accept the invitation, as CD Lajense does not have the prerequisites for a two-star certification (a subject we will consider in the future) or another club in AFH. If it does not exist, then the federation with the largest number of athletes will have, in this case, AFP, which will determine its representative.
  5. He also finished the São Miguel Championship, and in the final round, champion União Micaelense was already decided. The club that after 4 years (season 2018/2019) is working towards this end, and the year before, I did not achieve this achievement, this year with a squad very rich in individual quality, for this division or even higher, I achieved the goal until 3 days end. This quality must be maintained, as next season’s Azores Championship will be more challenging and competitive.
  6. The youth and seniors contests are finally over, in different ways, but we’re counting on you being on our next podcast for these notes.

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