Actor Rafael Miguel’s girlfriend, Isabella Ticherani, comments on the arrest of her father, Paolo Cupertino: “A very nice mixture of feelings” | Sao Paulo

Isabella Ticherani, 21, daughter of Paolo Cupertino and girlfriend of actor Rafael Miguel, He commented on social media about his father’s arrest This Monday (16) in Sao Paulo.

Paulo Cupertino Matias, Isabella’s father, fled after the murder of Rafael Miguel and his parents on June 9, 2019 in the southern region of São Paulo for not accepting his daughter’s relationship with the actor.

Isabella said in a post on Monday that she was told what happened and that I can’t talk much about her now.

“I learned what happened. I can’t say much [a] Respect now, but I would like to thank you for all the messages and all the support. It’s a very big mix of feelings and now I need space. Thankful. Isabella,” he said in the post.

Isabella Ticherani’s social media post on Monday (16) after the arrest of Paolo Cupertino – Photo: clone / social networks

Almost 3 years after the crime, Cupertino Matias was arrested by police officers of the sixth. Sectoral and sent to Police District 98, in Jardim Miriam, southern district of São Paulo.

Rafael is known in the media for playing the character Paçoca in the SBT TV series “Chiquititas”, and for his work in a popular commercial in which a child asks his mother about broccoli. He has also worked on Globo TV series, such as “Pé na Jaca”And “Cat bed” And the end of the special year “Christmas for the Emperor’s Boy”.

Cupertino will be taken to the IML to undergo a forensic examination and then go to the families department, at the Homicide and Protection of Persons (DHPP) building, in downtown São Paulo. Then it will be at the disposal of justice.

Paolo Cupertino was arrested on Monday – Photo: Publicity / Civil Police

According to the delegate of the Sixth Division, the police team received information that Cupertino would be in the capital, São Paulo, and went to check and found the wanted persons.

Included in the red spread Interpol, it was Cupertino The first name on the list of the most dangerous and most wanted criminals in São Paulo.

Actor Rafael Miguel dies: Remember the case

Actor Rafael Miguel dies: Remember the case

According to the Public Prosecution Office, the businessman killed the family because he did not accept the relationship of Isabella Tibcherani, his 18-year-old daughter at the time, with the artist. CCTV footage shows the moment he shoots Rafael, 22, and the actor’s parents 13 times: Joao Alcesio Miguel52, and mother Myriam Salma Miguel50.

Cupertino accused Triple murder, double capacity, for futile cause and appeal made it impossible for the victims to defend themselves. Now he’s 50, and he’s never had a lawyer defend him. In addition to the businessman, two of his friends are accused in the same case for helping the killer escape. (read more below).

The murder was committed in front of the house where Isabella lives with her mother, in the Pedrera neighborhood, in the southern region of São Paulo. The two were not shot by Cupertino and survived. The businessman ran away.

Cupertino’s name, data and photo have not appeared publicly on the list of wanted criminals before Interpol. international policealso known as International Criminal Police Organization. Its mission is to search for police cooperation mechanisms in the world to arrest those accused of crimes who may have fled to other countries.

Despite this, according to sources g1, Entrepreneur is included in red spread from the member. In other words, there was a warrant for his arrest to be extradited in any other country.

Already on .’s website Civil Police São Paulo, Cupertino appeared as the first name of the page where a file appeared 17 Most Wanted Criminals by state security forces. There was no cash reward for anyone with information on Cupertino’s whereabouts.

Three moments of Paolo Cupertino: before the crime, when he forged his identity, and later using the alias “Manuel Machado da Silva” – Photo: Disclosure / Civil Police

according to Sao Paulo Institute Against ViolenceDetectives said they saw the killer In 25 cities in Sao Paulo, and eight cities in seven other statesat Argentine city he is in Five other sites Unidentified.

Rafael Miguel gave life to the character Juca in the TV series “Cama de Gato”, the son of Taís (Heloísa Perisse) and Bené (Marcello Novaes) – Photo: Isac Luz / TV Globo

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