5 Reasons to Become a Management Systems Distributor

Have you ever thought about working with business management software? Financial control system, sales, inventory, invoicing, reports and much more? Before taking the first step in this direction, it is important to find out if this opportunity is useful in your area and what else it can offer you.

Many organizations are already taking advantage of the emergence of new technologies to expand their product portfolio, seal more deals, and grow. We can see that different companies have been looking for solutions to improve operations and make a difference in their employees.

The management software market is growing every day, due to a number of reasons, but mainly because there is a sense of how much it positively adds to the organization, providing benefits to companies. Thus, investing in this field promises a huge return.

What is a software distributor?

A software distributor is a business model in which an interested party becomes a representative of a service provider. When the software is sold, the brand gains recognition, and therefore the seller as well – in addition to increasing profits. eGestor, a reputable software company, can help with that!

The company offers a partnership program through which system licenses can be obtained and resold to any company, especially small and micro businesses, that may not have such management. Therefore, there is a balance of interests, and both the distributor and eGestor have clear advantages in a partnership.

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Reselling Business Software: Why Invest?

Now that you know why retail organizations need a management system, check out the reasons why you should resell your eGestor.

1. Take advantage of the growing demand

Currently, many organizations are looking for an effective management system (ERP) to ensure safer, simplified and error-free operations. By offering such programs, your customers can receive complete solutions, with everything they need in one environment.

2. Increase your profits

If you already work with companies or in the tech industry, this might be the way to go. After all, once you’ve introduced a program that compliments a buyer’s business decisions, you obviously have a complete package to solve his or her annoyances. With this, it is possible to improve revenue gains and average income.

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You can also offer, with the Dealer Program, advisory services for its repair and use, as well as training. Each of these tactics will reflect positively on the results and can increase the profit.

Using cross-marketing with an advisory group, for example, creating more ways to increase consumers, is something that can translate into increased revenue. Not to mention that you can use reselling to generate additional income i.e. you have a ‘basic’ functionality, but you also work with eGestor’s systems for some extra profit.

In addition, it is possible to continue to benefit from any assistance they can provide to the buyer, such as:

  • Troubleshoot an occasional system problem;

  • They may at another time sell the software or other license to the buyer.

3. Investment in distributor management systems is less

Since it is informational marketing, you do not need to make large investments to sell the software. This method does not require a fixed or large working area, as the product does not need to be stored. This way, the logistical challenge of marketing it is much smaller. Basically, it is only necessary to inform the buyer of the program, do the marketing and guide him in the process.

4. Consumer loyalty

By introducing new products that meet consumers’ needs, you can get new potential buyers. These people are more likely to do business with your organization again because they know they will find everything they need in one place and with you.

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5. Having your own business

Being a distributor, you become your own leader, setting your own pace and working hours, after all, you own your own store. With this, there is also the possibility to create investments and sites, as well as to get all the positive results of being responsible for their development and profits.

are you ready?

According to the annual analysis by IDC Predities, the information technology (IT) market in Brazil will witness a development of 5.8% in the first half of this year, in the face of the financial crisis that is hurting other sectors.

Software services for enterprises continue to grow, and there is a huge demand from consumers looking for solutions. Your organization can secure a good opportunity by reselling the enterprise eGestor system and increase profits with complete solutions.

Online reselling business management system such as eGestor offers good advantages to sellers, which can be checked on the company’s website, where you can also register to start a reselling business.

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