Why should our love make them “evil”? – Foreman

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Dividing the world between good and evil is simple. In a way, it’s black and white. Kind of a bridge that separates the right and wrong sides of the story. Maybe that’s why it calms us down. Perhaps that is why it leads us to suppose that we are always on the side of the good. But what if, between good and evil, water cannot be clearly separated?

Sometimes bad guys are clearly “helping”. spoil. They are excluded and despised. They frighten and attack. And they hurt. No reservations or dissatisfaction. And no regrets. It doesn’t matter, for now, knowing why they got bad. But a clear pitfall. That’s why we don’t want them with us. And in fact, we don’t want them against us. That’s why we don’t challenge them. And so there is no beside you. The less they notice us, the less harm they do to us. Above all, they are bad. In the end.

But then there are people who don’t clearly consider themselves bad. They will be the ones who love us as long as we do not oppose them. Those who consider themselves candid in what they tell us even if they confuse truth with cruelty. Those who simply exclude us or ignore us, but love us. Those who yearn to be our first cherished characters whenever we are an irreplaceable “compare”. Hence we realize that worthless people – often seen as influential or with unmatched self-esteem – are more like puppets than people. They praise us – it is true that they do – for intoxicating and maneuvering us better. But, above all, they do not support our little personalities. Not even ours when it’s different from yours. They are bad because they hurt us when they ignore us or when they don’t see themselves in our place. And when they take people as a mirror game. Bad guys are bad people because only they are able to admire themselves. Because they only take care of themselves. When they feel anxious, they are victims. When you expect them to admit their mistakes, they get cold. When they seem to be apologizing, they become sensitive and “hurt where it hurts the most.” They are given for allergies. They are spiteful and cruel when they feel harassed or questioned.

Then there are the selfish people. Those who see the world always at eye level. As if they were, “naturally”, first. As if they grow up they act as if they have not stopped being “spoiled children”. They are good at the way they seduce. They are skilled in the way they direct others towards decisions that they feel are beneficial to them. They are hard in the way they frown or frown. They are seemingly neglectful and detached, considering the way they become disinterested. Most of those interested will be interested. It’s not that they are really bad people. It was deleted above all. But nevertheless, they do not stop hurting. Although they are as independent and resourceful as they are, they decide before the consultation. And they imagine, even when they insist on not explaining themselves, that their ideas are within the reach of all who, in their eyes, would have to make a guess. They groan when they feel that someone considers them selfish. How do. Against everything they can be.

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In fact, whenever they feel loved, our children focus on themselves. And it is only natural that they are. They know they are the best in the world for us. To put them first when it comes to devoting their due diligence. We are fascinated by his subtlety, the sophistication of his questions, and the tenderness of his spontaneous gestures. They know we like them. And we are pleased with your success. And to tremble from their pain. They know we’ve given up on their sweetest tricks. And that they are even beautiful, when they use their most demagogic arguments to make us give in, as if only with our positives they liked us better.

Everything would be simple and peaceful if there was not just a small step separating selfishness from selfishness. And the other away from selfishness and vanity. In other words, we run the risk if, because of our love, we allow ourselves to slip into complacent situations that lead our children to selfishness and vanity of self-centeredness. We will all do it sometimes. A lot ends up insisting on doing it a lot. It is not true that parents love their children unconditionally! In terms of intentions, it will be so. But our love for them needs to return. every day! We need to hug them. From your girl of tenderness. of your care. The way they deal with us. and your love. That is why, over time, many older children remember their parents on their birthdays, Christmas, sometimes Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, and almost during their escape, on vacation. In fact, selfish children and absurd children abandon their parents. vice versa. They have become, with our approval, excessively selfish. And from a lot of vibration of their successes, almost in vain without even realizing it. That is, our love helped them be “bad people”. Where did we fail? The way we don’t always demand the rules, attention, and care they should have. The way we let them not learn to tell me we are at the same time. The way we didn’t remind them, all along, that they need to give so that complaining is legitimate for them when it comes to receiving. I think we fail when we put your success before our own. Their success will depend on having a career in our view. One-way. trail of projects. To realize that they are above all good people. Are the two incompatible? of course not! But if they are not, why do we let our love so much make them selfish and false? Why should our love make them “evil”? …

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