The STF decides whether municipalities are obligated to guarantee a place in nursery school for children under 5 years

commitment or not?
Based on a suit from the City of Criciúma, the Federal Supreme Court decides whether it is mandatory for the government to provide and guarantee places in daycares and nurseries for children between the ages of 0 and 5 years. The decision has general repercussions, that is, it creates ijtihad on the subject.

Educational entities indicate the damage to children’s rights, increasing inequality, and highlight the need to provide quality education from early childhood, for the integral development of the child. On the other hand, municipalities claim that the budget is constrained and the impossibility of ensuring a place for everyone.

According to the constitution, only nursery school is considered a mandatory stage. The president of the National Federation of Municipalities (CNM), Paulo Zolkowski, says the commitment to create places for everyone in daycare centers could have an impact of up to R$13.8 billion annually and a loss of quality for other stages offered by city halls, particularly education.

Elections in the UFSC
As expected, the Ministry of Education questioned the “unofficial” elections for the university’s president and UFSC vice president until the institution answered a series of questions, such as proof of 70% of the teachers’ vote and bylaws for community consultation, “if any,” among others. Arrogance aside, there is another needless wear and tear.

secret budget
Senators Jorginho Mello (PL-SC) and Esperidião Amin (PP-SC) have allocated more than R$100 million in adjustments to the so-called secret budget. Milo received more than 64 million R$ from the Ministries of Agriculture, Regional Development and Health. Amin allocated 36 million Brazilian riyals, from the Ministry of Health only. The information is contained in a letter sent to the STF by the Federal Senate. Dario Berger (PSB-SC) reported that he did not indicate modifications to this ominous method.

Lula’s only daughter, Lorian Lula da Silva, who has lived for many years in Florianopolis and Blumenau, leads an NGO called Rede 13, surrounded by doubts, could be a candidate for the House of Representatives by the PT from São Paulo.

negative bias
Balneario Camborić appeared twice, in a negative way, yesterday, in the media. A gang of swindlers were arrested from the city in Leblon, in the southern region of Rio. The two men and women were surprised when they tried to buy jewelry in a neighborhood store using resources obtained through online scams. In another case, the Public Ministry of the Supreme Council denounced the Municipal Secretaries of Public Security, External Oversight and Transparency, for falsifying documents to cover up the irregular use of the car by the Municipal Guard. Only he should do the right thing.

The last-minute transformation has changed everything, and Minister Maria Teresa de Assis Mora will be the next president of the Supreme Court of Justice. The elections were held by acclamation the day before yesterday. Until a few days ago, there was clear consensus on the election of the current Vice President, Jorge Mossi, from Santa Catarina, whose term expires at the end of August.

Forbidden tenderness
Law 90/2020, which prohibits the production and marketing of any food product obtained by feeding animals, including “foie gras” (duck or goose liver pie). In Brazil, SC (with an emphasis in Indaial) is among the states with the highest production. In neighboring Blumenau, as in Florianópolis, there are laws prohibiting marketing and production.

less cm
Governor Carlos Moises must pass an important bill of legislative origin, authored by Deputy Father Pedro Baldesira (PT), which provides for the state’s Pesticide Reduction Program (Proera). The objective is to coordinate and encourage the implementation of actions that contribute progressively to reducing the use of pesticides in agriculture, livestock and extractives, while expanding the supply of inputs of biological and natural origin.

little tales
Federal Representative Helio Costa (PSD-SC), a member of the Chamber’s Public Security Committee, promises to take initiatives aimed at changing the Penal Execution Act so that there is better control over pardons granted to prisoners on holidays and parties.

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