The love of animals leads the Brazilians to pioneer the sport of Canecross

Canicross competition in England.  Photo: Tim Ireland/PA Images via Getty Images

Canicross competition in England. Photo: Tim Ireland/PA Images via Getty Images

I’ve heard of the sport that combines a pet dog and its owner to run on the ground, or even in the snow. No, not a modern disagreement. It comes from tradition on the Old Continent since 1982, propelled by the hands of French veterinarian Gilles Bernaound. Although the more formal version overlaps and refers to the emergence of the method in the 1990s across the UK, whose lands received initial training of animals to pull sleds, with the dog being adapted to traction attached to the handler. Within this context, canicross would have been born in England and called mushing where dogs pull people, bikes, scooters and even sleds.

This method is practiced with medium or large breeds, and consists of jogging with a dog using a harness and a collar attached to the waist. Different routes between four and ten kilometers. There are so-called technical routes (with obstacles, passages, ascents and descents). In the UK, these classic events are against the clock or in batteries. The exception occurs in France, in the competition that takes place every August and is known for being ultra-boaters. With ten different sections, 250 pairs for a total of 65 kilometers.

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With an official international federation, here in Brazil, the highlight of Canecross is attributed to the pioneering spirit of William Oliveira. The 46-year-old physical educator is already ten years into the tests. The South American champion in 2018, and with his most recent participation in Latin America last month in Villa Rica in Chile, is an expert and broke down Even teaches canicross via video call. Even the epidemic did not stand in the way of his life. On the contrary, he was studying in another language. But he highlights that he is not a boat teacher, he only serves his students in physical performance who also practice the method. However, he initially focused on the exercises he does in the gyms.

His great traveling companion is the Xico, a white dachshund. In addition, his passion for animals still has Bill, Luttrell, Snoopy, and Meg. The newcomer Tonha, of a greyster breed (a breed that originated in Norway in the early 1980s from crossbreeding between German and English sled-pulling breeds), will be the next time it will be used, but in Bike riding. It is a method derived from canicross, where the dog or group connected to a trailer has to pull or run in front of the cyclist, and the equipment attached to the bike must be attended by the teacher.

In addition to this category, in the Latin American event where Oliveira was present and gathered competitors of both sexes, there was also the Scooter Dog method. If you want to take on challenges with loads of adrenaline, turn to sentimental advice that goes a little beyond canycross and bike riding. In this case, you should have a scooter designed specifically for dogs. The person will be trapped in front of the car. Pulls the handled animal that must balance itself. Helmets and jackets are mandatory.

Preparation and benefits

The dog, an athlete in boating, trains like humans: shots, intervals, climbing and even swimming. There is a gradual preparation of the animal on an ongoing basis so that it does not immediately face the road. According to specialist veterinarians, working with the animal should be gradual to adapt the muscles and breathing in order to withstand distances.

On the other hand, for the animal owner, sport provides resistance, physical preparation, positive influence as well as gaining emotional health. The ideal partnership with a human allows for the rescue of the bonds that make dogs social. For these and others, a sport selection proposal is offered. However, you have to think about your pocket before moving forward.


Canecross is also framed in mountain trail sports, opening up space for those who want to enhance their experience in the state of São Paulo. Is this going to be there master rocky mountain games. The event will take place between September 17-18 in Campos de Jordao, a municipality in São Paulo known as the Brazilian Switzerland.

After gathering three thousand contestants, the meeting was held at the beginning of the year in Piedra Grande (Atibaya) within the city of São Paulo, flourish And registration is open. It is considered the largest in the country, and Master Rocky Mountain games It will feature, among other attractions, bands, mountain climbing, mountain biking and trail racing (arranging trails). This is the sport to which William Oliveira belongs. As well as canicross, which collected 56 pairs in Atibaia in the first stage of the ABCAES Cup. Actions that inspire a potential national championship. Here are more details from William Oliveira.

Yahoo Sports – What was the first sport you played and tell us a little bit about your path to Canicross?

William Oliveira – The first sport was judo. I got into canicross after transitioning from mountain biking to trail running. At first it was very difficult. There was no equipment and I started manufacturing it and organizing tournaments since 2012 and annual rankings in three different states. My first dog has been with me for 13 years. It represents true love for animals.

How do you analyze canicross in terms of costs to make the practice available to interested people?

The Canny Cross tool kit ranges from R$ 300.00 to R$ 1200.00. It’s a sport in general that’s not very cheap. Other expenses are dog food and vaccinations. And more travel expenses to compete. It is still necessary to travel by car or plane.

How have your experiences been with controversies about canicross?

I participated in the 27th world ranking in Elite. I also received European invitations. But the recent dispute in Latin America was unique. I wanted to compete with Xico in canoecross and cycling. We were training. And we had a chance to win a medal in both formats in the Masters class. On December 13 last year, I started to have pain in my right thigh and leg. After the tests, I found four disc protrusions (displacements), one of which was in the L4 nerve. I lost another two centimeters in my right thigh. I practically learned to walk again in a month. Today I still get pain in my right thigh if I run fast. I was almost a month without training. When I ride, I don’t feel pain, so I’ve only competed in cycling, but my physical condition didn’t give me much confidence. I had the best time on the first day, but on the second day I couldn’t ride either because I was tired from the first day. We came in second, which is very painful.

Are there idols that you can feature in Canicross or in another sport?

In canicross there is the Norwegian and Belgian multi-time multi-national champion Tessa Philipaerts. And in mountain biking, Switzerland’s Nino Schurter – gold medal 2016, at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, in cross-country mountain biking.

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