Startup uses technology as a foundation for social impact

May 15 19:03

Written by Roberto Marcio, Special for Tripona

“The business we lead shows who we are.” With this sentence, CEO of startup Tic Social, Thais Ferreira, summarizes the project she runs in Petrópolis that focuses on training people who have little or no access to the growing IT market. With the help of partners, the project aims to make a social impact on human skills development to counter the labor shortage in the sector.

It is estimated that the labor market should create, according to Brasscom (Association of Information, Communication and Digital Technology Companies), 795,000 new jobs by 2025. In Brazil, it is believed that there is an annual deficit of more than 100,000 employees, which exactly reflects the interest Entrepreneurs create new jobs. It is precisely in this context that information and social communication technologies come into play. However, the difference lies in training talents of different ages, races and ethnicities to promote inclusion with social impact.

Information and social communication technology emerged to solve a problem at a particular time. Our biggest challenge is training technology professionals to meet the growing demand. Today, universities do not train enough people to work in companies, and there are also technical courses that help fill the shortage of vacancies, as today with Serratec, which promotes residency in software and receives our help. But our footprint aims to bring together people who do not have access to technology and bring them into the professional environment,” explained Thays Ferreira.

The idea of ​​creating a startup – born in 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic – with a social and active base in the concept of sustainability came from the life story of the CEO, recognized today as one of the leaders from the technology market in the municipality. He is a journalist with a postgraduate degree in social management, a designer in the field of sustainability and has worked in the tertiary sector, public and private administration with a focus on the field of social welfare.

The entrepreneur teamed up with entrepreneurs Guilherme da Motta Alves, Marcelo Carius and Alexandre Macedo to create a project that brings people to market while valuing workers who are often discriminated against, in a country where there are 11 million unemployed people.

Serratec’s business community is interested in creating an environment with social impact, and helping people find a new future for their careers. Hence, Social ICT comes to present this proposal which brings benefits to the residents of Petropolitan. Theis said that the profession of developers, for example, is in great demand today in the technology market.

To enter the market aggressively, TIC Social has at its disposal multidisciplinary teams catering to the needs of partner companies, combining technology and social impact. Therefore, it implements continuous training for new professionals in the field of information technology, through a free educational augmentation.

In addition to standardizing work and social development, the start-up Petrópolis develops customized projects with each client through hands-on guidance and continuous training in innovations compatible with market demands. But the big difference lies precisely in the employees: bringing about social and economic change in the lives of newly qualified IT professionals and their integration into the labor market.

“We are also developing the concept of social responsibility, linking our methods to what the partner companies need. Thus, we maintain the IT business in the municipality and also in the Serrana area through trained professionals to meet the expectations of the clients. Generating opportunities in the labor market has become the main motto of ICT social,” said Ty Ferreira.

Most of these professionals are currently participating in the residency program in the Serrana District Technology Park, the place where ICT Social was born. The profile of the startup is to work on social, racial and functional inequalities so that they are properly prepared to take on responsibilities in the field of information technology.

Recently, in an interview with Tribuna, Serratec president, Guilherme Motta Alves, revealed that Petrópolis should double the number of IT employees by 2025, which will speed up the start-up’s brilliant work, not least because the 2022 rains have brought more unemployment to the imperial city’s residents. Some of them will migrate to the technology sector.

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