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Pilar Air, a famous Spanish journalist and deep connoisseur of the royal family (she has published several books about its members) released in 2021 “Eu, o Rei” (Sphere of Books), a romantic biography of the life of Don Juan Carlos, who goes from childhood to… The most recent present which is the result of research conducted over a period of 40 years. In an interview with the Observer at the time, he said the king emeritus “was a child without passion, without childhood” and explained, “All of this made Dr. Juan Carlos a womanizer – obviously hereditary, both papa, papa and grandfather were homosexual – but it also stems from of the need for affection.”

The author also ruled out the possibility of divorce. At first it will not be accepted. Spanish society was very conservative and at the time of Franco it was unimaginable – there were secret devices designed to monitor the behavior of Don Juan Carlos. At that moment, it was unimaginable that he would do that. There was fear because Spanish society was conservative and a divorced monarch could not happen.” She admitted, “I am sure – I mention this in my book – that from 2000 onwards the King wanted to divorce the Queen, he spoke with her and he spoke to the Prime Minister to get a divorce. Juan Carlos even met his three children in a restaurant in Madrid to tell them that he was going to divorce him to marry Corina… The current King Felipe told him “Papa, if you want to kill the monarchy…”. I think Sophia never wanted a divorce, she likes to be a queen. ”

Juan Carlos will die in exile with Corina’s name on his lips.

Marta Sibelina is the author of the recently published book “Os Bourbons eo Sexo. From Filipe V to Filipe VI” (Sphere of Books, translated into Portuguese), whose name, as well as the publisher presents the “second character of the off-road Madrid journalist”, who shares its vision with the Observer. In the book, each king has his own chapter and in the pages he dedicates to D. Juan Carlos, he names several women who were or will be a part of the love life of the honorary king now, but adds that the list of lovers, at one point, was huge and very unfair.”The fame he conquered” and quotes a Spanish saying similar to his idea Quite the Portuguese notion “whoever leaves for him does not degenerate”, to say that the king follows the ancestry of the ancestors who are famous for being the conquerors.However, he makes it clear that in the seventies, eighties and nineties of the last century, the king’s reckless actions did not harm his image in any way “No news about the king’s private life was published, but his adventures with his sporting friends were public.” The author says that the king used a motorbike to escape safety, and was not recognized by anyone wearing a helmet. Adding to his reputation as an egoi was the fact that he was “liked and respected.”

A few years ago, everything began to change. The case of Nóos, which included the Dukes of Palma, the king’s youngest daughter and husband: Infanta Christina and Inaki Urdangarin, was the lighting of the fuse. From a headline in El Mundo newspaper in 2006 to June 2018, when Spain’s Supreme Court sentenced Iñaki Urdangarin to five years and ten months in prison for wrongdoing, embezzlement, abuse of power, administrative fraud and tax offenses, Nóos rocked the Spanish royal house for nearly a decade. of time. The Dukes of Palma lost their title, Infanta Christina was removed from the royal family and moved with her children to Switzerland.

In 2012, there was the famous safari case that exposed King Juan Carlos like never before. Spain was going through a deep economic crisis when the king decided to go elephant hunting in Botswana. However, the biggest problem was the announcement that one of the people who accompanied him was Corina Larsen, and since then this character has not only left the scene, but her role in the plot has grown. The escape to Africa also cost him a hip fracture and a trip to the hospital in Madrid, where the king had to apologize to the Spaniards in front of television cameras on his way out. “I am eager to resume my obligations. I am sorry. I was wrong, it will not happen again.” But Corina was much more than just the king’s mistress, she was also a public figure.

A social climber or a woman in love. Who is Corina Larsen, former lover of Juan Carlos?

Corina is different from all the other women who are entrusted with the affairs of Juan Carlos. “It is much smarter, much more dangerous and infinitely more ambitious. Insatiable from an economic point of view “says Observer Marta Sibelina. Indeed, the relationship between the seasoned German and the honorary king of Spain soured when millions of dollars and accusations of harassment were added to the controversy. “It is strange that he decided to sue Juan Carlos in London. There is the tower where Anne Boleyn was executed. At another time we would have beheaded. It is the woman who has done the most damage to the Bourbon family, with the exception of Madame de Montespan, mistress of Louis XIV and grandmother of Philippe V, The first Bourbon family arrived in Spain. He grabbed the black masses and poisoned his rivals.” He remembers that the Sun King had much more power than Juan Carlos I, because, in spite of everything, he relinquished the power he had inherited from Franco to establish a constitutional democracy. “I think Corina’s case surprised the older king. Because he had no hair at all.” Moreover, “he always knew exactly how to detect people’s intentions and put up certain barriers that allowed him to separate the private context from his role as King of Spain.”

A succession of scandals so stained the Spanish monarchy that on June 2, 2014, King Juan Carlos I of Spain announced his abdication. He made the decision to leave the throne and the path is clear until his son becomes King Felipe VI. “A new generation is calling for a leading role in facing challenges with renewed intensity,” the king said in the message announcing his departure before completing 40 years of rule.

Criticisms hit Juan Carlos from different directions, and within a few years, the news of the king’s poor choices seemed to have erased from the memory of his subjects the image of a heroic king who had regained the prestige of his country. That is why Sibilina analyzed: “We Spaniards, we were unfair to King Juan Carlos, not because of issues regarding his private life, but because we did not recognize the role he played in establishing the monarchy in Spain and the valuable services he rendered to our country.” He adds a vision known only to the Spaniards: “Property is the key to security that supports unity in Spain. It is useful for Felipe VI to discredit his father’s work, without indicating his qualities.”

On June 19, 2014, King Felipe VI was proclaimed the new King of Spain. In his first speech as king before the Spanish Cortes, at a time when King Emeritus Juan Carlos was criticized, he recalled the role Queen Sofia had played up to then and thanked her for her dedication. It was highly described by those present. “You will permit me, gentlemen, to thank my mother, Queen Sofia, for her lifetime of impeccable work in the service of the Spaniards. His devotion, loyalty, dignity and sense of responsibility to King Juan Carlos is an example worthy of emotional tribute to the gratitude which I desire today, as son and king to dedicate it to him.”

The honorary king retired from public life in 2019, and in 2020 he left Spain, believing that it would be the best for the country and for everyone, he currently lives in Abu Dhabi. The Queen lives in Zarzuela Palace in Madrid. Doubts remain, since the abdication of the throne it became clear that the royal couple went their separate ways. Although daughters and some eight grandchildren have already visited Juan Carlos in the UAE, there is no news that Dona Sofia has. In March of this year, the honorary king wrote a letter to his son, King Philip VI, in which he stated that he would keep his residence in Abu Dhabi and that he would return to Spain to “visit family and friends”. Dona Sofia continues her work in public service and illuminates some causes and events with her charisma. Last week, Infanta Elena, her daughter Victoria Federica, Infanta Christina and their four children visited the titular king and allowed themselves to be photographed in a group. While King Felipe visited the Queen in Palma de Mallorca, where the royal family traditionally spends the Easter holidays.

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