Read Paulo Dantas’ speech in full | 2022 elections in Alagoas

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Read the full speech of the new Governor of Alagoas below:

Good evening everyone and everyone.

I want to start by greeting the person who is the reason we are here: LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE OF ALAGOAS! Live these creative, hardworking, capable, intelligent, sensitive people, who fight, overcome difficulties and know how to build their own happiness. Long live these hardworking people! You can be sure: Alagoas will have a ruler just like you, as hard-working as the people of our land. let’s work.

I would like to congratulate the also elected Deputy Governor of Alagoas: José Wanderlei Nieto. doctor. Wanderley, it is a great honor to count on your partnership, competence and experience in this great challenge that we are going to face.

I would like to congratulate the distinguished President of the Legislative Assembly of Alagoas, my friend Representative Marcelo Victor, who conducted these elections in a democratic and transparent manner.

I also greet all my honorable fellow State Representatives and all my family: my father Luis Dantas, my mother Silvana, my sisters Pauline and Bruna and my brothers, Luiz Antonio and Luisinho. And of course my wife Marina, my daughters Luisa and Paula, my brother-in-law Antonio and Reverend Manu…

In this election here today, established by the Constitution and carried out by law, I have not only received 21 votes from the noble Representatives, whom I thank for their great confidence. These 21 votes are actually the voices of the nearly 1.5 million Alagoas who voted for you. You are the representatives of the Alagoas people. And to be against the will of the Alagoas people is to be against democracy. I know we live in tough times in our country, with authoritarian flirtation. In the October elections, it will become clear who is on the side of democracy and who is on the side of authoritarianism. Today, democracy has triumphed here again.

I also take this opportunity to congratulate my contenders in this election, Representatives Cabo Bebeto and Devi Maya, as well as Danubia, Flavio, Luciano and Wadeldo, citizens of Alagoas who also participated democratically in this election. Yes, you were my rival, not my enemy. You can count on me. Let it be very clear: from today I am the ruler of all Alagoas. I don’t care which side, if it’s left or right, if it’s x or y. We have a lot of work to do, this moment for the union, I want all the mayors, vices, councilmen, representatives, senators, all by my side. You can count on me to continue changing the lives of the people of Alagoas for the better.

I cannot go on without first mentioning specifically to Marina, my life partner and struggler, this great woman: strong, decisive, competent, kind and wonderful. I love you my love. Thank you so much for being in our lives. I give this thanks to all the wonderful women from Alagoas. Here is the land of Lili Lajes, the first female vice-state in the history of Alagoas, who was elected in 1934; It is the land of Queen Martha, a citizen who has dared to stand up to the machismo of the world of football. by dr. Nes da Silvera, who revolutionized psychotherapy in Brazil. I can still mention designer Vera Arruda, stagewoman Linda Mascarenas and warriors Dandara and Aquiterin, references to black women of Alagoas, among many other distinguished women.

The best way to truly learn about the value of women in Alagoas is to work to transform this secular, sexual structure that exists in our country. Therefore, I will here declare the first act of my government: for the first time in the history of Alagoas and in the history of Brazil, women will occupy the first level of government, by a majority. I believe that by placing women in high-level positions, in positions that can determine the design of public policies, we will take a critical step towards achieving gender equality. Because for me a woman’s place in leadership is a woman’s place in politics. For me, a woman’s place is wherever she wants. I’m sure this is the way to build a better world for all the women of Alagoas, including my dear daughters Paula and Luisa.

Since I talked about great women, now I want to talk about a great man. A goat from Morrissey, which some call Renan Filho, the people affectionately call him Renanzinho and here I will call him the best ruler in the history of Alagoas. Not only was it good, excellent, 10 points. It was the best. And that’s even his opponents admit it. I mean … shortly there will be a general election and they will say the opposite of what they say today, it’s about politics. But the truth is that Renan Filho agreed on that. Who does not remember how that country received the tragedy of the previous government? How sad it is to remember the escalation of violence, with the endless exchange of ministers and police chiefs, the roads in a terrible state of repair. Alagoas was a burning land.

As a good worker as Renan Filho, he has been working and improving Alagoas, working and advancing, working and transforming, working and changing the lives of millions of people forever. This governor arranged the state’s accounts and restored our investment energy. With balanced accounts, the man worked… Crianca Alagoana, CRIA, created ECC. And carried out the largest nursery building program in our history. I also created the Escola 10 program to improve the quality of teaching and the Escola 10 card to bring our young people into the classroom. It has restructured position and career plans for nearly 30 categories, including education professionals, putting an end to the more than twenty-year wait. It has restored more than 80% of highways in Alagoas, ensured more than 500 km of new roads, and by the end of this year there will be more than 400 km of dual highways, bringing our people closer and opening paths for development.

Alagoas led the ranking of the most violent countries in Brazil, and Maceió was the third most violent capital in the world. from the planet! Today, Alagoas is the state with the second lowest number of deaths in recent years, and in 2021 it recorded the lowest number of homicides in the past 10 years. In my government, security will continue to be a priority. My family and I already feel the pain of this violence firsthand and I don’t want anyone to go through this.

I usually say that there are alaguas before this government and another after this government. Imagine that all of Alagoas have only 3 large general hospitals. In seven years, we have built, equipped and delivered 6 hospitals, 3 in Maceió and 3 in the countryside, and we will provide 4 more hospitals. Hospital da Mulheire was the first hospital built from scratch in Maceió in 40 years. and UPA? Maceio was the only capital in the Northeast that did not have any UPA. Well we made 7 here and 3 more inside.

As we say in the Outback: Renanzinho turned into a drop. Look at the scale of my responsibility in having to succeed such a ruler. He always says, “Government is always a work in progress: there is always a lot to be done.” Well, here I give my word to all Alagoas: Nobody will stop the change. Nobody will stop our Alagoas.

I am ready and eager to work. People even joke with me saying I’m “Paulo for all the work”. Whoever is with me knows that he will have to work hard. The biggest challenge is precisely to make the Alagoas continue to change, changing the lives of our people. And do you know why the Alagoas should change? I will say. I know every corner of this state, I walk the streets, I talk to people, and I’m there, glued together, and together. I see it up close. If Alagoas is indeed a country with enormous social debt, the pandemic has exacerbated this situation. And look, Alagoas was the best country in fighting Covid. Therefore, my commitment is to prioritize the community. Do more for those who need it most. Make government 100% people.

So much has already been done, but we know there is still so much to do, and so much more. Maceo need our work more. The country also needs our work. I will be the friendly governor of Maceo, the friendly governor of Arapiraca, and the friendly governor of the 102 municipalities of Alagoas. Because change cannot and will not stop.

I have a great admiration for Brennan Filho, but I want to make it clear that I have my convictions, my thoughts and my style of judgment. I am 43 years old, but I have a lot of experience, I have been tested and approved wherever I am. I was born in Maceió, but I grew up in Sertau. I grew up and get up early. I like to get up early and sleep late, and go to work. As the people say: Alagoan is faith, he is brave, and he completes his journey. I’ve got here with a lot of work. I studied a lot to be a business manager, I am a rural producer, I know the life of our people from the countryside, because I am one of them. It was also with so much work that I became mayor of Batalha, was re-elected and approved by the people. I was the mayor who organized the city’s accounts, valued civil servants, supported agriculture, ensured 100% sanitation in the urban area of ​​the city, and really revolutionized the health and education of Batalha. Today, we are one of the largest HDIs in all of the Alagoas. I am very proud of everything we did there.

I also worked hard to be a deputy, and once worked hard to honor the people of Alagoas. While there are people who use fake news to confuse people and try to destroy reputations, I was the MP who created the law to fight these lies spread on the Internet.

It also secured water for the rural man and helped rural producers, family farmers, and cooperatives pay their debts. I was also a rapporteur for important social projects for the government such as CRIA and Bolsa Escola 10.

Alagoas knows you can trust me. I’m a clean slate, I’ve been to the same party for 20 years. I’m not one of those people who travels from party to party when elections come in looking for money. I’ve always had a side, the side of the Alagoas people.

My father, my mother, must remember this story. At family gatherings, children would gather and I would play political speeches. I remember being very excited, dreaming maybe one day of becoming a ruler. It was a very good dream but an unattainable dream. That’s when I learned that it’s not enough to dream, you have to believe, chase your dreams.

Then at night I dreamed of being a college student and woke up and worked one day to be a college student. Then I dreamed of becoming mayor and woke up and worked to be the best mayor. I dreamed of being a deputy. And I got up and worked to be a deputy. I dreamed of being a ruler. He was getting up and working to be a ruler. And today I’m here. My work got me here. So I say to all Alagoans: Never give up on your dreams.

I dream of a prosperous Alagoas State, Alagoas with water for all, food for all, education for all, health for all.

I dream of more human and more equal agonies. And the Alagoas where any child of this land has the right to dream.

Let’s dream together. But let’s also work together to make those dreams come true. Let’s go with unity and faith in God and with the power of our work to make the Alagoas change.

Nobody to change.

Nobody stops our Alagoas.

Long live the Alagoas people. These angry people! let’s work!!!

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