Mario Silva criticizes the administration: “I am a free coach”

Santa Clara coach Mario Silva in an interview with Sport TV after the 4-0 defeat at Alvalade:

«[Derrota não belisca a segunda volta] We had a great second round, guys, and whatever happens, they will always be my players, I have to congratulate them despite this defeat, which is obviously my responsibility. They accepted what we proposed, and we were together and fighting against everything and everyone. This preliminary match was clearly a reflection of our times: a lot of instability. Unfortunately, news after news before a match was for me another important match, despite the fact that we were ranked seventh and I want to stress that this seventh place is the second best ranking in the club. Date. These guys set a record that, during the whole second round, they were unbeaten at home and we only lost to Sporting, Benfica and Porto. The history of this match can be summed up in very little, we did a good first half and Sporting in the second was clearly better than us and deserved to win, which is fair. Congratulations to Sporting.

As for us, we finished the season not in the way we wanted but with a goal we hadn’t thought of. If we wanted to bet, when we got there, that we’d finish the season in seventh place, I think almost no one would bet, on the contrary, they probably thought Santa Clara would come down in the division and see how we finished. It was the result of a huge body of work that I will always carry in my heart. This weekend has been very difficult, we are all human and have feelings and emotions. It was not easy for anyone, the coach, the technical team, the staff that works with us every day, to see the news we’ve seen and what happened during this week and especially in this pre-match match.

[Notícias sobre os novos investidores e direção do Santa Clara? Sai do comando técnico?] From what I’ve read, because unfortunately we don’t have official information, this is what will happen. I want to say the following and give a very strong word to the Azores and the supporters of Santa Clara, to tell them that it was a pleasure to cherish them and always will be my pleasure and I will always carry the supporters of Santa Clara in my heart. From my arrival until today, they have always supported and consoled me.

What happened this week was something that we think is difficult to happen in football. The renewal was proposed to me a long time ago. I’ve always said I’d only renew when we’re computationally secure, and our upkeep guaranteed. We started talking and agreed on everything, and for a week all we lacked was the signature of the responsible person, which was postponed from day to day until yesterday, which was Red lineHe did it himself and we didn’t sign a contract. I’ve always shown, in all the press conferences, a great desire to stay in Santa Clara, if I don’t stay in Santa Clara, it’s not my responsibility, because we made an agreement by the club officials, specifically the president. This sadly happened, but I want to leave a word of appreciation to the people who have worked with me for the way they have helped me, to the fans for the way they have cherished, and I wish all the best to all, the players, the staff who have worked with me this year. I wish you all the best, I wish you a lot of luck and success in your life.

For my part, she has always shown complete openness and complete availability. I gave my life to embrace this project, and after winning 7th place, this is what I saw and read. For my part, and whoever says otherwise would be a liar, the contract was closed before the match with P. Ferreira and I insisted on saying this at the press conference. For me, more than a signature is worth the word. My humble parents taught me this since I was young: “Son, respect your word.” I have kept my word to this day. As of today I am a free coach and on June 30th my contract with Santa Clara expires. Thank you to the Azores, the Azoreans, to the fans of Santa Clara, you will always be one forever.”

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